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Aurora School Board Disbands The Ad Hoc Committee: Hate Won This 1

With the echo's of Newtown ricocheting in our souls we awaken to another evil manifesting itself in an Elementary School. The Aurora School board has by example let it be known to school children physical assaults and verbal abuse of transgender classmates is acceptable and worst yet satisfies cravings to do harm to others different from them.

"We were kicked and pushed by the IFI and associates at the Ad Hoc meeting. They were trying to prevent us from entering the school." Crystal Ann Gray Committee member.

President Obama called on us to protect ALL of our children. He did not say except the children the IFI a designated Hate Group  wish to dehumanize.

The Aurora School Board disbanded the Ad Hoc Committee during it's December 17th meeting. The committee was just formed by the board to discuss its transgender policy after the outrageous conduct by the IFI at the regular School Board meeting made future discussions impossible. This action effectively ended any hope transgender students in the district had of ever feel safe, respected or  accepted.

"The IFI won this battle but not the war" Crystal Ann Gray president of the Illinois  based United States Transgender Transgender Advocacy told me in a phone call after the meeting.  Ms. Gray one of two transgender Ad Hoc committee members said "They won by intimidating the school board."

Glsen 2011 Survey
Ms Gray who was invited onto the Ad Hoc committee as a expert witness used the  Glsen 2011 Survey  to educate committee members of the inadequacies of the School's anti harassment policies. Gray explained the inexplicable about face the board took "The School Board justified their action by saying that Illinois state law will suffice despite being fully aware it doesn't."

My take? They scared the Board so bad with there petition  calling on their firing the board forgot the reason they unanimously voted for protecting every child in the first place.

The transgender inclusive policies unanimously approved by the Aurora School board are now officially history and so is the School board. They will forever be remembered for what was shouted at them when they rescinded the policy by the parents at that meeting.

Spineless Cowards


Paddy Power Video Ad Campaign: Transgender Woman Are "Dogs" Others Just "Pussy"

This advertisement for ladies day at a Irish race track invited attendees to engage in singling out transgender woman by spotting the "Stallions from the Mares" calling the ones perceived as unattractive or transgender, "dogs".

Since drunk men are known to make subjective judgments of femininity based solely on perceived sexual attraction this cruelly objectifies females and invites rape and violence against all womankind including those perceived as 'dogs'.

This add is found on Paddy Power's Horse Racing page by clicking the picture on the right titled "new tv ads".

Find this offensive? First report the video to youtube then report it to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

It appears Paddy Power has already begun to feel the heat as its facebook link no longer functions and links supplied by others to its profile do not work.

But you can still add a public comment mentioning @paddypower on Twitter.


ABC Work It Ups the Hate with Men Peeing in Dresses

ABC president Paul Lee baited the transgender community into action and when he saw that the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies petition
ABC do Not Air Work It had gained some mainstream media attention Lee put into gear a nefarious plan with two objectives. Lee wanted to hurt transgender people as badly as he could, the payoff being massive publicity for Work It.

But Lee had to patiently wait while the toxicity of the "Work It" trailer and his foul comments percolated into the transgender community. Then he took to social media with a faux look alike twitter account that said what he would have been held accountable for had the verified account said it.

Paul Lee then twisted the knife with this tweet.

Then when when the condemnation of his show escalated to a new leval the coup de grace. That picture.

Hate pure and simple personified in this vile little 'man' Paul Lee.

And amazingly this hate mirrors my life experiences. Not three months ago I finally secured a full time job, the first since going full time 5 years ago. It was perfect, only a mile from the Walmart where I am loved and accepted and still work at part time. I thought I could slip seamlessly into production at my new job.

The second day a co worker unintentionally let it slip there was a rumor started the day before I was using the men's room. My head began to spin and my sight clouded over in shock. I bypassed all of my supervisors and went to Human Relations. It seems that 'rumor' had already made it to her except one thing. She took it more as a truth than a rumor and demanded that I refute this claim made by so many of the employees.

She said she was afraid that she falsely assumed I was female when she hired me. To make a long story short she called a meeting with people that were known to have spread the rumor and told them that this sort of thing was unacceptable and if any of them were heard to be spreading that rumor again they might get written up.

Officially that was the end of the rumor however I was ostracised and made a outcast. Whole tables would get up if I sat down. And that was just the beginning of the hate after hateful acts culminating in the last one when I was unlawfully physically detained by a fellow worker.

After I complained to my supervisor I was never contacted again about it. Then I demanded to see a vice president and got the same victim blaming even a pitiful attempt to establish I was instigating false incidents. I blew that up. They didn't know who they were dealing with. I'm blond but I'm not a fucking idiot.

All of this began with a rumor vsiually validated by this picture.

Stay tuned for the action alert "Fire ABC Paul Lee".


Stand Firm : "Bishop Robinson to meet with Dallas Transgender Advocates

By Kelli Busey
November 18, 2008

"Stand Firm" is a Internet publisher of "Traditional Anglicism in America", host to Episcopalian Church web sites and location of interviews with The Rt. Rev. Jack Leo Iker Bishop of the Episcopalian Diocese of Fort Worth which voted November 15, 2008 to realign with the Argentineans Southern Cone, becoming the fourth such "traditional" diocese to do so in a long-running debate over gay relationships and other Issues.

In a recently published "Stand Firm" article Gene Robinson to Meet With Dallas Transgender Activists the lead paragraph linked this blogs press release announcing the progressive event "Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies Wellcome Bishop Robinson" to language I have the unpleasant duty to edit when it appears on my blog.

These disrespectful and hateful comments by the "Stand Firm" readers have been left unedited and intact in close proximity to the the interview of Bishop Iker.


"Don’t give me links like that anymore! Geesh.... Had to look at strangely dressed women(?) and see a headline for queer news before I could get out. WARN ME.
I wasn’t ready to “bravely step forward” like Gene.... "]

"If Robinson is not a real Bishop as many would argue then no “border crossing” occured. To argue that a “border crossing” occured is to argue that Robinson IS a bishop which we all know is silly. He is just some low hanging fruit."

"And what’s absolutely amazing to me is that homosexuals and transgender folks actually consider themselves normal."


Kelli's note. "Stand Firm" stands alone.


Unfocused Hot Hetreo Mess

Focus on the Family found itself having a westboro baptist moment after being challanged to put up or shut up.
The unconsiounable methods employed by “Focus on the Family” exposed this groups real agenda, that of espousing hate and bigotry while maintaining a facade of decency. Focus on the Family co-founder Gil Alexander-Moegerle offered a public apology for the actions of James Dobson to among many others the gay community in 1997.
The Catholic Church followed in the shadows attempting to bully and intimidate citizens and legislatures.
The Catholic Church’s demise is not not celebrated by Christians, but it is undeniable. The demands of celibacy by Rome has resulted in the Catholic clergy being saturated with pedophiles. In evidence of the decline of respect by common people of the Catholic Church is thievery of Catholic material possessions.
Unthinkable only a short time ago.
The sad tale is undeniable.
Focus on the Family should concentrate on what it’s name implies.
The Catholic Church needs to discontinue it’s practice of denial and resorting to buying it’s way out of human responsibility.
Both organizations should not be concerned where we pee, for gods sake!


HRC-Betrayal/ Wheres the OUTRAGE ?

HRC-Betrayal/Wheres the OUTRAGE?

It has only been a few months since HRC abandoned us yet I am seeing the same people who were rejected and humiliated by HRC now fully cooperating in HRC's and Franks effort to complete ownership of the Transgender identity and independence.

The following text is a recount of history. Have we forgotten?

I would like to write about HR2015 and the betrayal of transgender people in 2007.
In April 2007 Barney Franks submitted a House Resolution called ENDA(HR2015).
This bill was co-sponsored by 171 House Representatives. Twenty two of these Representatives were freshman whom had captured previously Republican districts and voiced the support of their constituents and became co-sponsors of HR2015.
HRC endorsed the bill with transgender protections HR(2015)
Nothing up to this time was said about perceived problems by Frank or HRC.

Enter the catholic church with religious and health establishments with homosexual and gender exclusion agendas.

Two weeks before the bill was to move out of the subcommittee for the Education and Labor committee Barney Frank and Speaker Pelosi conducted a "straw poll" behind closed doors. In this poll it was "discovered" that there were not enough votes to pass a transgender inclusive bill.

No representatives from media or Transgender community was present at or witness to the results of this poll.

Barney Frank announced that there was not enough support to include transgender people and the bill would fail.
Mr Frank's bill at most would have only passed the house and not the Senate and was noted by the Bush administration as a bill that would be vetoed in the event that it reached his desk in any form.

Mr Frank said he was submitting a substitute bill HR3685 sexual identity protection only because he was concerned about the freshman democrats from the Carolina's political future because of political fallout by their conservative constituency
HR 3685 removed protection for Transgender people. It also removed compliance requirements from religious and health institutions.

The outrage and outcry from the LGBT community overwhelmed Barney Frank and Speaker Pelosi who were trying to hurry HR3685 thru committee.

Speaker Pelosi relented to the pressure from the LGBT community and allotted two weeks for the Transgender community to undo the damage that Barney Frank had inflected during his 10 year rampage against the transgender community.

At the same time, the largest and most effective LGBT lobby on capitol hill, HRC, published a position that they would not "assent" to a transgender exclusive ENDA but would not oppose it.
This was contrary to the inclusive only position that Joe Solmonese had prostrated to a cheering aduance two weeks prior at the Southern Comfort gathering.

More than 300 National, state and local groups( except HRC ) committed to a position letter sponsored by UNITED ENDA. They called for a ENDA bill that was inclusive for transgendered people.
Barney Frank moved HR3685 thru committee without the support of the LGBT community.

A very Brave Representative Tammy Baldwin gained the approval of Speaker Pelosi to submit a amendment to include transgender people.
Quickly on the heals came a announcement from Barney Frank and Speaker Pelosi.
In unison they professed to have always supported transgender people and would support Tammy Baldwins amendment.

They all knew this amendment would not be voted on when it would be announced by Baldwin that she was going to withdraw the amendment on the pretense that she was hopeing to save the transgender community the damage that would have resulted in a exposure of lack of support. Again a political dirty deed against the transgender community.

They also knew that this is a no lose position.
Should the amendmentbe brought to vote and pass, they would retain the religious right, conservative gay middle class and the medical establishment's support becuse of the simply because a amendmended HR3685 would not pass the senate in any case.

Should the amendment fail they will fall back to their position that they will pursue transgender inclusive bills as soon as the transgender community can "proof we have enough votes"

This is the Betrayal by HRC. Political figures will come and go and some will be revered and some like Frank will be abhorred.

HRC's future depends on its willingness to admit to its complicity in this underhanded hateful action and it's willingness to make amends.

HRC-Betrayal/Wheres the OUTRAGE ?