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Featured Today! Psychology Degree. The site has among other things a page called "50 Brave Blog Posts About Coming Out"..

I love this. Someone who is promoting other peoples work asks me to introduce it to you! I will in turn ask you to share also! Yeah baby, lets share.

One of the 50 stories about coming out is from one of my very favorite bloggers "Card carrying Lesbian" by Sasha. Well, she's s hot, outrageous, funny muff diving outspoken lesbian. Whats not to love?

One more extraordinary story is about a Methodist Minister, the Rev. David Weekley who after accompanying for the first time his congregation on it's annual pilgrimage to Minidoka, a former internment camp in Idaho, got him thinking about sharing his transgender story with the Japanese-American congregation he serves at Epworth United Methodist Church.

Two of the incredible stories about coming out that will touch you and help those who wish to learn about us.

Got something to share? Send it to me at kellibusey@yahoo.com


Mona Shores Superintendent Babbitt's Abdication of Morality and Stolen Transman's Crown Protested by Students

The following press release is the sanitized terse legalistic statement issued by the Mona Shores superintendent who defended his actions that resulted in a stolen election, a homecoming king dethroned and a disenfranchised student body. The Statement did not comment on the moral issues not taken into account in this travesty of democracy.

According to the WoodTV article that accompanies the video (right top) the dethroned transman Oakleigh Marshall, was grateful that the School will allow him to dress in a tux. I think he shows incredible class in being thankful for being allowed to wear clothes!

# #

Mona Shores Public Schools:
Statement To The Media:
Norton Shores, MI—September 27, 2010— Superintendent of Schools
Terry L. Babbitt shared today that Mona Shores High School has earned a
long-standing and well-deserved reputation for providing a safe, secure,
and nurturing environment for all students. Past and present students, staff,
and administrators all share in the credit for building this proud legacy.

Superintendent Babbitt pointed out High School Administrators were
guided by district legal counsel last week when conducting and carrying
out 2010 Homecoming activities. Superintendent Babbitt further shared
this is not the first time HS administrators have had to turn to legal counsel
for guidance this school year. The district respectfully obtained a formal
legal opinion from school district counsel early last month to guide
building and district actions this school year.

Superintendent Babbitt said the district will continue to follow district legal
counsel when dealing with additional questions that arise in the future.

Questions can be directed to:
Mr. Terry L. Babbitt
Superintendent of Schools
231.780.4751, Ext. 8201
# #

Did the superintendent Babbitt consider how this action might influence the students as they integrate into society? After being victims of this stolen election will these students value the democratic electoral proccess? Or would now morality and ethic's become secondary to winning should one of these students become embroiled in a political race? Would now it become acceptable to win no matter what the means?

In the minds of these young people becoming the winner may now entail being the one who commits the most grievous underhanded tricks. It may now seem justifiable to steal votes or just plain over the top invalidation of electoral results even if that entailed violence and declaring themselves the winner?

The links on the facebook page and other media recommends contacting the school paper and the local media to voice a opinion. None of these have any mention of this incident.

I will contact Mr Babbitt by phone and email these two contacts in hopes of impressing on them the magnitude of this disservice.

Mr. Terry L. Babbitt
Superintendent of Schools
231.780.4751, Ext. 8201

Stuart Jones Board President
Contact Form
Phone: (231) 798-3104
2009-2010 President

Direct all other inquiries related to discrimination to:

Todd Geerlings
Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Mona Shores Public Schools
Contact Form
3374 McCracken Street Muskegon, MI 49441
(231) 780-4751, ext. 8210

Wiki Electoral_fraud

In national elections, successful electoral fraud can have the effect of a coup d'├ętat or corruption of democracy. In a narrow election a small amount of fraud may be enough to change the result. If the result is not affected, fraud can still have a damaging effect if not punished, as it can reduce voters' confidence in democracy. Even the perception of fraud can be damaging as it makes people less inclined to accept election results. This can lead to the breakdown of democracy and the establishment of a dictatorship.
Electoral fraud is not limited to political polls and can happen in any election where the potential gain is worth the risk for the cheater; as in elections for labor union officials, student councils, sports judging, and the awarding of merit to books, films, music or television programmes.

The subsequent interview is with a empathetic well meaning student who's unintentional misgendering of Oak is indicative of the long way that West Michigan has to go to catchup in equality in this state where the assistant AG blogs intimidation and false accusations towards a gay university student body president.

TEXANS! Another child is bullied to death DEMAND ACTION!

Another Texas child has been bullied to death.
Thirteen-year old Asher Brown committed suicide on September 23, 2010. He shot himself in the head after enduring what his mother and stepfather say was constant harassment from four other students at Hamilton Middle School in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District. Brown's parents said they had complained about the bullying to Hamilton Middle School officials during the past 18 months, but claimed their concerns fell on deaf ears. [Houston Chronicle story]
This is the same school district in which Langham Creek High School freshman Jayron Martin was repeatedly beaten with a metal pipe last November. Martin said he had asked for help from two principals and a bus driver, but it took a neighbor with a shotgun to stop the beating. [KHOU story]
There is simply no excuse for failing to protect school children. The State of Texas is obligated to provide a safe learning environment.
Under current law, students are not specifically protected from bullying and harassment based on actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. Current law does not establish a uniform state school conduct policy and does not provide for monitoring or enforcement of independent school district policies.
This coming January, for the third legislative session, Equality Texas will be working to pass safe schools legislation. It will not pass until lawmakers know it is a top priority for their constituents. During the 81st Legislative Session, Rep. Mark Strama filed a bill relating to safe schools for all youth. While it was voted favorably out of committee, it died on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives. Will this be the session to finally pass a safe schools bill?
Ask your state representative to take the issues of bullying and harassment seriously by supporting the passage of safe schools legislation - legislation that would protect all children, including children of lesbian or gay parents and teens who are gay.
Equality Texas advocates and lobbies for the elimination of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.


Queer Activists Commence SOS: NYC Congressional Vigil For Equality Bill

For immediate release (9/27/10).
Media Contact: Iana DiBorna, 718-309-8598,

Today, Monday, Sept. 27, 2010, NYC activists will commence a daily vigil Standing OutSide of Senator Gillibrand’s campaign office at 15 W. 26th Street, from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. to urge the Senator to take action for LGBTQ inclusion in the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The demand is that Gillibrand file a bill to start this process called The American Equality Bill (AEB) which would add “sexual orientation & gender identity” (SO+GI) to all U.S. nondiscrimination laws, consistent with her campaign platform announced last October, 2009 (http://bit.ly/GillibrandCRAoct09).

The AEB was created by veteran activists Karen Doering, Esq. and Juan Ahonen-Jover, Ph.D., and is supported by www.equalitygiving.org and www.actonprinciples.org, as well as grassroots activists around the country.

“We need a bill worthy of our dignity to organize around and we will wait no longer,” said Iana DiBona a lead SOS! organizer. “It’s been 46 years since the ’64 CRA passed, how long must we wait to start the process?”

Activists maintain that it is long-past time that our community demand equal inclusion in the 1964 laws that protect everyone else in American from discrimination.

It was after all, Bayard Rustin, a black gay hero who helped lead the black civil rights movement and created the March on Washington where MLK gave his Dream Speech, almost 50 years ago.

“In ’64, we were shoved aside and Mr. Rustin’s civil rights and ‘sexual orientation’ were excluded from America’s non-discrimination laws,” said Todd (Tif) Fernandez, the Campaign Facilitator for The AEB Project (on FB at http://bit.ly/AEBnow). “Our time has come, our dignity demands it.”

The action – called THE QUEER SOS! – will involve sentries Standing OutSide Gillibrand’s office every day, all day (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) until the bill is filed. If no action is taken, on October 11th – National Coming Out Day – the vigil will go around the clock (24/7), and, as of Nov. 2nd, some members will begin a water-only fast to demonstrate the urgency.

Each day at noon there will be a “Homophobia Kills Die-In” to bring attention to the fact that LGBTQ people commit suicide or are killed regularly due to this country’s on-going sanction of homophobia.

“Homophobia kills,” said Alan Bounville, a founding member of Queer Rising NYC, “and each day that Congress fails to include us in the Civil Rights Act they are complicit with more of these deaths.”

The Queer SOS! daily vigil and community commune will feature art, music performances and friendship, amidst steady activism. See the schedule at www.queersos.com, or just come by.

PERFOMERS and ACTIVISTS can sign up for sentry duty, or to perform by emailing queersos@gmail.com, or at www.queersos.com – or just show up – 15 W. 26th Street/Broadway.

Follow The QUEER SOS! – on FB & Twitter.

NOTE: The AEB Project is all grassroots, all volunteer. The AEB adds SO+GI (sexual orientation and gender identity) to the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, giving full and equal federal non-discrimination/civil rights protections to over 30 million LGBTQ Americans in every state with one bill – covering housing, employment, credit, public places, gov’t buildings (including schools), and all federally funded programs (like HIV and health programs, homeless youth, adoption, etc.) (see bill and FAQ at: www.queersos.com).


Protest Democracy INACTION at Kay Bailey Hutchison's Offices Austin

Monday, October 11 · 6:00pm - 11:30pm


Location Outside Kay Bailey Hutchison's Offices
300 E 8th St
Austin, TX


Created By EAA Texas: Austin Branch


More Info In the face of widespread support for LGBT equality, we get inaction from Democrats and hostility from Republicans. Join EAA Austin in sending a clear message to both parties that WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THE STATUS QUO! Get out there with us and show 'em what democracy looks like!

On Facebook No, YOU'RE FIRED! Democracy Inaction Protest

$5,000 reward offered in conjunction with Myra Ical Murder Mystery

Mathew, who anonymously wrote Cristan Williams the executive director of the Transgender Foundation in Montrose maybe in line for a substantial reward should he contact police. Included in Mathews letter were the times and locations that he came into contact with the alleged murderer. Also included was the first name of the murderer.

Not included was a way for police to contact Mathew. The transgender community hopes he will come forward before this violent person acts again.

Crime Stoppers is offering up to $5,000 for information leading that leads to the arrest of a suspect. Anyone with tips is asked to call the hot line at 713-222-8477. Full story at abclocal.go.com


OHIO climbing Equality Pinnacle. What are you afraid of Senator Harris?

What are you afraid of Senator Harris?

Back on September 15, 2009, the Ohio House of Representatives with a bipartisan vote of 56-39, passed the Equal Housing and Employment Act (HB 176). Since then, Senate President Bill Harris has refused to send HB 176 to a committee in the Senate for FULL hearings and to be called for a VOTE in committee and on the Senate Floor. The Equal Housing and Employment Act (HB 176) would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state's civil rights laws, giving people who are discriminated against in employment, housing and public accommodation based solely on their sexual orientation or gender identity some recourse through the Ohio Civil Rights Commission or through the courts.

What are you afraid of, Senator Harris? Are you afraid that the time is right for all Ohioans to be protected from discrimination? Are you afraid that there is enough support to pass HB 176? Otherwise, why not let the issue be debated in the Senate? ~Equality Ohio Facebook

Please call your Senator and ask her/him to urge Senator Harris to give HB 176 full hearings, so the issue of ongoing discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity can be fully debated in the Ohio Senate.

You can reach your state senator by calling 800-282-0253 or Click Here for the directory.

Trans Ohio.org

TransPanic in San Antonio. Another beaten transgender woman to blame?

My comment at Ken5.com

Another skewed Texas news report parroting wording that infers curability on the transgender victim and suggests the one who committed violence was somehow justified since he 'snapped' after learning that the person was transgender.

You further denigrated her position when you made a point that she was 'begging' at a stranger's door for help!

WTF. That is what victims do EVERWHERE anytime they recover enough of there senses after being beaten and left for dead. That is what the Ken5 writers would do.

Who's account is Ken5.com and the police using as irrefutable fact? The criminal assailant? It certainly was not the victims.

Most of the time the attacker had already performed sex with the victim and as a way of escaping peer condemnation, expunging there conscience and repairing there egos beat the transgender victim. More often than not they are gang members who attack transgender sexual partners in order to avoid a beat out by fellow gang members.

As despicable as the assailant was this news channel found a lower level as they painted him as a unwitting dupe.

You can change social mores by commenting at Kens5.com. The victims story must be told fairly and impartially.


ESPN P/R Chief personally apologizes for 'Egg those tra##y' youth Tee Shirts

Crystal Howard, Director, Public Relations ESPN which is Zellers parent company responsible for X game branding, in response to the preceding blog post called me on Monday.

In our phone conversation she conveyed to me her desire to have world understand the message on this tee shirt absoultly does not reflect the intent or sentiments of ESPN or Zellers department stores.

"Quite surprised the review process failed."

"Clearly there was a breakdown in new product review," Ms. Howard explained "We are in the proccess of reviewing how this product reached our shelves. This tee shirt's message doesn't fit the X Game or anything related to our company."

Ms Howard described there swift corporate response "We worked with Zellers and the kids wear licensee and immediately began a recall, removed the product and destroyed it."

Ms. Howard's sincere appoligy "We specifically apologize to our customers in Ontario and we have called those consumers who complained. We also want to extend our apology to all consumers who have come into contact with this tee shirt."

A personal note from kelli~ This is a done thing.

Ms. Howard, in an example of corporate integrity and responsibility has reached out to media outlets large queerty.com and small like our humble blog planetransgender in a all out effort to make sure ESPN and Zellers good names are not muddied by this incident.

I'm looking forward to the next ESPN covered X Games!


Dispelling Sally Kern's transphobic conventions about Brittany Novotny

Sally Kern's about her transgender political opponent Brittany Novotny:
“It’s no secret that I have a personal belief, I believe it’s a belief of most Christians, that the Bible teaches homosexuality is a sin just like gluttony is a sin…...So as we get farther and farther away from biblical principles, more and more things are accepted. And that’s just the way things are going.”amfix.blogs.cnn.com

Fact. Transgender people are a loved and valued people. God said it. Jesus Christ said it and the Holy spirit came to earth to make sure we remember it!

  • Brittany Novotny is transgender. She has not publicly stated her sexual orientation. Therefor condeming Brittany for her sexual orientation is a attempt to mislead and instill fear in the uneducated and unchurched.

  • The biblical teachings Kern's is attempting to distort are in fact testaments to transgender acceptance.

  • Isaiah 56 1-8 Eunuch being transgender and foreigner being people of different faiths like Muslims or even pharisees for instance the Lord our god says, “ The LORD has utterly separated me from His people”;
    Nor let the eunuch say,

    “ Here I am, a dry tree.”
    4 For thus says the LORD:

    “ To the eunuchs who keep My Sabbaths,
    And choose what pleases Me,
    And hold fast My covenant,
    5 Even to them I will give in My house
    And within My walls a place and a name
    Better than that of sons and daughters;
    I will give them[a] an everlasting name
    That shall not be cut off.
    6 “ Also the sons of the foreigner
    Who join themselves to the LORD, to serve Him,
    And to love the name of the LORD, to be His servants—
    Everyone who keeps from defiling the Sabbath,
    And holds fast My covenant—
    7 Even them I will bring to My holy mountain,
    And make them joyful in My house of prayer.
    Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices
    Will be accepted on My altar;
    For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

  • Jesus left last minute instructions, like post'em notes for his followers about transgender people. He clearly knew about Sally Kern's. Mathew 19:11,1211 But He said to them, “All cannot accept this saying, but only those to whom it has been given:

  • 12 For there are eunuchs who were born thus from their mother’s womb, and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He who is able to accept it, let him accept it.”

  • Acts 20,40 After Christ's crucifiction the promised holy spirit came and led a successful pastor out of comfort to journey on our road less traveled and baptise a disenfranchised Ethiopian transman.

Zellers 4 Year Old boy's T-shirt: Egg Those Tra##ies, throw a Brick at a Car thats fun Shit!

click picture to enlarge

UPDATE! ESPN publicly apologizes and takes action to remove the offensive tee shirt. Click Here to read all about it.

This trendy shirt targeting adolescent males encouraging violence against transgender people was pulled from the Canadian retailers shelf after this boys mother returned the shirt and alerted an outraged Transgender community

Xtra.ca reports that Zellers has removed the tee shirt after first trying to avoid the issue. Zellers claim they have responded adequately claiming they are "working with the vendor". This is news to the boy's mother Ashley Simpson, pictured right, who has said she has not yet received a response from Zellers.

One of the first comments on the Free Press article questioned, "what's the fuss all about? Why they emailed them and they pulled the t shirt".

Answer that question by action! Deluge parent company ESPN with emails and demand they make a example of this vendor who shipped this obscene hate inspiring tee shirt.

My email, feel free to use any or all,

Subject: Demand ESPN offer public apology for Zeller transphobic t shirt

To: Chris Brush
Vice President, Brand Extension and Development

Zeller department store offered to adolescent youths a X Game t shirt that specifically targets transgender people for violence.

I can not beleive it was coincidental or accidental that the lettering was so small as to escape parental notice. It is my belief that this vendor intentionally lettered this t shirt in this way to instill hatred of transgender people in the minds of innocents.

I demand you offer a public apology and remove this vendor from Zeller.

Kelli Anne Busey
Dallas, Texas

Chris Brush, is the vice-president of branding for parent company ESPN and can be reached at espnpr@espn.com


Chanel Larkin murderers hatred echoed by Sentinel Commentators

Murderous echoes.

These are first three comments found on the Milwaukee Wisconsin Sentinel story 'Transphobia and mean streets' by Forge Forward activists Michael Munson And Loree Cook-Daniels.

Our well being relies on our willingness to intelligently confront hatred. Please leave a comment on 'Transphobia and mean streets'

By "Aid to Idiots"
  • #1. Larkin was not a "she".
  • #2. Maybe the false advertising is what got him in trouble?
  • #3. When are we going to stop coddling these gender variant cretins?

"Gender variant"? HUH!!!? I love these new terms...
I just wonder how much tax money went to a study to figure out all these stats.

Here's a little hint....If you're a male, show up for a job interview looking like a male and not some kind of freak. Vice versa for the ladies.

By "third party advocate"

How does an article like this even get published? It is strongly empatheic towards the "commercial" aspect of this illegal and disgusting activity. Crime in general is the problem; there is no need for an "info-mercial" by the Journal Reporter.
Uncommon sense - Sep 12, 2010 12:06 PM» Report abuse

By "Uncommon Sense"

This may qualify as the most ridiculous editorial EVER published by this organization-and the candidates are plentiful.


"Stop Trans Pathologization Campaign 2012" Globally +40 Cities Direct Actions

Stop Trans Pathologization Campaign 2012

Next October 23 the trans movement is going to carry out various actions as part of the Stop Trans Pathologization Campaign. These actions are pushed by the International Network for Trans Depathologization, which works to eliminate stigma and the pathological focus on trans identities set in the DSM and CIE diagnostic manuals. Its motto: "Trans identities are not a disease"

The campaign of October 17 2009 mobilized more than 40 cities throughout the world. This reflected the impact of the call for depathologization, stressing its global significance for the trans community. Hopefully the event will gather an even larger amount of activists from different cities, committed to the following objectives of the campaign, next October 23, 2010:

1.The removal of TIG from the international manuals of diagnosis (its next versions DSM-V and CIE-11).
2.The removal of the mention of sex from official documents
3.The abolition of treatments of binary normalization for intersex people.
4.Free access to hormonal treatments and surgeries (without the psychiatric trusteeship)
5.The fight against transphobia: educational efforts and the inclusion of trans persons in society and the labor process

In the course of these months a series of events has occurred that reflect without doubt the impact that the STOP-2012 campaign has had on the international stage. Thus the campaign has become a global point of reference for defending the rights of the trans
community; the delay of the publication of the DSM manual for 2013; the call of the 5th Congress on Sexual Education, Orientation and Therapy of the Multidisciplinary Cuban Society for the Study of Sexuality (SOCUMES), in favor of the depathologization of
transexuality; the APA draft DSM-5 publication, which while addressing the modification of "gender incongruence" persists with the stigmatizing and pathologizing concept of transgenderism; the release of a decree by the French Ministry of Health, which gives
trans identities an ALD classification (chronic illness),which allows it to be covered by health insurance, but continues the status of an illness; finally the Spanish government agrees with the need to stop calling transexuality a mental disorder, but if consequent,
should review its own law (3/2007, March 15), as well as the clinical protocols for the gender reassignment process, which allow for an autonomous and informed decision of the person involved.

Let us intensify our actions demanding all governments, international organisms and civil society to support the removal of Identity disorder from the DSM-IV and CIE-10 diagnosis manuals, as it constitutes a clear insult to the dignity of Trans people. It it is the
last bastion of appropriation of our bodies and the imposition of a binary frame for gender and sexuality, which has already been disqualified by what reality teaches us.

¡Stop Trans Pathologization!

¡Trans identities are not a disease!

We look forward to your fighting commitment participating in the campaign. Please tell us about your actions writing to:



read the article on ILGA's website: http://ilga.org/ilga/en/article/mBGt6bB1GM

SEXY "Transman 2011 Calendar" proceeds to a$$ist Transitions

Jace is only one of 12 gourgous men featured!

Have a favorite month?

A new calendar project to benefit transgender men is currently under way – and they need your help! Born from one person’s desire to help her friend raise money for sexual reassignment surgery, the 2011 Transguys Calendar Project is a labor of love designed to provide financial assistance to transgendered individuals who need help funding sexual reassignment procedures.

The calendar will feature twelve gorgeous female-to-male models at various stages of transition. 100% of the proceeds from calendar sales will be donated to transgender individuals in need of financial assistance for medical costs associated with transitioning.

According to Project Coordinator, Maegan Beard, the goal is to raise at least $10,000in the first year and to continue the effort annually to help as many people as possible. “Eventually we’d like to be able to expand the project to include an annual Transgirls calendar as well to benefit people transitioning from male to female,” Beard says. “My ultimate goal is to turn this project into a charitable foundation and provide a central resource for people looking for help with funding trans medical costs.”

Maegan's labor of love..........

Volunteers are already lining up for the 2012 edition, and in a few short weeks the project has garnered nationwide support from individuals, corporations, celebrities, and LGBT organizations. If you would like to pre-order a calendar or make a donation to help with printing costs, please visit the Project’s website at theTcal.org.

Other volunteer opportunities are also available! If you’d like to get involved, contact the group through the website to find out what is still needed. You can also email Maegan Beard directly at hey_meg@hotmail.com with any questions or comments.


Seymour Pine, Vice Cop who Led Stonewall Raid Dead RIP

In the begining there were cops and reviled 'transvestites'.

Before the riot at Stonewall, a ambitious cop in good favor might be invited to participate in raiding a gay bar. He would do so energetically, hoping to prove his allegiance, beating patrons indiscriminately in hopes of hauling in a trophy career enhancing transvestite.

It was all about ignorance fueled by ambition as inspector Seymour Pine latter admitted. He has since reconciled his hatred of LGBT people and apologized for leading the Stonewall raid.

In that era the shame society heaped on transgender people was so intense all a arrested transperson could hope for was inconspicuous ignominy earned by silence regardless of the violence and humiliation so we were prime targets.

History repeated itself in 2009 with the gay bashing in Fort Worth. Our contemporary Stonewall at the Rainbow Lounge happened on the anniversary
of the Stonewall raid. Some believe that the Fort Worth Police intentionally staged the raid as a additional provocation. I disbelieve that the concurrence of the dates could have been simply providence. I think the choice was a intentional slap in the face to LGBT people.

Despite our protests FWPD Chief Halstead refused to terminate his favored officers. The only punishment, a few days off and a weak apology.
The truth is, we gotta keep our eyes on the Fort Worth police. Given a change in public perception, we could be once again beaten into silent submission.


Australian Atty Gen Ruling deals deathly discrimination against Transgender people

In the recent ruling won by by Australian Attorney General, transgender people must have completed sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) in order in be legaly recognized in their correct gender.

That's not all. The ruling specifies the original reproductive organs would need to be removed in order for the applicants transitional gender to be recognized.

This ruling will now be challenged in the supreme court.

If the Australian Supreme court upholds the ruling that a FTM transgender person "cannot be considered male if they have functioning internal and external female reproductive organs" a FTM would be required to obtain a prohibitively costly and dangerous surgical operation not available in Australia that would at best produce a sexually inoperative substitute penis.

The alienation and criminalization by Australia making transgender people gender outlaws.

Wouldn't a ruling like that be discriminatory if not applied equally to all of the population including cisgender people and not just a segment?

Perhaps what is needed is a compulsory 'reproductive ability' test administered to the general public determining gender. Male, female and undetermined.


BIG D Gay (& transgender) Rodeo Sept.10-11 @ Alvarado, TX

SADDLE UP my Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender amigos. Hola Hombres and hombre-ess's it's Time to RODEO!


Location Diamond W Arena & Expo
8901 E. Highway 67
Alvarado, TX

Time September 10 at 6:00pm - September 12 at 11:55pm


More Info Texas Gay Rodeo Association

We are a Texas non-profit corporation dedicated to elevating the image of women and men in the field of rodeo. Our purposes are to promote and stage an annual rodeo in Texas and to encourage the participation of its members in western-related events and to engage in charitable activities.

We are proud of our twenty five year history of gay rodeos and of our record of donating more than $2,000,000 to Te...xas charities.

TGRA, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization


Transgender female youth study indicates MTF have Highest Aids/HIV Infection Rate

The transgender elephant in the room.....the studies mechanics described for curbing this trend are correct, but without understanding the underlying forces driving this trend, the mechanics are useless.

This study examined our population (MTF) who are early in transition (youth) and compared the results against cisgender, homosexual and bisexual groups of the same demographic and found these alarming but unsurprising results.

From the study "Sexual Risk Taking Among Transgender Male-to-Female Youths With Different Partner Types"

We interviewed 120 transgender female youths aged 15 to 24 years recruited from clinics, community-based agencies, club and bar venues, referrals, and the streets of Los Angeles, California, and Chicago, Illinois.

Sexual risk behaviors varied by partner type. Transgender female youths were less likely to use condoms during receptive anal intercourse with their main partner and were less likely to use condoms with a main partner while under the influence of substances. Youth participants were also more likely to talk to a main partner about their HIV status. Our data identified no demographic or social factors that predicted condom use during receptive anal intercourse by partner type.

Research and interventions that focus on understanding and mitigating risk behaviors by partner type, especially those that tackle the unique risks incurred with main partners, may make important contributions to risk reduction among transgender female youths. read the study in full click here
Why would these results not surprise me? As a transgender female in early transition I was living proof of this study.

I engaged in risky sex because;

I had Low self estem, I was alienated from family and I was struggling with adolescent precepts molded by a overbearing patriarchy. I found camaraderie, identity and anonymity in the sex for drug culture. These social mores that brought me to that condition are self propagating. The people who defined our subservience and sentenced us to the resultant perpetual ignominy are the same ones who relied on our sexual availability and shameful silence to live out there secret fantasies, always unknown to their wives.

I was addicted to drugs and while high I temporarily lost my inhibitions and was a willing sexual partner, to anyone. I needed to stay high. Coming down was a bitch maginfing the shame and self hatred I sought to escape.

I could engage in multiple sexual activities in a short time when high and earn enough to 'maintain' my high.

I had a facilitative mainlining partner. We never engaged in protected sex in our open relationship. Becuse I was afraid I was infected I remained untested which served to fuel my recklessness.

My turn around was my higher powers doing. One fine day life, out of the clear blue, not just my own, but the well being of others suddenly became a prime concern.

After 20 some years.

I am employed.

I love Church.

I walk a hour a day for fitness. I am often propositioned, hooted and honked at and I simply smile. I am so happy with my boyfriend who loves me. I have goals, friends, advocacy and a kitty who loves me. I am so at peace with my creator(usually).

I wouldn't, couldn't not again to those depths of despair dive.

What can we do? Continue what we have been doing by feminizing our society which opens avenues for empathy, compassion and eventually sisterhood and brotherhood for all.

So I'll continue to read, write and talk about our female transgender elephant in the room.