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Catholic's rejoice in United Nations "Slap to the face" to Transgender people

"This was a great victory for the natural law and the family and a slap in the face to the radicals," Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) was quoted as saying in a interview with Life site news titled UN General Assembly Eliminates Reference to "Sexual Orientation," Gender Identity.

"Radicals" is a obvious reference to Transgender and Gay people.

A "SLAP in the FACE" is violence.

Satisfaction is what the Catholic church enjoys in committing violence against transgender and gay people.

Its simple. The Catholic church would rather see you on the end of this

than on this.


Live, Love, and Learn: DC Diocese Turns on Homeless

Catholic gargoyle salivating for the weakest. The homeless and destitute are easy prey when they are freezing and hopeless. Joseph Ratzinger's pseudo christian organization 'Catholic Church" knows this better than anyone as they forgo their Christian facade in threatening extortion by abandoning 67,000 homeless in the District of Columbia just before the winter if the Capitol city of the United States does not comply with it's demands. Read the whole story at Live, Love, and Learn: DC Diocese Turns on Homeless


Vatican's Christmas Message : Religious creedence to violence in it's purest sense

If the planet is to be saved we must save ourselves from Gays and Transgender people and save the rain forest.
Religious creedence to violence in it's most damning form.

In the event of a natural or man made catastrophe that endangers humanities survival the average Joe (now a average hate filled homophobic Catholic, Mormon or Islamic bot)will find a rope and hang a gay or transgender person.

All this on Christmas eve on the heals of the Catholic and Mormon contribution to the passage of prop.8 and its recent Opposition to Decriminalization of Homosexuality

From the "leader" of the worlds largest "christian" religion.

On Christmas eve there were people responding to this message by wishing the Pope was dead.

On Christmas eve.

One Christian wishing death on another.

Great job Pope. I will not allow anger and hate to rule my life. You are an example of where that leads.
I will make rational thought, prayer, and love and hope my standard. Everyday. God Bless us.

by Kelli Busey
Dec. 26, 2008


Catholic hate mongering or American Inquisition

Murderers, and the very worst criminals have the privilege and permission of freely using their tongue; but, behold here a follower, of Christ, a child of trod, a servant of faith, one separated from the world, in whom dwells righteousness and , no cause of death 'is found-behold, how he is prepared for .death by,closing his mouth and screwing fast his tongue, that the truth may not be proclaimed, righteousness not heard, nor any testimony be given of the name of Christ. O Christ, look down, and succor Thy saints.

Catholic Church intentions towards transgender people have come to light in the opening paragraph from the lawyer spearheading a transphobic campaign in Gainesville Florida published by the Catholic News Agency;

"The concept of ‘gender identity’ was fashioned by radical homosexual groups and advocates to protect the bizarre sexual behavior of a few people,” Thomas More Law Center's Richard Thompson.

History of the Spanish Inquisition

Motives for instituting the Spanish Inquisition

1. To establish political and religious homogeneity.
2. To weaken local political opposition to Catholic dominance.
3. Out of fear.
4. To do away with a powerful minority.
5. Profit.

If you are Catholic and LGBT, my sympathies. You are loved and welcomed and in fact surrounded by people just like you in laity and clergy in many authentic faiths.
Please click the pic of Agape MCC a Church pictured on the right bar, for just one of millions who love you.

Click the title for the unfortunate Catholic news agency article.