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ABC Work It Ups the Hate with Men Peeing in Dresses

ABC president Paul Lee baited the transgender community into action and when he saw that the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies petition
ABC do Not Air Work It had gained some mainstream media attention Lee put into gear a nefarious plan with two objectives. Lee wanted to hurt transgender people as badly as he could, the payoff being massive publicity for Work It.

But Lee had to patiently wait while the toxicity of the "Work It" trailer and his foul comments percolated into the transgender community. Then he took to social media with a faux look alike twitter account that said what he would have been held accountable for had the verified account said it.

Paul Lee then twisted the knife with this tweet.

Then when when the condemnation of his show escalated to a new leval the coup de grace. That picture.

Hate pure and simple personified in this vile little 'man' Paul Lee.

And amazingly this hate mirrors my life experiences. Not three months ago I finally secured a full time job, the first since going full time 5 years ago. It was perfect, only a mile from the Walmart where I am loved and accepted and still work at part time. I thought I could slip seamlessly into production at my new job.

The second day a co worker unintentionally let it slip there was a rumor started the day before I was using the men's room. My head began to spin and my sight clouded over in shock. I bypassed all of my supervisors and went to Human Relations. It seems that 'rumor' had already made it to her except one thing. She took it more as a truth than a rumor and demanded that I refute this claim made by so many of the employees.

She said she was afraid that she falsely assumed I was female when she hired me. To make a long story short she called a meeting with people that were known to have spread the rumor and told them that this sort of thing was unacceptable and if any of them were heard to be spreading that rumor again they might get written up.

Officially that was the end of the rumor however I was ostracised and made a outcast. Whole tables would get up if I sat down. And that was just the beginning of the hate after hateful acts culminating in the last one when I was unlawfully physically detained by a fellow worker.

After I complained to my supervisor I was never contacted again about it. Then I demanded to see a vice president and got the same victim blaming even a pitiful attempt to establish I was instigating false incidents. I blew that up. They didn't know who they were dealing with. I'm blond but I'm not a fucking idiot.

All of this began with a rumor vsiually validated by this picture.

Stay tuned for the action alert "Fire ABC Paul Lee".


Jamie Madison Shamelessly Promotes ABC Work IT

Jamie Madison claiming to be the newest cast member of the ABC Sitcom "Work It" Tweeted this picture. Madison says she feels no remorse at promoting "Work It" and for some reason thought it necessary to tell the world.

And so does the ABC president Paul Lee as he stated he wouldn't make any excuses for his decision to air Work It.

I am curious, why are the cast of Work It and the president of ABC are so defensive about their roles in "Work IT"?

Could they be aware of it's potentially damaging effects to the transgender community? Is it that they are aware Work It might cause a back lash against transgender people. Could it be that they know Work It dehumanizes cross dressers, drag queens and physically endangers those just beginning transition in the work place?

Could it be that they know the world of Cisgender (Woman born into the body congruent with their gender identity) are revolted by your patronizing the misogynists with the patriarchal concept of a "Mancession" when in truth we are paid less, promoted less and employed less?

Could it be they know Work It is just so wrong on so many levels?

Well, I'm here to confirm Paul Lee and Jamie Madison's suspicions. Just yesterday a Twitter account craftily created to appear as if it was the official "Work It" account tried to bait me into an angry response with this tweet:

But being a seasoned human rights advocate I didn't take the bait. I wasn't even aware that the origin of that tweet was not the verified ABC Work IT account (@ABC_WorkIt) until a friend alerted me.

So here's the proof Lee and Madison. And it's just the beginning of the added hate transgender people will be forced to endure by "Work IT". Lee You should be ashamed and Jamie Madison, this is the best part of your very nice anatomy and what Lee brought in to promote "Work It".

Lee brougt your cheap ass in to sell this obnoxious transtoxic piece of crap. Looks like he got a spokes model with the right body parts that speak to Work It..

You say you are a shameless woman Jamie Madison? So I am I. But I am shameless because I am a human rights advocate. Get some class will you? Stop promoting shamelessly the degradation of your own gender. And Madison? Work That.