ESPN P/R Chief personally apologizes for 'Egg those tra##y' youth Tee Shirts

Crystal Howard, Director, Public Relations ESPN which is Zellers parent company responsible for X game branding, in response to the preceding blog post called me on Monday.

In our phone conversation she conveyed to me her desire to have world understand the message on this tee shirt absoultly does not reflect the intent or sentiments of ESPN or Zellers department stores.

"Quite surprised the review process failed."

"Clearly there was a breakdown in new product review," Ms. Howard explained "We are in the proccess of reviewing how this product reached our shelves. This tee shirt's message doesn't fit the X Game or anything related to our company."

Ms Howard described there swift corporate response "We worked with Zellers and the kids wear licensee and immediately began a recall, removed the product and destroyed it."

Ms. Howard's sincere appoligy "We specifically apologize to our customers in Ontario and we have called those consumers who complained. We also want to extend our apology to all consumers who have come into contact with this tee shirt."

A personal note from kelli~ This is a done thing.

Ms. Howard, in an example of corporate integrity and responsibility has reached out to media outlets large queerty.com and small like our humble blog planetransgender in a all out effort to make sure ESPN and Zellers good names are not muddied by this incident.

I'm looking forward to the next ESPN covered X Games!

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