Another Memphis Trans woman gunned down in the streets

Friends spontaneously switched from tears to joy in remembrance of Alejandra Leos.

Friday September 7th yet another Memphis transgender woman gunned down in the streets. In a highly commendable report, WREG noted that although earlier reports identified the victim as a man, her family members knew her a transgender woman.

A funeral is planned for Leos on Wednesday between 5:00-8:00p.m. at Hickory Hill Funeral Home.

Family members ask those who would like to help with funeral expenses to contact the funeral home directly.

If you know anything about her murder please Call Memphis crime stoppers at 528-cash


US Department of Labor reiterates, all transgender people will be protected by law

Published by Orrick, one of the world's top 20 law firms specializing in financial litigation.

On Tuesday, August 19, 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor issued a directive to "clarify that existing agency guidance on discrimination on the basis of sex . . . includes discrimination on the bases of gender identity and transgender status." This directive follows President Obama's Executive Order 13672, issued on July 21, 2014, amending existing orders to specifically prohibit federal contractors from discriminating based on gender identity.

Tuesday's directive specifically applies to federal contractors and subcontractors, but is also part of the Department's broader focus on cracking down on gender identity-based discrimination. On June 30, 2014, the DOL's Secretary announced that:

"DOL is updating its enforcement protocols and nondiscrimination guidance to clarify that DOL provides the full protection of the federal nondiscrimination laws that it enforces to individuals on the bases of gender identity and transgender status."

The directive also cites as support the EEOC's decision in Macy v. Holder, 2012 WL 1435995, in which the EEOC unanimously concluded that discrimination because a person is transgender is sex discrimination in violation of Title VII. In Macy, the EEOC determined that discrimination against a transgender employee can be a form of "sex stereotyping." Specifically, "disparate treatment of a transgender employee because he or she does not conform to the gender stereotypes associated with his or her biological sex is a form of sex discrimination" because it is "related to the sex of the victim." Moreover, the EEOC found that transgender discrimination constitutes sex discrimination "regardless of whether the discrimination was motivated by sex stereotyping or by some other reason related to the employee's gender identity, such as discomfort with the idea of a transition."

Tuesday's directive is part of a continuing trend by the Obama Administration to expand Title VII's protections to LGBT employees. These actions make clear that, moving forward, the DOL and the EEOC will construe discrimination based on "sex" under Title VII broadly enough to encompass discrimination based on gender identity and transgender status. Source mondaq.com


Istanbul Trans woman tells IMCTV Reporter about the ongoing violence

Reporter Michelle Demishevich Kurt (right) talks with Istanbul trans woman Almira
Transgender woman in Istanbul are being raped and robbed by gangs and the police refuse to do anything. IMCTV Reporter Michelle Demishevich Kurt talked with Almira who told her about what happened to her.
"Five guys came to the street and put me their car and took me some place out of istanbul. They then took my money and iPhone and then one guy put a weapon to my head while the others raped to me without condoms many times. Five guys raped me until morning and after they raped me they took my dress and left me naked."
Little has been done by the government to discourage the systemic violence and discrimination faced by Turkish Transgender people.

Trans kadınlara yönelik şiddet devam ediyor by imctv


Is Transparent Transface or is it tipping us further into the mainstream?

Two suprises for Transparent

They're two sides to this debate neither of which are wrong. One mindset defends the series noting that although the transgender character isn't trans the film has a lot of extras that are. As a kind of a exclamation point to that argument, the New York Times published asking Can Jill Soloway Do Justice to the Trans Movement? That headline from the Times is so emblematic of the progress, we as a community have made.

This isn't the scuzzy Ticked off Tra##ies with Knives were talking about.

Conversely the other camp feels that without a transgender person playing the role of the transgender part, it is nothing less than tranface, a commercialization of transsexualism if you will. Given that historically trans people have been made the brunt of jokes or made out as comical RuPaul like female impersonators its no wonder the show sans a trans lead would be discredited out of hand.

Watching the plot just now I didn't see any reason to be upset, or really entertained, to be blunt. There was a lot of rapid fire upppyish upscale banter that I, and probably most other trans people have little connection with. I don't think the show is really aiming specifically for our demographic.
It ain't OITNB either.

However, from what I've seen so far Transparaent is being done with style and sensitivity. Its worth giving a fair chance to. You can make up your own mind by watching the pilot for free on Amazon.


Parker Marie Molloy : A clear and present danger.

Sorry I told you to kill yourself parker said.
So Parker, where's my apology?

Recently, Parker Marie Molloy came under fire for inexcusably trying to get a sister trans woman to self-harm or worse, to commit suicide. Kelsie Brynn Jones debated long about making this public, and she finally did on queerty.

Jones wondered whether Parker had done this before. Parker has done something awful to me. While she didn't try to get me drink bleach are actions did result in my getting removed as an author for TransAdvocate.

Parker, who had never visited my face book profile before, was alerted by someone to a conversation I was having there with Mark Cummings about the Trans 100. Malloy then began rapid fire messaging me and commenting on my facebook page furious about that conversation. I didn't know this at the time, but parker had a axe to grind with Cummings and saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Malloy's twitter feed is now private but Roberts posted this link to it on
her facebook thread threatening my intergrity as a advocate.

Molloy then baited me in PM's to say something regrettable about Monica Roberts who saw Molloys tweets mentioning her. Roberts waisted no time in responding. I withered the intense toxicity of her friends and apologised to her publicly on Roberts facebook page.

But that wasn't enough. It wasn't an apology Molloy or Roberts an editor at the Transadvocate, wanted.

I also debated writing this article dedicated to her actions but in light of her recent actions, I thought it's needed.

What makes Molloy a danger? With her envious writing skills, Parker is able to connect with issues and present them with a style that appeals to the trans community.

Even now I find it hard at times not to peek at something written by her.

Then she strikes out at us, intentionally hurting us demolishing our trust in one another. That is unacceptable. There are no apologies she can offer that will repair the damage she has caused. Will her actions some day cause someone to kill themselves? Can we look the other way now? Can we live with ourselves if she does?

This isn't a revenge piece, but as I said back then you will eventually be called out Molloy. Parker needs to park it.

Yesterday Kelsie Drako issued her demands.


Why are some Detroit News agencies still insulting transgender victims?

Updated 3:04 8/23/14 Deadline Detroit much to their credit have edited their article to be respectful of gender diversity.

MLive began its coverage of the shooting victims at Detroit Palmer Park as many other sources did, by quoting verbatim police reports resulting in misgendering the transgender victims.
One transgender Detroit advocate told planetransgender that Mlive unlike some other outlets, listened to her and edited their article, not once but twice.

But there remains some news organizations that seem to delight in insulting the injured and deceased by among other things, calling transgender woman, men.

Transgender people experienced this recently in Ohio and only through diligent work by local advocates, and Glaad, the reports were corrected.

These victims deserve the same respect. It appears Fox News has partially edited their article but it remains problematic. The Detroit Fox affiliates video, embedded below, remains on their website despite local advocates informing them of its toxicity.

Steve Neavling, founder of the Motorcity Muckracker, formally of the Detroit Free press, whom the Columbia Journalism Review says is 'possibly the most hated man in Detroit' had this to say:
These assaults have been happening for years, and the Detroit Police Department has been systematically preventing information from being released about it. I've been trying to gain information about attacks on transgender people since the gruesome murder of a transgender woman last winter and the police won't even release a name. Pretty sad.

Fox 2 News Headlines


A TERF in Congress is editing OITNB Wiki calling Laverne Cox a man.

Someone with the IP address which is registered to Congress made this edit to the Orange is The New Black Wikipedia entry:
"[[Laura Prepon]] and [[Yael Stone]] were next to join the series, along with [[Laverne Cox]], as Sophia Burset, a transgender character. ''[[The Advocate]]'' touted that ''Orange Is the New Black'' contains the first ever women-in-prison narrative to be played by a real transgender woman"
To Read:
"[[Laura Prepon]] and [[Yael Stone]] were next to join the series, along with [[Laverne Cox]], as Sophia Burset, a transgender character. ''[[The Advocate]]'' touted that ''Orange Is the New Black'' contains the first ever women-in-prison narrative to be played by a real man pretending to be a woman."

This was discovered by "Congressional Edits" a twitter account that automatically tracks edits made by Congressional IP addressees.

Someone, ether a Congress person or one of his staffers is engaging in transphobic attacks while being paid by us. The A.V. Club reports that:

Wikipedia editor JohnValeron wrote this morning on Wikipedia’s user talk pages: has been repeatedly blocked for short periods but since his return this week has resumed disruptive edits, including attempts at spreading hate speech, and otherwise vandalizing Wikipedia with typically malicious contributions. Admins must stop pussyfooting around this willful, long-term abuse just because it emanates from the U.S. House of Representatives. That’s all the more reason to take immediate and, for once, “decisive” action.
The Wikipedia user who made the changes to Cox’s page—who at one point in the talk pages claims to be a Congressional staffer working under the explicit permission of his or her boss—has also made a number of similar edits to other pages this week, complaining that these Wikipedia articles are “too pro-trans.”

The individual defended her actions inadvertently outing herself (the only ones who consider TERF a slur are Trans exclusionary Radical Feminists) after being blocked for the third time this summer saying

This article is too pro-trans. When I attempted to add an alternative point of view regarding this topic (to achieve WP:BALANCE) it was reverted right away. The statement was cited with an article by someone notable enough that there is a Wikipedia article about them, so it satisfies WP:N. It's not like I added anecdotal evidence about these individuals calling me a TERF (which is a slur used by these people towards real women); the statement I added was cited and fully compliant with Wikipedia policies.

The Terf, unbelievably defends her edits saying she was specifically authorized by a member of Congress to publish hate speech:
What is your obsession with the users from this shared IP address? I don't know what part of my statements would make you think that I am a man. There's nothing illegal about editing Wikipedia to promote official business that has been explicitly authourized by the Representative. When you have other Representatives trying to push for laws such as ENDA, or when you have the EU using neocolonialist methods to impose transgenderism on the nation of Georgia through a visa agreement, it's all the more important. (talk) 19:58, 18 August 2014 (UTC)


Austrialian Norrie says facebook suspended them for saying 'tranny bingo', but is it so?

Was Norrie suspended for 24 hours for just saying 'tranny' on facebook? It would appear so judging by the only article currently published about it.

The truth is there isn't a 'tranny ban' on facebook. There never has been. But there are Australian trans people who feel that the privilege to use such a word as the T word, like the N word, belongs to those within the minority it refers to.

Historically Australia is a very manly place. Australians take immense pride in their independence and rightfully should. But this attitude can lead to nationalist feelings, and within the LGBT community inevitably, misogyny, and left unchecked, a silencing of the trans community.

One of my friends, Indi Kelly Edwards, told me one day about how upset she was about four Australian hotels that are using transgender defamation for profit. So I gave voice to Indi's objection to the dissembling gay privilage down under. That article served to inflame the anger of the tranny bingo profiteers.

And about three months ago I posted a review on the Charring Cross facebook pagewhich went unnoticed until "Tranny Bingo" posted this, essentially telling me to STFU and go home.

Which begs the question, Norrie doesn't identify as transgender. Norrie won a court battle to allow themselves to identify as neither male or female so does that preclude Norrie from uttering this defamation?

After contacting numerous members of the trans community in Australia including the ones Norrie blames on being banned I could not find anyone who actually reported Norrie, or even saw what Norrie purportedly wrote that was so offense.

Another scenario remains. Push back. Indi  posted a review on the Charing Cross hotel face book page. Charing Cross Hotel had this incredibly insulting comment..

There is only one thing for certain. Norrie was not suspended for typing the words "Tranny Bingo" Its the  headline of this article, which appears on Facebook. Norrie wasn't suspended because one or two people complained, that's just not how facebook operates. There has to be more to it. A lot more.

Its about a minorities right to social equality. Its about dignity. Its about the right to life so many in the LGB community take for granted. Its the right to challenge commercial enterprises that use defamation for profit.

And yes 'tranny' belongs to the transgender community. We have the right to object to others using a word that many in our community hear as we are beaten and murdered. Charing Cross, drag queens and associates, don't you think "Gay Bingo" would be appropriate?


Video: Cops caught beating a Honduras transgender woman

Golpiza a Transexual en Honduras

The video a transsexual Honduran beaten by a military police in San Pedro Sula has caused commotion and outrage in Honduras.

The images were published in exclusive for channel six, who captured last Saturdaywhen a young man was beaten by an unknown and concurrently receives a kick of amilitary in the first Street police, 12 Avenue of San Pedro Sula. ~ Youtube discription 

El video un transexual hondureño golpeado por un Policía Militar en San Pedro Sula ha causado revuelo e indignación en Honduras. 

Las imágenes fueron publicadas en exclusivas por Canal Seis, quien captó el pasado sábado el momento en que era golpeado un joven por un desconocido y a la vez recibe una patada de un policía militar en la primera calle, 12 avenida de San Pedro Sula.

Gay Star News is reporting that the police are denying they were involved claiming the video was 'manipuated'.

Honduras has the worlds highest murder rate of transgender people according to the 2013 TDOR report 2013:  "The update shows reports of murdered trans people in 26 countries in the last 12 months, with the majority from Brazil (95), Mexico (40), the USA (16), and Venezuela (15), followed by Honduras (12), Colombia (12), and El Salvador (5). While Brazil, Mexico, and the USA have the highest absolute numbers, the relative numbers show even more worrisome results for some countries with smaller population sizes. Honduras, for instance, has a rate of 1.5 reported trans killings per million inhabitants, for El Salvador the rate is 0.71, while for Brazil the rate is 0.49, for Mexico the rate is 0.36, and for the USA the rate is 0.05. In Asia most reported cases have been found in India (8), and in Europe in Turkey (5) and Italy (5).


Watch a conservative Southern Baptist talk about her 4 YO Transgender Daughter.

The Southern Baptist recently adopted a  religious decree instructing their congregations to fight and defeat transgender people as we attempt to integrate into society. The Fatwa put in no uncertain terms how they expected their members who are employers, restaurant and theater owners to actively oppose transgender people living a normal life.

This decree alienates the Southern Baptists much as their support of slavery and complicity with Jim Crow Laws did.

But not every Southern Baptist took those instructions verbatim. One member actually read the bible and searched for information and meanings before condemning her.

Debbi Jackson from Alabama read this is at the Kansas City Listen to your mother show.


#RIPMia Henderson second recent and possibly related Baltimore transgender murder

Not to be disrespectful or inconsiderate but when a high profile athlete calls his murdered sister a 'brother' the world gets the wrong impression. Some see it as a license to disrespect and misgender her and all transgender people. Some see its as authority to question her gender expression..

LA Sports writer Dan Woike and Transgender Pastor Yeshua A. Holiday tweeted about this, drawing the ire of some on twitter. They questioned how they knew of the relationship between Reggie Bullock and the deceased. If Reggie Bullock's tweets in the time of his sorrow were any indication, he didn't accept that she was transgender. This was picked on by quite a few on twitter, but as they attempted to educate they were remanded by some men for being inconsiderate. That was the perfect time to educate, and most were respectful. All were emotional the reason being that most trans people are on the streets putting themselves at risk because they were rejected and misunderstood by family.

Source The Baltimore Sun Police said Henderson died of "severe trauma."

A neighbor wiped tears from her eyes as she walked the alley. She said she believes she saw the victim and her killer go down the narrow corridor sometime around 5 a.m.

The woman, who declined to provide her name out of fear, said she was walking on Garrison Boulevard to meet a friend early Wednesday when she saw a light-skinned black man in a white T-shirt, white baseball cap and blue jeans looking around nervously.

She said the man had approached her friend and proposed $10 for a "date," but she had turned him down.

The woman said she and her friend walked to a porch on Piedmont Avenue across from the alley's entrance and watched a transgender woman in a skirt and shoulder-length black wig accompany the same man into the alley.

The woman said she recognized the transgender woman because she had seen her standing on the corner of Piedmont and Garrison during predawn hours several times over the last few months.

"I saw her and him coming up right here in the morning," she said. "I didn't hear no screams. I didn't hear no guns."

As the sun rose a short time later, she said, she saw police converge on the alley.

Baltimore police spokesman Lt. Eric Kowalczyk said prostitution is being investigated as a circumstance in the crime. Maryland court records show that Henderson had been arrested twice for alleged prostitution.

She was charged in February 2013 with prostitution, resisting arrest and second-degree assault, according to the records. She was convicted on the assault charge and sentenced to two years in prison. Most of the sentence was suspended.

Women who live around Garrison said they've noticed more and more aggressive men approaching prostitutes demanding sex or trying to "bait" or lure them to empty structures.

June 3rd Kandy Hall was found murdered and in April of last year, 29-year-old Kelly Young was shot and killed in East Baltimore. Her killer was never caught


President Obama to protect transgender workers on the federal level Monday

At 6:49 pm July 18th 2014 The White House emailed advance notice of a historic advancement for transgender rights stating that "On Monday morning, the President will sign an Executive Order to protect LGBT employees from workplace discrimination."

With a stroke of Mr. Obama's pen transgender will have the same protections that gay people have enjoyed for decades,

Source NY Times "Mr. Obama warned last month that he was prepared to act on his own to extend the protections because the drive in Congress for a national anti-bias law to cover nearly all employers, a bill known as the Employment Nondiscrimination Act, had stalled."

"In extending the new protections, Mr. Obama is building on two longstanding executive orders. He is adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protections that apply to federal contractors and that were approved by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965. And he is adding gender identity as a protected category to a 1969 directive by President Richard M. Nixon that applies to federal employees, which was later amended by President Bill Clinton to include sexual orientation."

Religious groups that have contracts with the federal government already have a limited exemption from existing anti-bias rules, based on a 2002 executive order by President George W. Bush. That directive allows them to factor their religious beliefs in their employment decisions.

The directive will not change under the new rule. Michael Wear, who led the religious outreach during Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign and had joined calls for a religious exemption, said he was “encouraged” by that move.

Mr. Wear said the new order provided “a path for the administration to both advance protections for L.G.B.T. Americans and continue to respect the religious identity (sic biggots) of organizations serving our nation in partnership with the federal government.”

But some groups wanted Mr. Obama to go further to protect religious groups in carving out an exception. One example of such protections would allow a Catholic charity that believes sex outside heterosexual marriage is a sin to keep its government financing if it declined to hire a gay man.

Thank you Mr Obama.


DCF moves Trans teen Jane Doe to a male jail without notifying her attorney

Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) is more concerned about the potential fall out than the welfare of Jane. Without so much as a word to her lawyers the girl was moved to a male jail purportedly for an altercation a resident at a female facility.

Previously Jane had been incarcerated in solitary, without committing a crime, and and would have remained would have remained there if not for the efforts of our community.

What purpose could possibly be served by placing her in a male jail other than punishment?

The New Have Register published Sunday the 13th reported that:

Officials said there is no “suitable place” in the Children’s Psychiatric Center in Middletown and placed her in the Juvenile Training School in Middletown, Connecticut’s only secure facility for delinquent boys.

She is in a single room separated from the boys.

“State police have been notified and we are confident they will take whatever action they deem is appropriate,” DCF said.

So Jane is back in solitary but this time she's locked up in a facility for delinquent boys.

ACLU Staff Attorney Chase Strangio tweeted...


Seattle transgender attack being investigated as a hate crime

Seattle police are looking for Marjorie Marple, pictured left, for her role in an alleged attack on a Seattle women she by all accounts, assumed was transgender.

The police said the attack became a hate crime when they started using slurs aimed at her gender expression and perceived sexual orientation.

KIRO TV Sgt. Sean Whitcomb of the Seattle Police Department said the suspects became more aggressive when they thought the victim was transgender.
"They upped their behavior. They aggravated their behavior and started name calling and getting physically aggressive," said Whitcomb.

Radio hack Alex Jones calling Michelle Obama a 'tranny' is a compliment.

“Well, Joan Rivers talked about it the other day, and now it’s an international news story,” Jones said on-air. “The question is, ‘Who is Michelle Obama? Is she really a woman? Is she a man?

Jones went on to say...

“[E]specially,” Jones added, “when every time I look at ‘Michelle’ or ‘Michael’ Obama — the first lady, or first tranny — something doesn’t look right.”

Michelle Obama “doesn’t look like any black woman I’ve ever known” and criticized her for having “shoulders that are wider than a man’s, which physiologically doesn’t happen.” - Alex Jones

Being transgender I don't see comparing us to cis-people like Michelle as a bad thing, but intentionally misgendering her to invalidate her racial heritage is beyond belief. I know. You're asking, saying she's a tranny is a good thing now? I and most all of the transgender communities have fought gay people's efforts for years as the strove to belittle us with defamation like 'tranny. And now I'm saying calling the First Lady a Tranny is a compliment? It is when it comes from Alex Jones and his ilk.

If we felt it was derogatory we'd be handing Jones a victory by default.

So let's own this. Let's acknowledge that calling the First Lady a Tranny is empowering not only for us but by Michelle Obama as well, being the intelligent enlightened woman whom she is I'm sure she understands.

There's no need to call for an apology from Alex Jones or Joan Rivers

When Jones an overweight white bigot attempts to throw trans people and the entire black race into his hate-filled stew pot and stir discord by pointing out our shared humanity, there can only be one outcome. Inadvertently, Jones screed increases our empathy for one another drawing us closer.

And Jones is scared of all powerful fit women, not just Michelle. Yes, she appears healthy, most likely from time weight lifting and running. I too have muscular arms and that unique buff-ness that comes from physical exercise. There's no shame in caring for the body that was gifted to you.

And yes I run like a girl. You'd never be able to keep up 'heart attack' Jones.

Alex Jones calling Michelle Obama a 'tranny' is a compliment.

First broke by Raw Story

What Jones belives......

Alex Jones researching his Obama story. 


Austin lingerie shop owner says denying a trans woman service was 'dumb' and makes effort to learn

There may be hope for Kirk Andrews owner of Petticoat Fair Austin Texas after all. June 28th an employee denied transgender woman Kylie Jack services offered by the store.. Soon afterwards Andrews responded on facebook basically upholding the sales woman's actions posting:

"The dressing room area is a particularly private and vulnerable place for many women and girls, so it’s a protected area. For that reason, we also have a completely separate dressing area for women who have undergone mastectomies and need post-surgical care. (Our fitter invited Kylie and companion into this part of our store so they could have this delicate conversation privately.)"
  Kylie said that option wasn't offered.
"Just as a gym won’t allow men in a women’s dressing room (and vice versa) for the comfort and safety of its patrons, we don’t allow men or boys above a certain age in our dressing area. Despite our otherwise inclusive approach, those who might be or who outwardly appear to be men (regardless of how they are dressed) pose a delicate challenge, and in the case of imposters, can pose a safety risk to the Petticoat Fair staff."
(To read the full embedded facebook post click the date and time. Will open in a new window)

Andrews wasn't prepared for the trans backlash. Austin is known for being a progressive city and the community there and elsewhere wasted no time in expressing their outrage following this incredibly problematic facebook post by him.

In an abrupt turn around Andrews has gone public saying the shops policy of indiscriminately denying public accommodations was 'dumb'. Who knows, perhaps Andrews read Austins 5-2-4 PROHIBITED PRACTICES and realized that he had already admitted publicly violating, putting him at risk of a costly lawsuit.

Perhaps it was all the 'yelling' and there was plenty of that to be sure.

It looks like this is being resolved amicably...


Joan Rivers calls Michelle Obama a 'tranny'

Joan Rivers first calls president Obama gay then elaborates muttering defamation barely audibly saying Michelle Obama is a 'tranny'. Rivers then called her a 'transgender'.
UK Express: The 81-year-old - who hit headlines this week after officiating a gay marriage at her book signing in New York - made the shocking claim during an impromptu interview with a journalist yesterday.

When asked if she thought the US might get their first gay or female president in the future, she replied: "We already have that with Obama. You know Michelle is a trans."
By calling Mrs. Obama transgender Rivers inadvertently acknowledges that she is a powerful, strong willed woman unafraid to buck trends and speak her mind. But to Rivers saying Michelle is transgender is the ultimate put down, that is how a bigoted mind works.

I'd like to thank Rivers for elevating our community by associating us with this amazing woman and offer my sympathies to her for having a weak and hateful soul.


Transgender woman brutally assaulted at stratosphere skateboards Atlanta GA.

Trigger warning. Extreme violence.

Appearing in the higly eddited video a transgender woman is seen responding to taunts from a crowd outside a Five Points skate board store as reported by the GA Voice.

Video has surfaced online of a transgender woman being brutally assaulted in Little Five Points. The attack occurred in front of stratosphere skateboards. The Vine video was posted Tuesday and started circulating on Twitter late Wednesday.

A Vine user with the username TriAngle SquarE posted a series of Vines showing a trans woman in a verbal altercation with several people. The last video posted showed an unidentified man throwing the woman to the ground and then stomping on her head. You can view all of the Vines spliced together below into one video, but be advised that it is violent and includes explicit language.

According to GA Voice the police have no knowledge of this attack and have been unable to verify that the unnamed victim was admitted to a hospital. The the police are investigating even thougb the attack remains unreported.

TriAngle SquarE poated this on Vine
Repeated call to Stratosphere Skateboards have gone unanswered. If you have information about this please contact Mini Precincts & Investigation Unit Investigations Unit (404) 373-5331.

Amazing Kentucky Principal stands up for transgender students

Student Christina Kelty speaking against the policy said that she feels its unfair that a minority
should have the same rights as cisgender Christians.

It takes courage to stand up to transphobia but its extraordinary when that happens in the bible belt. Atherton Kentucky principal Dr. Thomas Aberli told the assembly that he was standing by his policy allowing students access to public accommodations.

 Dr.Aberli addressed the alliance defending religious freedom.org letter appealing the policy saying that he's taking personnel responsibility for his decision to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender expression

Source Courier Journal A group of parents and community members have appealed Atherton High School's new policy that allows students to use the restroom and locker room of their sexual identity.

Atherton's site-based decision-making council will meet at 5 p.m. Tuesday to discuss the appeal, which was submitted in writing by Clinton Elliott, a Louisville attorney with the Christian-based legal group Alliance Defending Freedom.

"We submit that the SBDM council decision on June 5, 2014…violates the bounds of their authority relating to the use of space under (state law) and is inconsistent with state and federal law, inconsistent with concerns for safety and inconsistent with concerns for liability," the letter reads. "We therefore hereby appeal that decision, request a hearing and request that the SBDM council reconsider and reverse its decision."