TransPanic in San Antonio. Another beaten transgender woman to blame?

My comment at Ken5.com

Another skewed Texas news report parroting wording that infers curability on the transgender victim and suggests the one who committed violence was somehow justified since he 'snapped' after learning that the person was transgender.

You further denigrated her position when you made a point that she was 'begging' at a stranger's door for help!

WTF. That is what victims do EVERWHERE anytime they recover enough of there senses after being beaten and left for dead. That is what the Ken5 writers would do.

Who's account is Ken5.com and the police using as irrefutable fact? The criminal assailant? It certainly was not the victims.

Most of the time the attacker had already performed sex with the victim and as a way of escaping peer condemnation, expunging there conscience and repairing there egos beat the transgender victim. More often than not they are gang members who attack transgender sexual partners in order to avoid a beat out by fellow gang members.

As despicable as the assailant was this news channel found a lower level as they painted him as a unwitting dupe.

You can change social mores by commenting at Kens5.com. The victims story must be told fairly and impartially.


Punkonjunk said...

Honestly, I think it's a bit of a mountain out of a molehill.
The people who should be in the crossfire here are the police who aren't labeling it as a hatecrime.
The news report is a little quip of shock reporting and is absolutely the status quo these days. Does that make it right? No.
But it's also fox news, in texas. I'm kind of suprised he didn't replace "transgender" with "creepy ladyboy"

mm said...

To be fair, they used the correct pronouns, didn't focus on her surgical status, and called her transgender instead of assuming she's a crossdresser, transsexual, or a gay man. Even if the article isn't where it should be, it's better than the status quo.