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Ms. V's partner places most of the blame of her suicide on the Grantland article outing her

The impending publication of "Dr. V's Magical Putter" which exposed Essay Anne Vanderbilt pre transition life to the scrutiny of the world was the final straw according to Gerri Jordan, her former romantic interest and business partner at the time of her death.

Please consider signing the petition asking Grantland to take down "Dr. V's Magical Putter"
AZ Central reports:
"The two had started a business to sell a golf club Vanderbilt had designed — the Yar Golf putter, which they billed as a revolution in the science of the game. While their big break remained elusive, the putter had been mentioned on TV by a prominent golf announcer, and a reporter from a national sports and pop culture website was doing a story."

"But Vanderbilt had grown nervous about the story. She feared the reporter was focusing on intensely personal elements of her past that he had discovered, despite her request that he write only about “the science, not the scientist.”

Despite being evident that the timing of Ms.V's suicide corresponded with her outing  Grantland editor Bill Simmons explicitly denied all culpability publishing a lengthy faux Mea culpa 'lawyers apology.'
She blames the reporting of the story for “90 percent” of the timing of Vanderbilt’s suicide — but not for the suicide itself. Vanderbilt had attempted to take her own life in 2007 and in 2008, Jordan said, and she lived believing that her friend might try again.

“I don’t hold any grudge, really, since she’s tried it before,” Jordan said as her eyes filled with tears that did not spill over. “So how can I say it’s all his fault, when it’s not really all his fault?”

She paused for a long breath before telling The Republic, “I mean, eventually she would have anyway. ... It just so happened to be the timing with the article".

Grantland author Caleb Hannan was vigorously defended by Simmons in his 'appology" saying..."Ultimately, it was my call. So if you want to rip anyone involved in this process, please, direct your anger and your invective at me. Don’t blame Caleb or anyone that works for me"... asking that not be vilified asserting that in his innocence he had been unfairly targeted for hate even receiving death threats.

It has been since learned that Caleb Hannan is getting sued for a previous " [ ]..article contained innumerable inaccuracies and untruths concerning the testimony and evidence in the trial of Liysa Northon and also included various unfounded personal attacks ..[ ]"

It's unconscionable that Simmons chose to publish this article knowing Miss V had a history of attempted suicidal history. I also REJECT Simmons's assertion that he has been completely ignorant of transsexualism during the nearly year-long period of writing and decision-making process, whether to publish or not.

Simmons wrote:

Caleb’s biggest mistake? Outing Dr. V to one of her investors while she was still alive. I don’t think he understood the moral consequences of that decision, and frankly, neither did anyone working for Grantland. That misstep never occurred to me until I discussed it with Christina Kahrl yesterday. But that speaks to our collective ignorance about the issues facing the transgender community in general, as well as our biggest mistake: not educating ourselves on that front before seriously considering whether to run the piece.

You can not tell me with all of the investigation, all of the 'trained eyes' not one person googled 'transgender'. NOT ONCE?

Simmons says the article which has garnered worldwide criticism and attention won't be taken down despite claiming
For 32 months and counting, we haven’t made any effort whatsoever to chase page views or embarrass people for rubberneck traffic.

Simmons take down that monument to capitalistic cooperate transphobia. The only ones benefiting by it's remaining online is Grantland and your parent ESPN.

Please consider signing the petition asking Grantland to take down Dr. V's Magical Putter"


ChaCha Quiz Dares you to To Decide (Fake) Transgender or (Cisgender) Real Woman

The ChaCha quiz challenges you to prove your (manly) or (womanly) misogynistic transphobic cissexuism elitism by being able to distinguish between real Woman and transgender fakers.

Click the start button you can take the test, if you are man enough or (woman) enough to take the challenge.

You will be asked to decide if these delightful woman, like the one on the left, is a (fake) Transgender or a (real) cisgender woman.

I failed miserably at being a misogynistic sexually immature adolescent obsessed with genitalia, as you can see.
ChaCha claims to have authoritative content by describing its web rankings and popularity with a large segment of society. Transgender people know all too well we are a under represented minority, and that ChaCha appeals to the majority of cisgender people with this misogynistic transphobic tripe comes as no suprise to us..
Furthermore, ChaCha fails show any empirical proof or even provide links to sites validating their contention they have authoritative content.

I suppose ChaCha purpose in displaying the picture to the right below the quiz results sums it up. If you have a cock you must be a (man) and a pussy, a (woman).

In other words ChaCha is full of itself (shit).

Read a insightful take on this on Penny's blog and please sign her petition to remove this transphobic misgendering quiz from their site.


Paddy Power Video Ad Campaign: Transgender Woman Are "Dogs" Others Just "Pussy"

This advertisement for ladies day at a Irish race track invited attendees to engage in singling out transgender woman by spotting the "Stallions from the Mares" calling the ones perceived as unattractive or transgender, "dogs".

Since drunk men are known to make subjective judgments of femininity based solely on perceived sexual attraction this cruelly objectifies females and invites rape and violence against all womankind including those perceived as 'dogs'.

This add is found on Paddy Power's Horse Racing page by clicking the picture on the right titled "new tv ads".

Find this offensive? First report the video to youtube then report it to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

It appears Paddy Power has already begun to feel the heat as its facebook link no longer functions and links supplied by others to its profile do not work.

But you can still add a public comment mentioning @paddypower on Twitter.


Transgender Child Asks Media Not to Hurt Her With "Tranny"

When this ten year old transgender girl Livvy James asks the world "please don't let anyone else die of this" she's pleading for people to stop using defamation such as "Tranny".
Sadly this abuse began when she went to the store on break before transitioning at school and suffered "adults" abuse when they called her a

This loving ten year old girl is only asking for a chance at life since those episodes have brought severe depression even suicidal thoughts. How COULD anyone live with themselves knowing their words contributed to her killing herself?

Please sign the petition her family started: Stop the Press using Transphobic terms and deliberately mixing pronouns. Transphobia Kills, help those like this little girl live the life they deserve.

How could we do any less? We love you child. You are our shining star and we need you to grow strong and proud.


ABC Suburgatory Charity Case Episode Subjugates and Humiliates Transgender People

Watch the full episode of Charity Case
SUBURGATORY “Charity Case” Episode 6 airs Wednesday, November 2 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) on ABC.

Episode Synopsis: Irritated by all the cafeteria waste at school, Tessa motivates the student body to get involved with giving back. Unfortunately their charity of choice involves helping residents of Florida improve their complexions. When Tessa introduces a homeless transsexual to the student body as part of a lesson, they decide that Tessa is really the person in need. Meanwhile George receives a large dental bill from Noah, which puts a strain on their relationship, on “Suburgatory,” WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

The main character introduses the charity case "This is Gladys a man who lives on my street" introducing a transsexual woman. "One of her class mates asks "A Man?" Gladys says "Let me take it from here, I tuck it in."
This is the systemic misrepresentation of transgender people ABC is showing the world. After watching this clip please join with the thousands who have signed the petition asking ABC not to show another one of its transexpolitive shows "Work It"


ABC Work It Ups the Hate with Men Peeing in Dresses

ABC president Paul Lee baited the transgender community into action and when he saw that the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies petition
ABC do Not Air Work It had gained some mainstream media attention Lee put into gear a nefarious plan with two objectives. Lee wanted to hurt transgender people as badly as he could, the payoff being massive publicity for Work It.

But Lee had to patiently wait while the toxicity of the "Work It" trailer and his foul comments percolated into the transgender community. Then he took to social media with a faux look alike twitter account that said what he would have been held accountable for had the verified account said it.

Paul Lee then twisted the knife with this tweet.

Then when when the condemnation of his show escalated to a new leval the coup de grace. That picture.

Hate pure and simple personified in this vile little 'man' Paul Lee.

And amazingly this hate mirrors my life experiences. Not three months ago I finally secured a full time job, the first since going full time 5 years ago. It was perfect, only a mile from the Walmart where I am loved and accepted and still work at part time. I thought I could slip seamlessly into production at my new job.

The second day a co worker unintentionally let it slip there was a rumor started the day before I was using the men's room. My head began to spin and my sight clouded over in shock. I bypassed all of my supervisors and went to Human Relations. It seems that 'rumor' had already made it to her except one thing. She took it more as a truth than a rumor and demanded that I refute this claim made by so many of the employees.

She said she was afraid that she falsely assumed I was female when she hired me. To make a long story short she called a meeting with people that were known to have spread the rumor and told them that this sort of thing was unacceptable and if any of them were heard to be spreading that rumor again they might get written up.

Officially that was the end of the rumor however I was ostracised and made a outcast. Whole tables would get up if I sat down. And that was just the beginning of the hate after hateful acts culminating in the last one when I was unlawfully physically detained by a fellow worker.

After I complained to my supervisor I was never contacted again about it. Then I demanded to see a vice president and got the same victim blaming even a pitiful attempt to establish I was instigating false incidents. I blew that up. They didn't know who they were dealing with. I'm blond but I'm not a fucking idiot.

All of this began with a rumor vsiually validated by this picture.

Stay tuned for the action alert "Fire ABC Paul Lee".


In the days of Bosom Buddies I was called a Hippyfreak Commie, Faggot

I grew up during the 60' and 70's during and just after Vietnam. As a youth I was able to wear my hair long and wear women's clothing because I looked like the war protesters. People just assumed I was a hippy. And since my political views were in line with that, it was a fit. I was also able to be bi sexual because just as it is today, sexual orientation is not a attribute openly discernible unless one is comfortable putting it on display.

But those who were closest to me, those who delighted in my discomfort, some of my family members who knew better and foes alike used to call me hippy commie freak, fag. Yes faggot. because in those days that's what society viewed all gender variant people as. A fag, a poof. Of no worth.

Sorry for the Audio Lag.

And I was happy with that because as harmful as the word faggot is it meant they recognized my gender was somehow different from how they were. So I remained quietly acquiescent to the defamation. Because then the very ides of living and especially working authentically was absurd. So outrageously absurd a network capitalized on gender diversity by making a comedy series about it, Bosom Buddies.

The outrageous situational "comedy" of Bosom Buddies was indisputably accepted as representative of what would happen if anyone dared to present in a gender not congruent with the one on there birth certificate.

Back then transgender people were isolated by shear numbers being less than 1% of the population and with no Internet to connect. No social media to present our agenda. But times have changed thanks to society's awakening to diversity.

However there is one man of consequence who is still living in the days of Bosom Buddy . One man who unrepentantly laughs at our suffering. A man would be perfectly happy seeing those Bosom Buddies days return.

That man is Paul Lee, president of ABC.

In fact, without anything to suggest otherwise, Paul Lee hopes for a return to those days when in hopelessness we turned to alcohol and drugs for escape. Back to the days when our lives became so unlivable we had no option to go out clumsily dressed as the woman who we KNEW we were only to face ridicule, ostracisation, violence and even death.

Back to the days when finding work as our true selves was simply absurd but as demanded by our souls, our only choice.

Not any more MR Paul Lee. We are no longer silent victims. And as the Huffington Post article stated you will probably continue ignore our outcry. In fact, you are probably basking in the attention your pitiful mockery of gender diverse is receiving. But in the long run you will be remembered as a bully and bigot you truly are.

Please sign the Petition ABC Do Not Air Work It


ABC president laughs as he learns "Work It" will Spill Transgender Blood

'Work It' makes a mockery of transgender peoples struggles in the work place and empowers those with dormant transphobia to act on those urges with violence.
It reinforces the biased stereotypical misogynistic social constructs that transsexuals are not "real" people and therefore of no worth.

Plot Summary: "Looking for a job in today's economy can be a real drag. Take Lee Standish (Ben Koldyke), one-time breadwinner and current unemployment statistic. After being laid off, Lee will do anything it takes to support his family – even if it means (allowing himself to be so degraded as to) putting on a skirt and heels." The GLBTQ Encyclopedia defines
" continuing treatment of transvestism as comedy--including what can be called the "transvestite plot," wherein a heterosexual character must temporarily cross-dress in accordance with a narrative contrivance, only to be happily unmasked at the conclusion--may be seen today as, by turns, quaint or coy, playful or conservative, potentially subversive or ultimately homophobic transphobic. Corrective strike by me.

Our lives are a struggle. When we have what others consider less desirable jobs we are allowed to glide along, sometimes.

I'll never forget one haters sentiments when he said "I don't care if a tranny is working as a cashier if his line is moving faster I'll get in it". But let us get a more desirable job as I have, and the real hate begins. Everyday, viciously and without mercy. Its not comedy, it's tragic.

Any transgender person who has sat and waited in a doctors office will confirm the sales end of the pharmaceutical companies is sexualized to a almost comical extent. The woman who enter the doctors offices peddling there wares are almost always forced into hyper feminized costumes making this programs concept offensive and marginalizing to cisgender woman as well.

Transgender people have until recently have been forced to buy hormones instead of proper medical care on the internet. At best we were treated by the good graces of a empathizing doctor. We often feel compelled to remain silent even when office staffs were abusive because the reality is there might be only a couple doctors with hundreds of miles willing to treat us.

Insulting is the core message of 'Work It'. It that takes a 'real macho man' to teach transsexuals how to be a woman. This is the same meme that excuses rapists in South Africa when they 'cure' lesbians.

In a recent survey of transgender New Yorkers the
Times Union reports "74 percent of adults said they had been harassed or mistreated on the job and 75 percent of students in grades K-12 reported being bullied or tormented. Thirty-five percent of the kids said they had been physically assault."
Clearly, our decapitated bodies bodies are no more a laughing matter than the lynching of black people.

The President of ABC could give a fuck less if his shows contribute to our murders as long as they make him laugh. Digital Spy reports that ABC president Paul Lee: 'I make no excuses for Work It'

To this man the chaotic dysfunctional Monty Python serves as a role model for cultivating social consciousness! Is he even fit to serve as president of ABC?

Add you name at the petition and lets raise our voices so he can't ignore us any longer!

UNREPENTANT MURDERER Our blood will be on your hands Paul Lee. Do not air this travesty. If it truly is in your contract to produce one 'cross dressing show a year' why don't you lead ABC to the very pinnacle of broadcasting and pick up Gun Hill Road

That I could guarantee you would be a smash hit and if done tastefully might even make you and I both 'cackle', cry, shout for joy and wait impatiently for the next episode!



Open letter reminding two grown Texas men, Bo and Jim to respect the dignity of children.

This letter should never have been needed to be written and probably would not have been had Bo and Jim Morning DJs at 92.5 Lonestar taken me up on my offer a number of weeks ago. I offered to help them understand a little more about transgender people after inadvertently listening to there show one morning and becoming upset about there obvious ignorance about gender diversity.

But the Bo and Jim show is one of those that even a radical transgender activist like myself finds hard to get overly upset about. Normally that is. Usually one of the DJ's plays bad boy approaching the line of decency in a lovable good ole southern boy style and at some point stepping over it just to be dragged back by his counter part. Its a tired old schtick but no harm no foul, right?

But this time the brunt of there humor that morning was a 7 year old transgender girl. A girl who they were already aware was in tears because a local Girl Scout leader had refused her membership and Tammye Nash editor of the Dallas Voice heard you. Tammye's natural maternal instincts kicked in and she sent a you a email.

But unlike my effort weeks ago when you ignored my outreach you acknowledged her, even apologising to her.

Bo and Jim you acted despicably and your apology needs to be made on the air to Bobby the girl you 'jokingly' said would have to endure a life of broken noses and missing teeth because of her gender expression.

Bo and Jim I can tell you as a transgender woman who has been left unconscious a number of times after being beaten for my gender expression Its No Joke. I can also tell you its been four years since I legally changed my gender marker and up until three months ago I subsisted on under 9k a year. And my new full time job? I have had to endure incredible hatred during the first few weeks and that Bo and Jim IS NO JOKE.

Anyways, an apology isn't even whats really needed here. You would do well to become personally acquainted with us and when you do you will probably feel more paternal towards our community's children as well. Its only natural for two Texas men. I will let stand my offer to talk to you too on the air. I hope this time you will take me up on it.

Kelli Anne Busey


Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies

As Tammye wrote you can be a positive force for change. "...if you want to make your opinions known, you can contact Lone Star 92.5 by phone at 214-866-8000. Lone Star’s program director is Don Davis. Email him at or call him directly at 214-866-8610. And you can email Jim at, and Bo at"

Cross posted from the Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies