Cleveland City Council to vote on ending discrimination based on gender identity or expression

Monday, November 30, 2009
Dear TransOhio friends, family and supporters!
Tonight, Cleveland City Council will vote to ban discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations based on gender identity or expression!
TransOhio fully supports the collaborative work of Equality Ohio, the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland, TransFamily of Cleveland and Cleveland's City Council in regards to banning discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations based on gender identity and expression.
"It's important to ensure that we can get laws on the books that protect Cleveland's transgender residents," says Shane Morgan, Founder and Chair of TransOhio, Ohio's statewide tra nsgender advocacy organization. "These organizations have worked tirelessly with Cleveland City Council members to ensure that all Cleveland residents, regardless of their gender identity or expression, are afforded the same opportunities for employment, housing and accommodations as their neighbors."
Your show of support is welcomed and this vote is open to the public:
Monday, November 30, 2009 7:00pm - 8:00pm Cleveland City Hall - Council Chambers 601 Lakeside Avenue Cleveland, OH
TransOhio applauds the Cleveland City Council and urges them to vote to pass this important non-discrimination ordinance.

The Family: Christian Fundamentalists Murderous Ugandan Agenda

The Family aka the fellowship, which attributes its successful seventy year anti human rights campaign to maintaining a secretive profile, is hosting Congressional representatives and other American leaders at the 'National Prayer Breakfast' to spread its vision of death for lesbian, gay and transgender people.

Listen to NPR 'Fresh Air' on WHYY The Secret Political Reach Of 'The Family'. I was horrified as to the insipid treachery of this shadow fundamentalist group and I am sure it will shock you also.

TWO Truths warns us that 'The Family' Is Directly Linked To Draconian Anti-Gay Death Bill in Uganda and it's time to lift this Vail of secrecy and reveal the atrocities the 'family' intends to unleash on you and your christian family.

All Americans regardless of religious affiliation must stand up and demand an end to the Families agenda. Those who do not are giving tacit support to murder of innocents in Uganda by paying the salaries Congressmen and Senators who expedite this merciless persecution and executions of gay, lesbian and transgender people.

This is happening today in Uganda. The family wishes the same for LGBT people in America tomorrow.

Ips news.net RIGHTS-UGANDA: "You Cannot Tell Me You Will Kill Me Because I’m Gay"

Human Rights Watch Uganda: ‘Anti-Homosexuality’ Bill Threatens Liberties and Human Rights Defenders

Change.org Meet the U.S. Politicians Who Want to See Gay People Dead in Uganda

Unified worldwide Anglican condemnation of the criminalization by Uganda of homosexuality is desperately needed as INTEGRITY URGES THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST ANTI-HOMOSEXUALITY BILL PROPOSED IN UGANDA "Our church has already spoken through Resolution D005 at General Convention in 2006 opposing legislation criminalizing homosexuality..." Michael Russell author of of D005 invites you to sign the petition and leave a prayer or comment for our leadership to perhaps read. Then send the link to all your friends.
Updated 2000hrs 11/30/2009

House of Deputies president condemns proposed Uganda anti-homosexuality legislation

Integrity USA, Canadian bishops also call for opposition

By Mary Frances Schjonberg, November 30, 2009

[Episcopal News Service] The pending Ugandan legislation that would imprison for life or execute people who violate that country's anti-homosexuality laws would be a "terrible violation of the human rights of an already persecuted minority," Episcopal Church House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson has said.

Anderson was responding to a Nov. 16 request that Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, Archbishop Henri Orombi of Uganda and she speak out against the legislation. Anderson is the first to issue a statement. Read statement from Episcopal Life Online House of Deputies president condemns proposed Uganda anti-homosexuality legislation

Religion in Uganda Census of October 2002

The Revealer A daily review of religion and the press.

Gay Uganda blogspot


2009 Transgender Murders number 101: A Sad List

The number of Transgender Deaths has doubled within one year. As of Oct 22 2009 there has been 95 deaths calculated the year before there were 47.

We are people,
We have faces,
We have families,
We have friends,
We have lives,
We have value,
We have voices,
None of this should be taken away from any of us because of who we are.

We are the unwilling victim of hate.
http://www.transgenderdor.org/ to find a TDoR event near you.


Tampa City Council votes to Protect Transgender Citizens

Source: Equality Florida

(TAMPA) "Equality Florida commends the Tampa City Council for expanding non-discrimination protections to those who live, work and visit the city. Tampa is the latest city in Florida to add “gender identity” to its human rights ordinance that bans discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodation."

"Today’s action comes at the request of the Tampa Human Rights Council led by its Chair, Phil Dinkins. Equality Florida has worked closely with the council in the months leading up to today’s vote and assisted with documenting the clear need for such protections."

“Equality Florida was born out of the struggle to expand Tampa’s non-discrimination protections so they include the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community,” said Nadine Smith. “Today’s vote, while long overdue, makes it clear that Tampa is a leader in Florida when it comes to protecting its citizens.”

"One extreme right organization launched an effort to derail today’s vote, but Equality Florida members and allied organizations including Pride Tampa Bay and the Hillsborough LGBT Democratic Caucus stepped up and sent 3,096 emails to various Tampa City Council members encouraging them to stand strong in their conviction to protect all citizens. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, BB&T Bank, PepsiCo/FritoLay and other leaders in the business community spoke out debunking wild claims by the opposition by recounting the positive impact inclusive policies have had for their companies." Full story at Equality Florida

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission TDOR

IGLHRC Observes Transgender Day of Remembrance:
Take Action Against Abuse of Transgender People in Guatemala and Turkey
On November 20, the 11th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, take action against the recent murders of transgender women in Guatemala and call for changes in a law used to persecute transgender people in Turkey.

Stop Murder of Trans Women in Guatemala
This day offers a powerful opportunity to insist that trans rights are human rights, and that the global community has an obligation to stop violence against transgender people.

Change Law of Misdemeanors to End Abuse of Trans People
Transgender Day of Remembrance memorializes those who have been killed by hatred and prejudice against transgender people and raises public awareness to combat violence against transgender people. Every year, transgender people around the world face pervasive threats of discrimination, imprisonment, violence, and murder.
The tragic deaths of over 200 trans people reported in the last two years-and the countless others that go unreported around the world-are sobering reminders of transgender people's vulnerability to state-sponsored and private violence because of their gender identity and expression.

Read more about the state of trans people's human rights in the past two years.
IGLHRC's mission is advancing human rights for everyone, everywhere to end discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. In September 2009, IGLHRC held its first strategy workshop for trans activists in the Caribbean. The workshop provided activists from the most marginalized communities with training in documentation and human rights advocacy. The Caribbean Forum for Liberation and Acceptance of Genders and Sexualities (CARIFLAGS) and the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) co-hosted the workshop.

Watch videos of activists from the workshop speaking about the hardships and challenges they have confronted in their lives.

IGLHRC 80 Maiden Lane, Suite 1505 New York, NY 10038 phone: 212.430.6054 fax: 212.430.6060


Transgender Woman Dana Beyer attacked with 'KGB-type tactics'

Dana Beyer's employer, Montgomery Maryland County Councilwoman Duchy Trachtenberg is furious about the secretive 'KGB-type' investigation being conducted by the state's ethics committee.

The ethics committee, apparently motivated by the anti transgender group "Citizens for a Responsible Government" has secretively been conducting after hours searches of the official offices and computers of her top advisor. " Citizens for a Responsible Government" were the sponsors of the failed petition drive to bring the recently passed transgender inclusive anti discrimination ordinances in Montgomery Maryland to a popular vote.

Source: Gazette.com "A County Councilwoman's senior policy adviser who helped draft the county's antidiscrimination law to protect transgendered people now is using the law in filing a complaint against the Montgomery County Ethics Commission."

"I helped craft the bill, and I'm the first to use it," said Dana Beyer, a transgendered woman who serves as senior aide to Councilwoman Duchy Trachtenberg (D-At large). "That's a delicious irony."

"Beyer filed a complaint Tuesday with the Montgomery County Human Rights Commission against the county, claiming its Ethics Commission has investigated her for the past eight months because of her "gender identity." read full story at Gazette.com


Barbra Boxer and Courage Campaign for Reproductive Rights

On November 7, the House passed the Stupak Amendment to their health care reform bill, representing one of the biggest setbacks to women’s health in recent decades – unless we stand together and stop it.

That's why I just signed the petition Senator Barbara Boxer has launched FightForWomensHealth.com, calling for the removal of the Stupak Amendment from any bill that reaches the President's desk.

The House amendment would tell women who participate in the new health insurance exchange that they can't even use their own funds to buy a policy that offers abortion coverage.

In short, the Stupak Amendment would take away health insurance coverage that women already have. This is a huge step back for women’s health.

Join me and Senator Boxer to FightForWomensHealth.com today!

Thank you!

Sarah Silverman YouTube "Sell the Vatican, Feed The World"


Live, Love, and Learn: DC Diocese Turns on Homeless

Catholic gargoyle salivating for the weakest. The homeless and destitute are easy prey when they are freezing and hopeless. Joseph Ratzinger's pseudo christian organization 'Catholic Church" knows this better than anyone as they forgo their Christian facade in threatening extortion by abandoning 67,000 homeless in the District of Columbia just before the winter if the Capitol city of the United States does not comply with it's demands. Read the whole story at Live, Love, and Learn: DC Diocese Turns on Homeless


Will Phillips Arkansas Fifth Grader Refuses to Pledge Allegiance until LGBT people are Equal

Ten year old Will Phillips, who's intelligence was recognized by skipping fourth grade, demonstrated extraordinary compassion and empathy when he recently sited a 1943 Supreme Court ruling and refused to recite the pledge of alliance. Phillips believes until all Americans are equally enjoying "liberty and Justice for all" the pledge is a empty verse.

This incredible young ally who's orientation is not gay, is enduring a homophobic backlash by his adolescent classmates and in all of places, Arkansas. The home of former Governor Huckabee recently enacted a state amendment to its constitution prohibiting adoption of children by same sex couples.

Arkansas is one of the most anti gay states and this according to Will is being proven true as the same children have over and again taunted him with phrases such as 'Gaywad'.

***Update December 3, 2009***
I have been contacted separately by Will's mother and father. Both are very grateful for the emails and phone calls in support of Will. Both are happy that Will is now focused on his school work and both are satisfied with the response from the school. It would seem at this time continued contact with the school is not necessary at this time.~kelli

Please take action "Support Will Phillips" by emailing the The West Fork School District.

Sample email:

Dr. Naccaman Williams
Chair of the State Board of Education.
E-mail: naccaman@att.net
Mailing Address: 2807 Brookshire St., Springdale, AR 72762

Deborah Harnish
President West Forks District Board
359 School Ave, West Fork, AR 72774
(479) 839-2231

Re: Protect educational integrity and protecting Will Phillips from bullying.

Dear Deborah Harnish and Dr. Naccaman Williams,

It has come to my attention that a substitute teacher in your district has attempted to intimidate and bully a student, Will Phillips, into doing something that was against that students better judgement and moral values. Phillips decision not to participate in reciting the pledge of allegiance was in fact, a constitutional right protected by a supreme court ruling.

The student Will Philips, has since then reported becoming the subject of homophobic bullying even though Will Phillips himself does not identify as gay.

I am asking that you require this teacher to apologize for attempting to intimidate Phillips, and that the school principal make a announcement that the school respects individual rights and the school will not allow harassment within it's walls. This would send a message to your students and teachers that bullying is not acceptable.

I wold also ask that you require your teachers to make a speical effort to be attentive and aware of bullying and to stop it immediately when it is apparent. These actions will save lives and allow your schools to pursue the American ideals that are set forth in the Pledge of Allegiance and so valued by Will Phillips.

Thank you
Kelli Anne Busey
Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies


On the Web:

West Fork School District

Edge San Francisco article Arkansas 10-Year-Old Won’t Pledge Allegiance Until Gays Gain Equality

Arkansas Times article A boy and his flag
Why Will won’t pledge


House Committee to Take Action on ENDA Call in on November 18
Take Action!
Take action today for the next bill that will positively impact transgender people: ENDA

Read our Toolkit on how you can take action

NCTE Website

November 12, 2009
"Now is the time that we must take action for ENDA! Whether you have never contacted your members of Congress or if you are a frequent visitor in their offices, we need you to call this week if this bill is to pass."
-Mara Keisling

Today, Chairman George Miller (D-CA) of the House Committee on Education and Labor announced that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) will take its next steps when the committee marks up the bill next Wednesday, November 18; this is one of the final steps that precedes a vote by the full House. House leadership is optimistic about the bill that would ban from the workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, although they stress the importance that advocacy efforts for ENDA remain strong. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) is the principle sponsor of the bill, joined by 189 co-sponsors, and along with Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) has been a strong champion of this legislation.The Senate is also considering the bill and held a hearing in committee last week on the matter. Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-WA) is the lead sponsor and strong advocate for the measure. When asked at a press conference last week whether there was any chance that gender identity would be stripped out of the bill, he answered simply, "No."But, even with these strong optimistic signs and committed leaders, members of Congress still need to hear loud and clear from our communities.

The radical right is already in full swing on this fight, energizing their base to call and put pressure on Congress, spreading their untruths and stereotypes about who we are. Their voices must not outnumber ours. It is up to us to communicate the urgency of this bill, and to do that we must pick up the phones and call. "Never before in the history of our movement has there been a time when it is so critical that we all are active advocates for transgender rights. It really is that important," notes Mara Keisling, Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality. "We are at a moment when our rights are not guaranteed but they are within our reach if we speak up about the urgent need for the employment protections contained within ENDA. We need you to take action."NCTE is participating with a wide range of other LGBT groups in the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights call in days in support of ENDA. Our day to call is Wednesday, November 18. We hope you'll be a part of this important effort and you'll encourage your friends to call.
Next Wednesday, Nov. 18, or whenever is convenient for you, call the Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121 and ask to speak to your Representative (have your zip code handy and they'll help identify your member of Congress). When you are connected with your Representative's office, give your name and your city and then let them know:

I am calling in support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (H. R. 3017/S. 1584), which will protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from job discrimination. No one deserves to be fired from their job because of who they are. Please vote yes for ENDA
If you get voicemail instead of a person, feel free to leave a message-the messages are listened to and count just as much as if you reach a staff member. You can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you've called in the past, no problem ... call again or write or visit.For extra credit, when you are done, hang up and call the Capitol Switchboard again, let the operator know what state you are calling from, and they will connect you with your Senators. And please, forward this message to your friends, family members and allies.
There are many ideas about how you can take action on NCTE's
ENDA webpage. Visit it today. The more we all do, the more likely we are to pass this vital legislation. It is up to us.
About NCTEThe National Center for Transgender Equality is a national social justice organization devoted to ending discrimination and violence against transgender people through education and advocacy on national issues of importance to transgender people. By empowering transgender people and our allies to educate and influence policymakers and others, NCTE facilitates a strong and clear voice for transgender equality in our nation's capital and around the country. The National Center for Transgender Equality is a 501(c)3 organization.

[Walking With Integrity] Calling all Clergy and Faith Community Leaders

Thursday, November 12, 2009 7:12 PM
From: "Integrity USA"

Within weeks, the U.S. House of Representatives will consider passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a bill to prohibit workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Religious voices are instrumental in persuading legislators to support the fair treatment of all workers by passing an inclusive ENDA.

If you are a member of the clergy or a leader in your faith community, please sign the online letter (http://goldenruleatwork.org/) in support of equality in the workplace.

Then, take a minute to forward the letter to your colleagues locally and nationally.

More than 30 major religious denominations and insinuations have already signed onto an organizational letter in full support of ENDA. United by a spiritual obligation to treat others with the respect we desire for ourselves, the interfaith community is calling on Congress to pass federal legislation protecting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) employees. In 29 states it is currently legal to fire, refuse to hire, or deny a promotion to lesbian, gay, and bisexual workers; discrimination based on a person’s real or perceived gender identity is still tolerated in 38 states. It is long past time we ended this injustice.
Take action and find out more online at: http://goldenruleatwork.org/

Engage your community further by participating in the national faith community call-in day on Thursday, November 19th. This call-in comes on the heels next week’s expected review of ENDA by the House Education and Labor Committee. Pick up the phone and call your Member of Congress at 202-224-3121 to demand equality with the House’s passage of H.R. 3017 (ENDA).

Open invitation to Fort Worth Mayor Moncrief and Council Members to Attend Fort Worth TDOR 2009

Open letter to Mayor Moncrief, City Council Members and Police Chief Halstead.

Subject: Invitation to the Tarrant County/ Fort Worth Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR).

Location: Carr Chapel on TCU
Address: 2855 S. University Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76129
Date: November 20, 2009 Time: 7:30 pm

I am Kelli Busey, one of the three transgender people to speak during the comment section prior to the voting on M&C G-16757 proposal amending City code 17 to include transgender people in the anti discrimination ordinance.

During my comments I invited all members to attend the TDOR and noted that many members signifing by a nod, an understanding of the significance of the TDOR.

Mayor Moncrief prefaced the public comment section with a appeal that the comments be limited to amending Ordinance 17. Most of the Gay and Lesbian supporters who commented did so, making a distinction between sexual orientation and gender identity. Most of the opponents signified their ignorance, by not doing so.

Most of the opponents of a potential yes vote do not understand who transgender people are, have a misunderstanding of the Bible or have relied on others sadly to misinform them. The opponents of a yes vote more often than not prefaced there comments with statements that including transgender people in Fort Worth's anti discrimination policy as contrary to their biblical teachings, a potential threat to their freedom to practice religion, a threat to the freedom of speech, an added burden to local business because of legal costs defending employment decisions, as undesirable to family communities and and most erroneous and disingenuous of all, a threat to woman and children in public places.

All of these perceived threats have been shown to be untrue in Dallas since it's including in 2002 of transgender people in it's anti discrimination policies and across the country in hundreds of inclusive cities.

Why this invitation to you is so very important. I found disturbing the incorrect terminology used by both the council members and our opponents, to describe us as "Living a life Style Choice" and that our mysterious decision was contrary to all they had been taught during their upbringing. These statement would lead one to believe that the Council is, by no fault of it's own, ignorant about transgender people and that they believed we had a option as to our who we are. I assure you we do not.

Whether you voted yes or no I hope that by you attending the Tarrant County TDOR that an enlightenment process may begin. I am sure with the intensity that our opponents displayed every councilmember will be called to stand with informed conviction behind your stated desire to eliminate discrimination in your cities non discrimination policy of any minority in the past or present.

Most unsettling was the opponents comments that they wished to bring this manner up for a popular vote.

Never in history has a majority granted a minority equality by popular vote.

It is my hope that each and everyone invited and all the public will attend the the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Thank you,

Kelli Anne Busey
Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies

Press release Tarrant County Transgender Day of Remembrance 2009

Facebook RSVP (optional)

Cc. Mayor Mike Moncrief Telephone: 817-392-6118, Fax: 817-392-6187, E-mail: mike.moncrief@fortworthgov.org | Mayor Pro Tem Danny Scarth (District 4) Telephone: 817-392-8804 Fax: 817-392-6187 E-mail: District4@fortworthgov.org | Councilmember Sal Espino Telephone: 817-392-8802 Fax: 817-392-6187
E-mail: District2@fortworthgov.org | Councilmember W.B. 'Zim' Zimmerman Telephone: 817-392-8803 Fax: 817-392-6187 E-mail: District3@fortworthgov.org | Councilmember Frank Moss Telephone: 817-392-8805 Fax: 817-392-6187 E-mail: District5@fortworthgov.org | Councilmember Jungus Jordan Telephone: 817-392-8806 Fax: 817-392-6187 E-mail: District6@fortworthgov.org | Councilmember Carter Burdette Telephone: 817-392-8807
Fax: 817-392-6187 E-mail: District7@fortworthgov.org | Councilmember Kathleen Hicks Telephone: 817-392-8808 Fax: 817-392-6187 E-mail: District8@fortworthgov.org | Councilmember Joel Burns Telephone: 817-392-8809 Fax: 817-392-6187
E-mail: District9@fortworthgov.org | Jeffrey Halstead
Chief of Police fwpdweb@fortworthpd.com

Sponsor: Rev. David Wynn, revwynn@yahoo.com; Curtis Smith, curtisls7@yahoo.com; Dr. Rita Cotterly, PhD., drritac@gmail.com. Kelli Anne Busey, kellibusey@yahoo.com or Stephen V. Sprinkle, s.sprinkle@tcu.edu


Fort Worth Votes For Transgender Protective Ordinance

Marathon meeting results in transgender protections.

November 11,2009 Fort Worth, Texas. City council members voted 6 to 3 to adopt a ordinance to prohibit discrimination in places of public accommodation, employment and housing on the basis of transgender, gender expression and gender identity.

After an intense debate with both sides having been allowed to voice their views mayor Moncrief called for a vote with resulting in 3 no and 6 yes votes.

Gay and Lesbian supporters of transgender rights braved the gathering of placard vocal religio-bots that are commonly found wherever LGBT people gather, but this time we did not allow them to make us angry. We understood the stakes and placed duct tape over our mouths as a reminder what our reason for being there was and the futility of shouting. The forum inside would require us to be clear minded and level headed to succeed.

What was absent from our supporters were GLBT CLERGY?!? GLBT people and the council were left to hear one after another good "Christian" describe how they found our "life style choice" morally offensive and how they did not want that present for there children.

Pastors, do not wonder why your churches are empty, you were not there and the uncontested misconceptions, lies and hate we heard that night is nearly all that most LGBT people know of religion.

After enduring the hate and lies we were all rewarded by having our LGBT civil rights movement progress.

Thank you to the wonderful Gay and Lesbian community of north Texas!


Transgender Christ on a path less taken

I am following in the path of Jesus on his journey on a path less taken. I am both peaceful and desperate to serve, understand and live both in his joyful testament and sorrowful pain. Therefore as he blesses my life when I pray I am also with him in his desperation.

Before I was aware that the holy spirit existed, I was called to a gathering from all corners of the earth of people who profess their love of God and Christ thru the Methodist faith. In that gathering were powerful people who banded together and agreed to once again conditionally accept as laity only, sexual minorities. Much to my surprise, one of the main reasons I felt so compelled to follow those events, the threatened defrocking of transgender ministers, was never even taken up.

I was lead to beleive the misogynistic untruth that only by the grace of those who led that Church, transgender ministers were granted a temporary reprieve and due to a lack of preparation they had not been persecuted. I breathed a sigh of relief in this knowledge that the Ministers I had come to somehow defend with my newly found spirit, would be allowed to return to their beloved flocks.

As time went on I became aware that Christ was looking over me. To my awe and fear I felt a vision of him sometimes pleased and sometimes dismayed, always in front of me, always observing. I prayed that I could always please Jesus and be rewarded by his affirming presence and when I displeased him that I would know this by his vision and I would know to mend my ways.

Then one day I no longer saw Jesus as physical presence, but became aware he is inside of me accompanied by the spirit. The absence of his physicality terrified me. How am I to know I am living in his word? So I began to study the Bible and finding passages where God blessed eunuchs. And the more I read, the more I learned that transgender people were acknowledged and blessed by Christ and his awareness of the difficulties that others would experience in understanding us. I also read that before I was born the holy spirit compelled men to search out and welcome transgender people with Christs radical inclusion.

No longer do I depend on the Cisgender to allow me communion with God. No longer do I accept their exclusionary images as divinely acquired!

Acts 26 Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, "Go south to the road—the desert road—that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza." The southern desert road was one that was one that was less traveled because of it's lack of water and harsh weather. Much as many of us believed when first coming to terms with who we are is what the heteronormative people conditioned us to think, we had a indomitable curse In reality we were called to travel this same road less traveled by the spirit.Acts 8:25,39

Jesus teaches welcomes and acknowledges the difficulties ciscegender people would have in understanding us in Mathew 19:11 and 12. Acts 11: But He said to them, “All cannot accept this saying, but only those to whom it has been given 12: For there are eunuchs who were born thus from their mother’s womb, and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He who is able to accept it, let him accept it."


CALL TO ACTION: Ft Worth GLBT Queer Liberaction Driven Off Soap Box

Bigoted religious right wing extremists vow to block LGBT people from entering Fort Worth Council meeting. Another Republican shoutdown?

Whats at risk
Adversaries of woman and LGBT people who will be in attendance.

Tarrant County Republicans urge attendance and Episcopal split leaves anti Gay Episcopal transphobic Diocese of Fort Worth with money and power.

Council meeting information:
Date: Tuesday November 10th 2009
Time: 5:00 pm
Place: Fort Worth City Hall
Address: 1000 Throckmorton St. Fort Worth
free parking across the street at lot A
Google Map

According to Richard Thomas McPhee: "Tonight at Queer Liberaction's Milk Box gay and lesbians were harassed by a number of religious evangelists. The group was spreading some of the most vial messages [I] have ever heard. The group is planning to block [our] attendance at the upcoming Fort Wort City Council Meeting. The group is organizing to block the new proposals of the diversity task force in Fort Worth. As a gay man I've never felt so much hate as I did tonight. I'M CALLING ON EVERYONE TO PLEASE COME OUT ON TUESDAY AND HELP SILENCE THESE BIGOTS."
Queer Liberaction Face book

According to Daniel Equality Cates organizer of "Equality March Texas" and Justice for the Rainbow Lounge, "WE NEED YOU THERE!" Cates explains, "Reports this evening are that a large group of Christian activists descended on the Queer Liberaction Milk Box Event in Sundance Square, Fort Worth. According to those who were there, the Milk Box participants were forced to close up shop for fear that things would turn violent."

"The group is planning to block LGBT attendance at the upcoming Fort Wort City Council Meeting. The group is also organizing to block the new proposals of the diversity task force in Fort Worth."

"We need EVERYONE to rally together! If you are available PLEASE make plans to be at Fort Worth City Hall by 5pm! Dallas folks- this means you too!"

Statement from Kelli Busey, author of this blog, planetransgender and co-administrator of the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies (DTAA).

I URGE all members of the DTAA in the DFW to attend the council meeting on Tuesday 10th. There are wealthy forces who are organized and determined to deny LGBT people our most basic rights. We must stand up now or risk forever losing this opportunity for gay and lesbian rights and the funding of sexual reassignment surgery as currently being considered by the Fort Worth Council.


Smile by Kalki कल्कि द्वारा मुस्कुराओ

Smile is a short 3 minute film by Kalki Subramaniam, Chennai, India. The rare joyous moment of transsexual women. Filmed and edited by Kalki. This video is a Sahodari Foundation presentation. http://www.sahodari.org. Made in 2009


Goldman Sachs Hoards H1N1 Vaccine Endangers Woman and Children

Wall Street Corporation Goldman and Sachs which received billions in bailout dollars are now receiving hundreds of H1N1 vaccine doses to inoculate employees while depleting supply available for hospitals and people at risk.

Sign Credo petition Tell Goldman Sachs: Hands off the H1N1 vaccine.

"In particular, NBC reports that Goldman Sachs has received 200 doses of the vaccine -- the same amount as Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Wall Street banks, like many other companies, put in requests for the vaccine but seem to have had something of a leg up on securing doses."

"Dr. Nancy Schnyderman, NBC's chief medical editor, chimed in on this seeming disparity:

"I think they probably played by the rules, there are corporations all over the country who put in there dibs...But, what a sore eye for Wall Street. Wouldn't have been lovely if they had said, look we put it in our dibs, we played by the rules, but we're going to donate our 200 doses."
Some corporations seem to be getting the doses before doctors and hospitals. Here's more from Schnyderman:

"If we know that the distribution is the weak part of this entire thing, why not put doctor's offices and hospitals at the top of the line, and say to corporate America, no matter who you are, you're you're going to have to go through clinics and hospitals like everyone else." Source: Huffington Post
Credo petion Tell Goldman Sachs: Hands off the H1N1 vaccine.

Live Web Casting the Senate ENDA hearing November 5, 2009

Committee: Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
Title: Employment Non-Discrimination Act: Ensuring Opportunity for All Americans
Date: Thursday, November 5, 10:00 a.m.
Place: SD-430

Click HERE for the Video and Audio http://help.senate.gov/Hearings/2009_11_05/2009_11_05.html


Fort Worth / Tarrant County Transgender Day of Remembrance


Contact: Curtis Smith
Telephone: 817-845-2124
Email: curtisls7@yahoo.com

11th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance

Location: Carr Chapel on TCU
Address: 2855 S. University Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76129
Date: November 20, 2009 Time: 7:30 pm

Since 1998, each November 20th is set aside to memorialize those who were murdered due to anti-transgender hatred, prejudice or ignorance. Tarrant County will commemorate the 11th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance at the Carr Chapel on November 20th beginning at 7:30 PM. The community is welcome to attend this service sponsored by Brite Divinity of TCU, Agape MCC, Trinity MCC, Sexuality Education Center and the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies (DTAA).

The TDOR will be an opportunity to express love and respect for all people. It will remind participants that they are all a part of the human family, daughters and sons, cisgender(non-transgender) and transgender people together. Allies of the gender diverse will stand alongside us in this ceremony to memorialize, honor and look forward to a day that differences and gender variance can be celebrated without fear of violence.

Agape MCC has many transgender people in regular attendance at their worship services including their Senior Pastor, Rev. David Wynn, a transgender male. They also host a cross-dressing men‟s group monthly. “Agape MCC has always held a strong commitment to providing sanctuary for gender diverse people,” Rev. Wynn declares. Rev. Wynn clarifies, “In many ways transphobia appears to be the „last acceptable form of prejudice‟ in the culture today, thus setting up transgender people to be victims of violence and those who are seen as expendable.” Rev. Wynn‟s goal of the service is, “To honor those who have paid the highest price for fearlessly being who they are and providing an enduring voice against transphobia. Our transgender community at Agape reflects our entire community in affirming Jesus' radical inclusion and God's unconditional love for all of creation.”

Curtis Smith, Pastoral Leader of Trinity MCC Arlington, reports that his church has been participating for the last 6 years. Smith explains, "Trinity's transgender and questioning church members are a cherished people in Christ‟s communion. We feel enlightened by the TDOR and our ongoing "Would Jesus Discriminate" campaign as to the historical reservations our Gay and Lesbians congregants previously felt towards transgender people. We feel it is important for our members to respect all people and offer them an open communion.” "Last year," Pastor Smith recalls, "Trinity MCC participated in the 2008 TDOR with Agape MCC by praying for victims as a bell was rung after each name was read of those who had died in that year to anti- transgender violence. It was a very somber and moving part of last year‟s TDOR service,” Smith said.

The Remembering Our Dead Web Project estimates that 2 people a month, on average are killed from violence against transgender people. Not that every person commemorated self-identified as transgender but each was a victim of violence based upon bias of gender variance. "Because intolerance and violence against the Transgender Community is often ignored, we remember those who have gone before us and we dedicate ourselves to life – living it responsibly, respectfully and lovingly. Life really comes down to treating others as we wish to be treated,” exclaims Dr. Rita Cotterly, PhD., Director of the Sexuality Education Center.

The Matthew Shepard/James Bryd Jr Hate Crimes Prevention Act recognizes that there is much work to be done locally as there are only 13 US states with Hate Crime Laws that include Gender Identity, Texas not being one. A provision of this law is that it authorizes and funds the federal government to step in and prosecute hate crimes in states that are disinclined to do so.

Texas has had 20 recorded transgender deaths attributed to anti-transgender violence, with 3 of those occurring in DFW, only surpassed by New York and California. Internationally there have been 95 Deaths from January to October 22, 2009 which average 19 per month. Names, statistics, locations and causes of deaths can be found on the Transgender Day of Remembrance website at www.transgenderdor.org.

Dr. Stephen V. Sprinkle, PhD., of Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University will be in attendance. On the Unfinished Lives Project website, Dr. Sprinkle reports, ""We must remember that the recent passage and signing of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law will not magically stop the killing. Record numbers of LGBTQ Americans, especially young transgender people of color, are dying violently all across the land. But the high water mark of hatred has been scotched with the stroke of a pen on the day President Obama kept his promise and signed the bill. The end of the beginning of full equality for my people has come. And we who believe in justice will not rest until it comes fully, so that all of us may love whom we choose without fear of violence."

Kelli Anne Busey will be in attendance. Kelli, a woman of faith, authors planetransgender.blogspot.com and is founder and co-administrator of the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies. Kelli says "I believe that our Transgender Day of Remembrance is a critical component of our advocacy." She elaborates, "The TDOR is emotional and spiritual because it educates and endears us with our current and potential allies as we lend a human touch to the horrific murders of transgender, gender queer, questioning, friends and lovers."

The Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies (DTAA) are locally based non-denominational activism group with members worldwide. DTAA membership believes that the world and especially the LGBT community is a, "Place for everyone. No Exceptions." The DTAA was conceived while protesting the expulsion of transsexual entertainers from the Crews INN bar and hosted the first formal conversation with the openly gay Episcopal bishop, Bishop Gene Robinson. Since that time the DTAA has moved on to insure that the Dallas's publicly funded homeless shelter 'The Bridge' policy and training manuals were amended so that weather related deaths such as that of Austin‟s Jennifer Gale's, could not be attributable to hostile shelter conditions.

Both Agape MCC and Trinity MCC Arlington are members of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches which is the world's largest and oldest Christian denomination with a primary affirming ministry to gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender persons. Known as "The Human Rights Church," local MCC congregations are located in 28 countries. Both churches are currently participating with three other North Texas MCC churches in the “Would Jesus Discriminate? WhyWouldWe.org” campaign.

The Sexuality Education Center‟s director, Rita Cotterly, PhD, is well-known locally and nationally in the fields of human sexuality and sexuality education. She provides individual and group counseling, support groups and educational programs. Dr. Cotterly has conducted numerous sexuality educational sessions for a variety of organizations and educational programs on AIDS prevention, sexual orientation, safer sex, sexual ethics, and spirituality and sexuality.


For more information about this topic or to schedule interviews please call, Rev. David Wynn, revwynn@yahoo.com; Curtis Smith, curtisls7@yahoo.com; Dr. Rita Cotterly, PhD., drritac@gmail.com. Kelli Anne Busey, kellibusey@yahoo.com or Stephen V. Sprinkle, s.sprinkle@tcu.edu


Kalamazoo VICTORY! Voters say YES to Equal Rights, YES to 1856!

"Ordinance 1856, passed by 61.8 percent, or 7,671 votes to 4,731, with all precincts reporting. The ordinance, which was approved twice by the Kalamazoo City Commission, makes it illegal for a landlord or employer discriminate against someone because of their sexual orientation and gender identity." Posted on Topics by Thomas Jackson.

This victory represents the very best of the human rights movement. When the City Commission realized there was injustice to be righted they did not hesitate to stand up for democracy and when their document did not pass the scrutiny of opponents of equality they did not flinch and rewrote their Ordinance.

The Kalamazoo city Commission's Ord. 1856 makes it clear that it is a law of equality and does not infringe on anyones right to freedom of speech or the right to worship as you wish. The population of Kalamazoo Michigan made it clear, their home is the land of the free and home of the brave!

Vote YES on 1856 Kalamazoo's Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Today is the day to make a stand for fairness and equality for all people in Kalamazoo – Vote YES on Ordinance 1856!Polls are open from 7am to 8pm. Please call the One Kalamazoo office at 269-903-2277 if you need a ride and click here to find out where to vote:www.onekalamazoo.com/vote

The hard work and efforts of hundreds of volunteers has gotten us to this point – and now it is in your hands. We need EVERY pro-fairness voter to get to the polls today if we want to win. Make sure you vote, and make sure your friends and family who live in Kalamazoo vote YES today too.

P.S. We still need your help! If you have a couple free hours today, stop by the One Kalamazoo office at 344 N. Rose Street (Rose and Kalamazoo)!


Atlantic Daily Dish HRC's Job ONE = Job Preservation

Quote of the day courtesy of Q-Tips Andrew Sullivan The Dally Dish

Did HRC Have To Wait for Matthew Shepard Act Before Doing Anything Else? "HRC might, one day, have a hand in enacting the remaining types of gay rights legislation, like ENDA, UAFA, and killing DOMA and DADT. But their delays and weak pressure increasingly appear to be based more on the organization's commitment to having a purpose in the coming decades than on ensuring gays have their rights right now," - Queerty.

Well, I am so astonished and disappointed in HRC that you could bowl me over with a feather. Barney Frank is recognizing the efforts of transgender people in advocating for our rights. HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?

No its all about Joe keeping a $200,000 pay check. This transgender people have been sure of ever since the first 'Gala' ball' began celebrating HRC's money grab while Frank flushed transgender people in his political toilet.

"This is more fun than than raiding niggers with crack" (APD officer while raiding "fag" bar)

Updated Nov.3 2009

Eagle Trial set for Feb. 4th 2010

Eagle staff were in court early this morning and everyone was the hoping the City of Atlanta would do justice by dropping the trumped-up license and permit charges.

After two postponements, the Eagle trial date is set for February 4, 2010. This is unacceptable, and community members are currently planning a demonstration.

Please continue to encourage anyone present during the raid to contact attorney Dan Grossman to discuss their rights and legal options:
AtlantaEagleLawyer@gmail.com, (404) 654-0326
People can remain ANONYMOUS and still exercise their rights, please help get that information out to the community at large.

Visit ATLANTAEAGLERAID.COM Facebook for more information.

These statements and others by arresting officers, were heard by the patrons of the Eagle, an Atlanta gay bar while being forced face down in broken glass, beaten, harassed, intimidated, threatened and imprisoned for 19 hours without charges for an alleged violation of city code that normally results in a $1,000 fine to bar owners.

Both the Fort Worth Texas and Atlanta police departments choose the anniversary of the Stonewall tavern raid to "do it to fag bars". Fort Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead's reluctant apology was weak and to this day there has been no official report, regulations governing joint TABC raids or disciplinary actions taken against the Fort Worth police officers involved in the Rainbow Lounge raid.

It should be noted the officers of the TABC at the Rainbow Lounge were fired and/or disciplined with appeals denied. The TABC stepped forward, took action and apologised and we are proud of these fellow Texans.

In common is the reluctance of both police forces to investigate or even acknowledge that criminal activities were being conducted by "elite" renegade units within there forces.

In common also, is that both departments fabricated falsehoods to justify the brutal apprehension of law abiding citizens with treatment that is normally reserved for the arrest of armed gang members during drug raids. In both occurrences these fabricated lies have been invalidated in the absence of illegal drugs or criminal activity that would have warranted the physicality or even justified targeting ether gay bars.

Source: IPS new service Eagle co-owner Robby Kelly present during the raid recalls hearing some of the officers statements and actions.

"According to one complaint, police officers were laughing and high fiving each other. "And they made the statement 'this is fun, we should do it to a fag bar every weekend'. I actually heard that," Kelley said."

"According to another complaint, one officer said, "This is more fun than than raiding niggers with crack." This complainant also said the police kicked him in the ribs while he was lying down and that he saw police grab other patrons by their necks and push them to the ground if they did not immediately get on the ground."

I wonder what that fat Atlanta Police Officer liked most? Is it beating black people, smoking and selling their crack or keeping it so that after running down a 120lb athlete they could pin point a finger nail size crumb in a bush that was "thrown" away during the chase? Yeah honey, gasping for air and sweat pouring into your eyes and in the dark you still know the exact spot in the weeds where a cookie was tossed. They were trained to do that or.........

Something must have been real fun.

Think that couldn't happen? Betcha the Eagle and Rainbow lounge patrons beleive it could. Betcha if you are a golf playing fat cat you will never experience a police raid face down in your favorite 19th hole.

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