Seymour Pine, Vice Cop who Led Stonewall Raid Dead RIP

In the begining there were cops and reviled 'transvestites'.

Before the riot at Stonewall, a ambitious cop in good favor might be invited to participate in raiding a gay bar. He would do so energetically, hoping to prove his allegiance, beating patrons indiscriminately in hopes of hauling in a trophy career enhancing transvestite.

It was all about ignorance fueled by ambition as inspector Seymour Pine latter admitted. He has since reconciled his hatred of LGBT people and apologized for leading the Stonewall raid.

In that era the shame society heaped on transgender people was so intense all a arrested transperson could hope for was inconspicuous ignominy earned by silence regardless of the violence and humiliation so we were prime targets.

History repeated itself in 2009 with the gay bashing in Fort Worth. Our contemporary Stonewall at the Rainbow Lounge happened on the anniversary
of the Stonewall raid. Some believe that the Fort Worth Police intentionally staged the raid as a additional provocation. I disbelieve that the concurrence of the dates could have been simply providence. I think the choice was a intentional slap in the face to LGBT people.

Despite our protests FWPD Chief Halstead refused to terminate his favored officers. The only punishment, a few days off and a weak apology.
The truth is, we gotta keep our eyes on the Fort Worth police. Given a change in public perception, we could be once again beaten into silent submission.

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