INFORMED CONSENT: The True Path For Transgender Treatment

Informed Consent, what a concept!

The AMA begins its definition of informed consent as:
Informed consent is more than simply getting a patient to sign a written consent form.
It is a process of communication between a patient and physician that results in the patent's authorization or agreement to undergo a specific medical intervention.
This Campus Progress article suggests instead of the clinical gate-keeping method of admitting a person is a transsexual, which the APA now uses, we simply use informed consent to begin the process of transition.

Informed consent verse pathologization.

PATHOLOGIZE: to view or characterize as medically or psychologically abnormal.

One interview to obtain informed consent to begin transition as opposed to the unbearably long and quite often frustratingly unyielding process of vetting unknowledgeable therapists who never had a clue about transsexualism or any inclination to recommend hormone replacement in the first place. Gone would be the fallacy being forced to live a 'real life test' separates the pretenders. At that early state of transition we are at our most vulnerable. That concept is one which is long over due to be trashed!

The truth is, most transsexuals have successfully transitioned in spite of the DSM, not because of it!

That is why transgender people and those who truly care for our mental and physical well being are no longer using the DSM Regardless of Proposed Revisions as the standard of care. We have by default been using informed consent for years without naming the process!

Now we have a name and you can join with 5000 on facebook and sign our petition to the DSM to remove transgender from the DSM.

Become informed on the ICATH home page and on Facebook.


Federal Government Announces New Grants Available For Transgender Research

A watershed moment for transgender medical research is upon us. It is imparitive the research is conducted by people with our best interests in mind and people other than those who believe reparative therapy is the end all answer to transsexualism.

The Federal government has realized the medical system has failed the LGBT population in general, and for this post transgender people in particular.

From the Grant information Part 1. Overview Information

Recent data from national health surveys and targeted studies suggest that prevalence rates for some health conditions are higher among LGBTI populations than for the general population. There is evidence that LGBTI individuals delay health care treatment because they fear stigmatization or because their experiences have led them to believe that many health care providers lack knowledge and experience working with LGBTI individuals. There is also evidence that LGBTI individuals receive health care services that are not as appropriate and effective as those provided to non-LGBTI individuals. This FOA calls for research that will enrich scientific understanding of how sexual orientation and gender identity influence health, perceptions and expectations about health, health behaviors, and barriers and access to health-related services. This FOA also calls for research on how the household and family structures and processes of LGBTI individuals influence the health, development, and well-being of children born and/or raised in these households and families. This knowledge will also guide new directions for studies of the health of both LGBTI and non-LGBTI populations.

Biological and Clinical Factors

Research with transgender people, including transsexual people who intend to seek, have sought, or have received hormonal or surgical interventions and the health effects of such interventions.

Studies of the acoustic factors that contribute to perception of femininity and masculinity and of other non-voice factors (such as articulation, prosody and body language) that interact to create the perception of femininity or masculinity and the effects on the health of individuals.

Studies of the health and developmental effects of early gender assignment in cases of infants born with ambiguous genitalia.

Developmental and longitudinal studies on the health of gender-related and other biological and behavioral characteristics of intersex people, including follow-up studies of persons who have received hormonal or surgical interventions.

Studies of the development and evaluation of approaches to psychosocial assessment and counseling for intersex people and their families.

Studies of competency and training needs among clinicians, employers, and other service providers who work with LGBTI people.

Research to develop and evaluate training and knowledge dissemination programs for clinicians and health service providers on LGBTI-related topics.


This is just a small snapshot of this exciting opportunity for our health care allies. We can shape the future now!

For more information please read the oii Australia article "Intersex and LGBTI are now starting to appear in federal US health websites and grants programs"


Gender Rights Maryland: You are welcome here if you agree with us

I was flabbergasted with Gender Rights Maryland board member Dana Beyer's response to my query as to why I had not been allowed to join GRM Facebook group.

And if you are like us. If you look like us. If you do not have a different view point. If you simply STFU and applaud whatever we do regardless of how devastating it will be for you. Then you may join, otherwise we give you permission to speak else where.

Because you are not a ally if your opinion is even slightly different.

The leadership bringing you the latest Jim Crow laws have a few things in common with their predecessors. They are rich so even though there is no racial delineation there social status all but eliminates the influences these Jim Crow Laws will have on there lives. And boy, they flaunt it like a 1%'er would.

And who could forget when Gender Rights Maryland board member Mark McLaurin called me a " Circus Freak" for taking credit for our success defeating HB235, the 2010 bill without public accommodations Equality Maryland failed to shove down our throats?

“Ohhhhh so it wasn’t spineless lawmakers who killed the bill but rather your uncannily strategic merry band of out of state circus freaks who, heretofore havent been able to organize anything more complex than a Sunday brunch at the local Denny’s ????? Now THAT is funny !!!!! Looooooooool !!!!!”
But now it appears that gender rights Maryland AKA Equality Maryland is going about it piecemeal until Jim Crow becomes a social conscript, again.

And dissent on the GRM facebook page by members leads to one response.

If you are transgender, you may work in Baltimore Maryland, but expect no respect.


Trans Power Trumps Paddy Power: Transphobic Ad Pulled

The ad which was supposedly approved by the UK transgender group Beaumont Society has been pulled by the major television broadcasters after Clear Cast reversed itself and declared it's disapproval of the ad.

This is a huge victory for transgender people because it shows that we have become accepted and respected by society in general. The power of people. This makes us off limits to immoral entities like Paddy Power.

"Bang bang, dead."

But according to the Paddy Power blog they're not done yet. To fill the vacuum left by the Transgender Victors they have identified a portion of society even less protected. Evidently "Chavs" are a social outcast in British culture and Paddy Power means to capitalize on that fact using brutality and murder.

Is violence and the sexual degradation of woman all that Paddy Power understands? Have they no dignity or self respect?


Baltimore County Transsexuals Suffer Jim Crow "Victory"

Jim Crow laws are state and local laws in the United States currently being enacted. They mandat de jure transgender segregation in all public facilities with a supposedly "separate but equal" status for Transgender Americans.

The omission of Public accommodations effectively codifies transgender people as second class citizens and potential sexual predators unworthy of occupying rest rooms with cisgender woman and children.

Click for the PDF of the bill as originally submitted by Tom Quirk.

Click for the PDF of Bill No. 3-12 as adopted by the Baltimore council.

Clearly there was never any intention of extending meaningful rights to transgender people.

The reality is this bill is meant to discriminate against transgender people and in the truest sense, a Jim Crow law.

Least we forget! Maryland has a long and storied history of legislating and up holding judicially Jim Crow Laws!

Tim Walstrum is absolutely correct when he posted that this law was nothing more that a out for politicians. I will argue they did this with full knowledge history will repeat itself in court as transgender people become even more marginalised!

For the sake of passing this bill transgender people can be denied to use facilities that are distinctly private or personal. This will give anyone the option to deny transgender people access to what ever facilities they designate as personal or private. Like bathrooms for Christ sake!

But to smarmy democrats its a 'victory'. Passing this Jim Crow law is immensely easier than enacting real human rights laws, and doing so is usually not a career ender.

To the gay community, this is also a 'victory' the passage being repeatedly heralded as a victory. The real victory for gay people is they finally throw the transgender monkey off there backs.

To the transgender victims of Baltimore county this is a day that will go down in infamy, unless we are joined by gay people who would demand "gay toilets" in protest.

Transgender people may now feel unfettered to work in Baltimore county unless the bathroom issue stops them from securing employment.

God. THAT IS THE ISSUE!!!!! Unbelievable, anything to get rid of us, right gays?

More at Townson Patch


Honduras presionada por Human Rights a investigar asesinatos de seis mujeres transexuales

6 Transsexuals in Honduras stabbed, throats slit, faces beaten so bad they were unrecognizable, dismembered and burned! SIX people slain and NOTHING is being done to bring these criminals to justice! NOTHING!

6 personas apuñaladas, degolladas, se enfrenta a golpes tan malos que eran irreconocibles, desmembrado y quemado! SEIS personas muertos y no se hace nada para traer a estos criminales ante la justicia! ¡NADA!

These are real people not some abject statistic!
Estas son personas reales, no una estadística absoluta!

The names of the murdered women are Idania Roberta Sevilla Raudales, 58, Luisa Alvarado Hernandez, 23, Lady Oscar Martinez Salgado, 45, Reana 'Cheo' Bustamente, Briget Alice Fergie Ferg and Makaligton.

Los nombres de las mujeres asesinadas son Idania Roberta Sevilla Raudales, de 58 años, Luisa Alvarado Hernández, de 23 años, Lady Oscar Martínez Salgado, de 45 años, Bustamante 'Cheo' Reana, Briget Alice Fergie Ferg y Makaligton.

The word genocide falls short to describe what is happening in Honduras (and around the world to a somewhat smaller scale) between 1/1/2012 and 2/15/2012, 3 women murdered transsexual in a country only 8 million, taking into account the proportion of transsexuals who are (1/30.000), equivalent to 3.5 million people cisexuales (non-transgender) killed

Leer más en Español o Inglés: (More): Here

Baltimore County Votes Tuesday on Transgender Bill: At Risk Public Accommodations

Baltimore County votes Tuesday on whether to include transgender protections. There has been considerable opposition to including public accommodation provision. A bill without public accommodations provisions is nothing more that a Jim Crow Law.

Please take a moment and contact these council members!

Contacting Baltimore County Council Members .
Please feel free to email any and all of the Councilmembers.

If you are not sure what you would like to write we have offered you a sample email below. Please personalize it as needed. If you are a resident of Baltimore County we urge you to say so. If you are unsure of who your Councilmember use this link to find out. These same themes can be used in a phone call.

Councilman Tom Quirk

Councilwoman Vicki Almond

Councilman Todd Huff

Councilman Kenneth N. Oliver

Councilman David Marks


Councilwoman Cathy Bevins

Councilman John Olszewski

Baltimore County Council

400 Washington Avenue, Room 205
Court House, Second Floor, Mailstop 2201
Towson, Maryland 21204

Internet: http://www.baltimorecountymd.gov/countycouncil
E-mail: countycouncil@baltimorecountymd.gov
Phone: 410-887-3196

Example email:

Dear Councilmember __________________,

I am writing you in support of bill 3-12. I am a firm believer that all people should be treated equally under the law. This should be the case regardless of any factor including Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation. These are basic civil rights and it is important that we secure them for all members of our community. It is important the people have a right to a job, a place to live, to be treated fairly with credit and most importantly in public accommodations. These rights are not novel or new, they have been in place in 16 states and over 150 municipalities including Baltimore City for the last decade, and Montgomery and Howard Counties.

I urge you not to be swayed by a very vocal and fearful minority who have opposed these rights. As has been the case with every civil rights movement there are always people who are afraid of progress and equality for all. I know I can count on you to support this bill for the people of Baltimore County

More at Gender Rights Maryland


Paddy Power Video Ad Campaign: Transgender Woman Are "Dogs" Others Just "Pussy"

This advertisement for ladies day at a Irish race track invited attendees to engage in singling out transgender woman by spotting the "Stallions from the Mares" calling the ones perceived as unattractive or transgender, "dogs".

Since drunk men are known to make subjective judgments of femininity based solely on perceived sexual attraction this cruelly objectifies females and invites rape and violence against all womankind including those perceived as 'dogs'.

This add is found on Paddy Power's Horse Racing page by clicking the picture on the right titled "new tv ads".

Find this offensive? First report the video to youtube then report it to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

It appears Paddy Power has already begun to feel the heat as its facebook link no longer functions and links supplied by others to its profile do not work.

But you can still add a public comment mentioning @paddypower on Twitter.


Transgender Sex Offender X GSA Leader Released From Prison

"A convicted sex offender who used his position as a Girl Scout leader to sexually assault young girls now is living in Benton County."

"John D. Babcock, 60, was released Tuesday as an untreated transient sex offender, said Benton County sheriff's officials. He does not have a permanent address, but is required to check in weekly at the sheriff's office."

"Babcock is a Level 3 sex offender, meaning he is considered by law enforcement officials as highly likely to reoffend. He also identifies himself as transgender and uses the name Sarah Babcock."

"He did not participate in a sex offender treatment program offered by the state Department of Corrections while he was in prison, said Dianne McCants, who handles the sex offender registrations for the sheriff's office."

Read more at Tri-City Herald,: Convicted sex offender lives in Benton County

Benton County Sheriff Dept Search link


Missouri School District Blocks LGBT Positive sites as Sexually explicit

The same web filtering service employed by the district allowed sites to be viewed by students that portray LGBT people negatively categorizing them as religious!

Source stltoday.com: "Judge orders district to stop filtering LGBT sites".
"Camdenton schools use urlblacklist.com to categorize web addresses. The company, Laughrey wrote, assigns categories to websites. Ones that express a positive view toward LGBT individuals are put into its "sexuality" category, which Camdenton blocks. Ones expressing a negative view toward LGBT individuals fall into the "religion" category, which Camdenton does not block."
The district has 30 days to comply. Not "oh whoops, our bad". Heads should roll.


Why do Maryland Dem's think Transgender people are Hapless Idiots?

I'm sure Maryland Democrats and some Equality Maryland board members would have been happy if I hadn't picked up on a heterosexual media story about Democratic Tom Quirk's proposed amendment to Baltimore law allowing Employers to determine Public Accommodation Access.

To my knowledge at that time there was no mention of that amendment in gay media.

Now Quirk and company are trying to spin the story so everyone thinks it was their intention to include public accomidations in the original bill.

That is simply not true. It was Quirk's intention from the begining to require transgender people to use the restrooms other than the ones that are inline with our gender presentations putting us at incrediable risk.

From the PDF of the original bill:
"Public accommodations means any place which holds itself out as inviting the public to utilize its goods and services, whether or not for profit. PUBLIC ACCOMMODATIONS DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCOMMODATIONS THAT ARE DISTINCTLY 8 PRIVATE OR PERSONAL."
But they lost the advantage of suprise they had last year when Equality Maryland tried to force a law on Maryland trans folk that would not have given transgender people a pot to piss in.

This is bullshit. Again Democrates? If you don't have the conviction, backbone or political need to write laws protecting your constiguants then, QUIT IT! We do not need you to write laws that would enable transphobic haters to BEAT US IN THE BATHROOM LIKE THEY DIDChrissy Polis.


Transgender Child Asks Media Not to Hurt Her With "Tranny"

When this ten year old transgender girl Livvy James asks the world "please don't let anyone else die of this" she's pleading for people to stop using defamation such as "Tranny".
Sadly this abuse began when she went to the store on break before transitioning at school and suffered "adults" abuse when they called her a

This loving ten year old girl is only asking for a chance at life since those episodes have brought severe depression even suicidal thoughts. How COULD anyone live with themselves knowing their words contributed to her killing herself?

Please sign the Change.org petition her family started: Stop the Press using Transphobic terms and deliberately mixing pronouns. Transphobia Kills, help those like this little girl live the life they deserve.

How could we do any less? We love you child. You are our shining star and we need you to grow strong and proud.


Queer Caucus OWS to Protest HRC Goldman Sachs 1% Gala Feb 4th

Rolling Stone columnist Matt Taibbi described Goldman Sachs as great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money."

Transgender people have been saying that very same thing about HRC for years!

HRC holds extravagant party fundraisers sucking the cash out of a community then they slither back to their lairs to wait for the next party all the while ignoring grass roots advocates, supplanting their advocacy and making policy decisions strictly out of political necessity.
"A feeling of jealous proprietorship towards suffering is as despicable as the cause of the suffering and twice as dangerous to those oppressed." ~ Kelli anne Busey

Their New York City Gala corporate "Equality Award" is going to Goldman Sachs!
The company that has laid waste to our country's financial system, was given millions of tax payers money without repaying, laughed at the 'judicial system' and destroyed the lives of so many of us!

The Queer Caucus will not let them party in peace! I am sure the protesters will experience the same things we did after HRC screwed us over with Barney Franks ENDA. The Mercedes, Lexus's Ferrari's will roll into the Astoria the occupants eyes downcast in shame or looking disparagingly, the protesters standing proudly with purpose and pride.

February 04 2012

The Waldorf = Astoria Hotel
301 Park Avenue
New York, New York

5:00 pm