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Ms. V's partner places most of the blame of her suicide on the Grantland article outing her

The impending publication of "Dr. V's Magical Putter" which exposed Essay Anne Vanderbilt pre transition life to the scrutiny of the world was the final straw according to Gerri Jordan, her former romantic interest and business partner at the time of her death.

Please consider signing the petition asking Grantland to take down "Dr. V's Magical Putter"
AZ Central reports:
"The two had started a business to sell a golf club Vanderbilt had designed — the Yar Golf putter, which they billed as a revolution in the science of the game. While their big break remained elusive, the putter had been mentioned on TV by a prominent golf announcer, and a reporter from a national sports and pop culture website was doing a story."

"But Vanderbilt had grown nervous about the story. She feared the reporter was focusing on intensely personal elements of her past that he had discovered, despite her request that he write only about “the science, not the scientist.”

Despite being evident that the timing of Ms.V's suicide corresponded with her outing  Grantland editor Bill Simmons explicitly denied all culpability publishing a lengthy faux Mea culpa 'lawyers apology.'
She blames the reporting of the story for “90 percent” of the timing of Vanderbilt’s suicide — but not for the suicide itself. Vanderbilt had attempted to take her own life in 2007 and in 2008, Jordan said, and she lived believing that her friend might try again.

“I don’t hold any grudge, really, since she’s tried it before,” Jordan said as her eyes filled with tears that did not spill over. “So how can I say it’s all his fault, when it’s not really all his fault?”

She paused for a long breath before telling The Republic, “I mean, eventually she would have anyway. ... It just so happened to be the timing with the article".

Grantland author Caleb Hannan was vigorously defended by Simmons in his 'appology" saying..."Ultimately, it was my call. So if you want to rip anyone involved in this process, please, direct your anger and your invective at me. Don’t blame Caleb or anyone that works for me"... asking that not be vilified asserting that in his innocence he had been unfairly targeted for hate even receiving death threats.

It has been since learned that Caleb Hannan is getting sued for a previous " [ ]..article contained innumerable inaccuracies and untruths concerning the testimony and evidence in the trial of Liysa Northon and also included various unfounded personal attacks ..[ ]"

It's unconscionable that Simmons chose to publish this article knowing Miss V had a history of attempted suicidal history. I also REJECT Simmons's assertion that he has been completely ignorant of transsexualism during the nearly year-long period of writing and decision-making process, whether to publish or not.

Simmons wrote:

Caleb’s biggest mistake? Outing Dr. V to one of her investors while she was still alive. I don’t think he understood the moral consequences of that decision, and frankly, neither did anyone working for Grantland. That misstep never occurred to me until I discussed it with Christina Kahrl yesterday. But that speaks to our collective ignorance about the issues facing the transgender community in general, as well as our biggest mistake: not educating ourselves on that front before seriously considering whether to run the piece.

You can not tell me with all of the investigation, all of the 'trained eyes' not one person googled 'transgender'. NOT ONCE?

Simmons says the article which has garnered worldwide criticism and attention won't be taken down despite claiming
For 32 months and counting, we haven’t made any effort whatsoever to chase page views or embarrass people for rubberneck traffic.

Simmons take down that monument to capitalistic cooperate transphobia. The only ones benefiting by it's remaining online is Grantland and your parent ESPN.

Please consider signing the petition asking Grantland to take down Dr. V's Magical Putter"


Columbia Journalism Review Slams Plain Dealer and FOX over Trans Womans Cemia Acoff Articles

The CJR headline "How not to report on a transgender victim" is spot on. The Plain Dealer's articles if let uncontested would have drop kicked journalistic standards on reporting transgender issues back twenty years.

Fox8 certainly jumped on that band wagon quick.

Fox8 in this painful exercise of transphobia revictimized Ce Ce by using male pronouns and her birth name despite being fully aware she was a transgender woman who went by the name Cemia.

However, I will have to come to defense of the Plain Dealer on one count. CJR criticized the Plain Dealer for using a mug shot of Ce Ce. I used the same picture on the planetransgender post "Plain Dealer reports the Murder of a Transgender Woman as A "Brutal Slaying" of a Oddly Dressed Man" because at that moment there were none better of her. I posted her mug shot because I wanted her murderers caught. As bad as that picture was it was all I had. I have since updated that post with a better photo of her.

I'm not implying the Plain Dealer had good intentions posting those mug shots only that they may not have had any options ether. The Plain Dealer has not updated their picture.

The rest of the CJR critique is on target particularly these paragraphs about the last article:

The second story, “Brutal slaying marks the end of Clevelander’s fight for acceptance,” at first seems like it might be better. Except that story, too, starts by identifying her as Carl, which means her fight is far from over. This is ironic, because at the end of the story an italicized note says, “This story has been edited since originally posted to bring it within the style recommended by the Associated Press involving transgender people.” I don’t know what the original said, but I do know what the AP Stylebook says, which is this:

Transgender: Use the pronoun preferred by the individuals who have acquired the physical characteristics of the opposite sex or present themselves in a way that does not correspond with their sex at birth. If that preference is not expressed, use the pronoun consistent with the way the individuals live publicly.

Instead, the story drops all pronouns and refers to Cemia as Carl, which seems like a half-hearted effort to be consistent with the AP’s recommendations.

Thankfully these article will not be accepted as status Que. They were mean spirited, hateful, malicious attacks on transgender people. Thank you Columbia Journalism Review for making this clear.