InterSex & Transgender Australians Must Register as Sexual Deviants to get Testosterone Blocker Androcur

Criminalizing the Transgender and Intersex people down under.

InterSex and Transgender Australians must register as sexual deviants and risk being put on the sex offender registry to be prescribed the testosterone blocker Procur which is also sold under the generic names Cyprohexal and Androcur. From A.E. Brain and the oii Australia.

Clipped from from the Sex and gender diversity Report of initial consultation

However the lower cost spironolactone according to one comment on the The Dawn Chorus is available without ruining your life by registering as a sexual deviant and sex offender.

My question is why hasn't this gross injustice been remedied?


CDC Report Black and Hispanic Transgender Woman Have Highest Rate of New HIV Infection

Source August 12, 2011 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention HIV among Transgender People

"Approximately 90% of MtF and FtM people newly diagnosed with HIV infection were black or Hispanic. Newly diagnosed transgender people were more likely to have been in their teens or twenties than their non-transgender counterparts. Also, among newly diagnosed people, 50% of transgender women had documentation in their medical records of substance use, commercial sex work, homelessness, incarceration, and/or sexual abuse as compared with 31% of other people who were not transgender."

"Findings from a meta-analysis of 29 published studies showed that 27.7% of transgender women tested positive for HIV infection (4 studies), but when testing was not part of the study, only 11.8% of transgender women self-reported having HIV (18 studies). In one study, 73% of the transgender women who tested HIV-positive were unaware of their status. Studies also indicate that black transgender women are more likely to become newly infected with HIV."

Not surprisingly, low self esteem and a need of validation are among the main factors for the high rate of HIV infection in the transgender community. It's important to talk about and not something for the "religious" right to use as a weapon to validate there contention we would just disappear should infected transgender people be ignored and untreated. That's part of the final solution they are fervently trying to legislate in Uganda's reanimated "Kill Gay" bill.

The CDC has also released a study of New Resources on HIV amoung Woman and Transgender people


You are Transgender Cathey Brennan. Live with it and stop the Hate!

Who we are today is a sum of what we were and whom we have envisioned ourselves to be yesterday. Be proud of that addition/subtraction. You are art in progress.

Sadly, that philosophy is not appreciated by the Westboro Baptist Church, any number of right wing hate groups or a person named Cathey Brennan. Recently Brennan blindsided the transgender community with a letter to the UN seeking to dis empower and disfranchise transgender people purportedly to protect the fringe group Womyn-born womyn from everyone else under the transgender umbrella.

So what are Womyn-born womyn? Essentially its a group of people who have formed a exclusionary club and will stop at nothing to point out exactly how different they are from us, even from people that they share a common past with.

Wait a minute, what? Brennan is transgender or why would she identify as Womyn-born womyn? Cathy Brennan is transgender but transphobia knows no bounds.

It has occurred to me I have never seen the AFA's Bryan Fischer and Cathey Brennan in the same room at the same time. Their hateful memes use the exact same tactics.

Deconstruction of the transgender identity, establish that transgender woman are men and vilify the new identity as a perverted criminal who only desire is finding a way to rape your daughter in the bathroom. Time after time we face that same lie. Brennan is just one more hater to use it.

I have had personal knowledge of Brennan's transphobia. During a Facebook discussion about a Maryland 'equality' bill that would have legalized our exclusion from the proper restroom Brennan became so disruptive I warned her she would be baned if she didn't stop. Her answer was to call me a weirdo. At the time her antagonism was explained away by some in our community but no more.

Brennan seriously needs therapy for her transphobia before she hurts herself and other transgender people.

As have marched towards equality it has become more and more apparent to cisgender woman just how much we have in common. They are some of our most adamant supporters as it become undeniably apparent we are all woman fighting for the same thing, equality and respect and in that sense we are all transgender.

And Brennan, I don't want to exclude anyone from the opening paragraph. Take it to heart. Give up the anger. Grow past your hate and into the sunshine.


Victory Fund Torpedo’s Transgender Jenifer Rene Pool Thanks to Lesbian Sue Lovell

"Transgender people and our allies should see this as a slap in the face." -Ray Hill Houston Political Icon

The Endorsement of the Victory Fund is seen by most LGBT people as crucial in a political campaign and its absence would be indicative of a fatally flawed campaign, strategy or politician.

The who, where, why, and what does Sue Lovell have to do with it.

Jenifer Rene Pool, a transgender woman, is running for Houston’s Texas's City Council at Large Position 2 and if she should win it will be a historic achievement. Jenifer Pool would then hold the highest elected position ever achieved by a transgender American. She has the backing of every LGBT organization dedicated to helping campaigns of LGBT Americans except one, The Victory Fund.

What are the Victory Fund qualifications?

To be considered for endorsement, candidates must:

"be openly gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender;
demonstrate community support and a realistic plan to win;
demonstrate support of federal, state or local efforts to advance LGBT civil rights via the legislative or regulatory process*; and
demonstrate support of federal, state or local efforts to safeguard privacy and reproductive freedom.*

Jenifer Rene Pool endorsements for City Council at Large Position 2 include:

The Houston Area Stonewall Democrats and the group Democracy for Houston.

Also endorsing is the Houston Stonewall Young Democrats who's president Robert Shipman offered this about their endorsement. "We screened four candidates and Jenifer Rene Pool was among the top two. We chose Pool because of her long history of helping and volunteering for the GLBT community, political viability and integrity."

In another phone conversation Houston GLBT Political Caucus president Noel A. Freeman explained that their endorsement of Jenifer Pool was decided through a rigorous interview process including and a comprehensive 48 point questionnaire. Freeman said "As a nonpartisan organization we vet the candidates thoroughly regardless of political affiliation or how they identify within the GLBT community. Jenifer simply is the best person for the job."

Jenifer Rene Pools professional qualifications:

Pool was appointed by Houston's previous Mayor Bill White as a City Commissioner of The Building & Standards Commission. During her service on that commission it became apparent to Pool there were changes needed in order for it to function properly and following her recommendation current Mayor Annise Parker formed the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Building and Standards to study and recommend amendments to the city ordinances reorganizing the Building & Standard Commission. Pool was appointed by Mayor Annise Parker to that Blue Ribbon Task Force and after reorganization was reappointed by Parker to serve on the Building & Standard Commission and the Police Advisory Commission.

Jenifer Rene Pools Political and Volunteer work for the LGBT community:

Jenifer Pool is a former three (3) term president of the GLBT Political Caucus, where her communication and organizational abilities brought the Caucus to the forefront of community involvement. She is a current board member of the Houston Transgender Unity Committee and recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award. Jenifer Pool is a steering member and past Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee of the Human Rights Campaign-Houston and a regular DJ on the Queer Voices on Houston's Pacifica Radio.

The Pool Campaign is among the top two for funds raised.

In a phone conversation Jenifer she offered this about her campaign "our campaign slogan is "Integrity and Dependability" and we are proud to stand by that". I asked Jenifer if she was prochoice the only remaining possible reason the Victory Fund would not endorse her and Pool explained "I have been on record for some time being in favor of a woman's right to choose." Jenifer Pools Campaign Manager Clay Sands added "Hands down Jenifer is clearly the most qualified candidate. She has paid her dues on behalf of our community and her actions speak for themselves."

Clearly Jenifer Rene Pool has met the requirements set by the Victory Fund through years of LGBT community volunteer work, professional and political selfless commitment to our community. So what exactly or whom is working against her endorsement by the Victory Fund?

Sadly it turns out it's one of our “own”.

The orchestrating ringleader of the effort against Jenifer Pool's endorsement by the Victory Funds and her defeat is Lesbian Sue Lovell (right) who presently holds the council position Jenifer Pool is campaigning for. Lovell who will not be able to campaign for the council seat again because of term limitations.

It has been said that Sue Lovell is a dirty vindictive politician and is doing these dirty tricks out of spite. Seems her angst dates back to when Jenifer's camp endorsed Obama and Lovell's Hillary Clinton.

"The Victory Fund endorses qualified, committed openly LGBT candidates who can WIN at the ballot box. (Epithesis by the Victory Fund)

Originally I began looking into this when an anonymous source told me Sue Lovell had been heard saying "Jenifer Rene Pool is unelectable". which would be the undeniable proof of Lovell’s alleged anti Transgender campaign. I didn't find anyone willing to be quoted saying they heard Councilwoman Lovell say that, but what I found was far worst. I found a conspiracy against Pool powered by Lesbian transphobic misogynistic Lovell enabled by gay sexist elitism tailored to do one thing, defeat Jenifer Rene Pool.

My conclusions are founded on conversations with Houston's gay and lesbian political leaders and not because I am transgender or because I do want Jenifer to win this historic battle. Those whom I spoke to about this race are people of integrity whose sole focus's is helping campaigns of the most qualified Houstonians regardless of whether the person is Lesbians, Gay, bisexual, Transgender, Intersex or Queer.

To get an inside look into this I had the honor of talking with longtime full time
political activist founder and former president of the Houston GLBT caucus Ray Hill (right) who said although he had never heard Lovell say Pool was unelectable "I am sure she said something to that effect to Shawn Werner Director of Campaign Services for the Victory Fund."

In fact Lovell in her zeal to torpedo Pool committed political suicide by endorsing Bolivar Fraga a gay man after the Caucus endorsed Pool. Hill explained why her endorsement of Fraga was so controversial “The strength of the GLBT Caucus is that its members vote for their endorsed politicians which was key in Lovell winning the Council seat three times".

Is Lovell is so opposed to Pool she would work against her own community using her influence garnered by her long association with the Victory Fund? Many think the answer to that question is yes.

Ray Hill elaborated "Sue Lovell is going so far out of her way to support the non-endorsed candidate, a recently out politically unknown gay man who has no history of GLBT volunteer work, transgender people and our allies should see this as a slap in the face".

There is a popular misconception that the Victory Fund does not endorse a LGBT candidate if there are two or more in a race. That is not true.

Endorsement Criteria: Does Victory endorse in races where more than one openly LGBT candidate is running?

"Victory recognizes that sometimes more than one openly LGBT person will seek election to the same office at the same time. In those races, Victory’s political staff will complete a thorough review of the landscape and may endorse a single candidate, make no endorsement or endorse multiple candidates."

Sue Lovell is splitting up the LGBT community's limited political will using a very attractive articulate gay man's sex appeal to force a bonny brook runoff in November if Pool or Fraga even gets that far! That’s a dirty deed.

I appeal to all of our LGBT community to reject Lovell and examine your hearts. Would you trade your libido for your integrity?

Sue Lovell has not responded to my requests for an interview. Lovell’s Chief of Staff Ken Olive last week told me the reason Council woman Lovell could not respond to my request for an interview was because it was against city ordinances to talk about political issues during working hours.

But that’s not true. Lovell spends her publicly paid time and equipment for political purposes and it’s not the first time Lovell has fought against a LGBT candidate or singled out a person of color for no other reason than spite.

According to a just published post the Houston Press reports the City of Houston's Inspector General is looking allegations that Sue Lovell has used City computers to promote the man she has recruited to oppose Jenifer Pool, Bolivar Fraga’s political campaign. If convicted Lovell could be found guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. The city's code of ordinances prohibits city officials from using "the official's position or the city's facilities, equipment or supplies for the private gain or advantage of the official or others....".

Back around the bush.

The Victory Fund returned my call leaving a voice mail explaining they "do not
comment on campaign endorsement decisions."

I can go along with that as long as they reconsider and endorse Jenifer Pool. She has every right to expect there backing and if they fail to do so explain why they are not. And so does every citizen in our community.

TAKE ACTION!! The more of us that ask these questions and demand accountability the stronger we become. They cannot ignore ALL us. Do not assume some else is making the call. Just do it!

You can contact the Victory Fund and demand they live up to their own words.
"Endorse qualified, committed openly LGBT candidates who can WIN at the ballot box.

That’s Jenifer Rene Pool.

Call the Victory Fund 202.842.8679

Victory Fund Contact Form

Comment on the Victory Fund on Facebook and write a note tagging them. Bring the conversation to them.

Copy and Tweet this!

@VictoryFund Torpedo’s Transgender @JeniferRenePool Historic Council Candidacy Thanks to Crony Lesbian Sue Lovell http://planetransgender.blogspot.com/2011/08/victory-fund-torpedos-transgender.html

and get the Victory Fund on Twitter attention!

Work for Jenifer! She deserves our support!

Like and comment on Jenifer Pool For Houston City Council 2011 Facebook page.

Visit Jenifer Rene Pool.com and volunteer!

Follow and mention @JeniferRenePool
on Twitter.



Inlaws & OutLaws at Plano West CineMark Its What U Get When You Fall In Love

And it's what I got for falling in love with our Lesbian, Gay and straight allies too. InLaws & OutLaws.

This showing is a WIN-WIN for the north Texas LGBT community. For us it's more than the movie its a new day. We have come to learn from CineMark Vice President Bob Shimmin CineMark is now offering same sex benefits for their employees and is including gender identity and sexual orientation in it's non discrimination policies.

From Mr. Shimmin: "I hope to answer some of the questions you have about Cinemark. First, Cinemark began offering domestic partner benefits nationally on Jan 1, 2010....I have included the cover page of the 2010 Benefits Packet that was distributed to all employees in the fall of 2009 which clearly highlights the fact that domestic partner benefits were added for 2010."

I would personally like to thank Mr. Bob Shimmin for his part in helping overcome the controversies that so embroiled his company and embrace a inclusive workplace.

Inlaws & Outlaws on Wednesday, August 24th, at 6:30 pm at the Cinemark West Plano in Plano, Texas


CineMark CEO and Prop 8 Sponsor Got our Milk Money. Now it's our InLaws & OutLaws Cash Too.

***Update 8/15/2011 We have succeeded in securing the following statement from Bob Shimmin, Vice President, Food & Beverage Cinemark USA, confirming CineMark is offering same sex partner benefits. As proof Mr. Shimmin is offering the cover of their 2010 benefit package.

Mr. Shimmin wrote "I have included the cover page of the 2010 Benefits Packet that was distributed to all employees in the fall of 2009 which clearly highlights the fact that domestic partner benefits were added for 2010"

Mr Shimmin offered no further proof that CineMark has gender identity and sexual orientation policies other than the ones publicly available previously published in this article.

I appreciate that a ranking CineMark executive finally responded. I just wish it hadn't taken all this to get it done.


Original article

A few short years ago in 2008 information gleaned by legal actions it was discovered Plano Texas's CineMark CEO Allen Stock had made a donation of $9,999 dollars to support the passage of Prop 8.

It seemed to me then by making the maximum donation allowable Stock wanted to make it clear that he unequivocally supported Prop 8. I also wondered at that time how many other donations he had made against TBLG causes we didn't know about. However not everyone in the Gay and Lesbian community are as curious.

Disappointingly, immediately following the stripping of Californian marriage equality, CineMark in Plano Texas featured Harvey Milk the film. And despite local and nationwide protests by a minority of our community they profited from it. It was made clear to me at that time exactly how willingly a majority of our community will turn a blind eye to injustice, for convenience sake.

So just how invested is the Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance (CCGLA) in the success of CineMarks Harvey Milk and its current joint project, the InLaw OutLaws? It turns out the local LGBT paper's coverage of the Plano milk protest in 2008 so incensed the CCGLA you probably won't see anything questioning CineMarks employment policy again there or in any other Gay for profit North Texas publication for that matter. Seemingly inexplicitly at the time, the CCGLA website Prop 8 announcement simultaneously featured a picture of the Dallas prop 8 protest and a apologist letter from the CineMark vice president distancing his company from his CEOs hate money.

Fast forward to 2011. I received a Email from Equality Texas announcing the premier north Texas screening of InLaws/OutLaws a gay movie which according to its plot summary "..... weaves together true stories of couples and singles, gay and straight to celebrate what we have in common: we love." And of all places it is to be screened at CineMark!

I wondered, what had changed since 2008? So I posted this facebook status update that was quickly responded to by Jeanne Rubin, the InLaw OutLaw event originator.

Despite being put off by the authoritative tone of the comment, it seemed that everything is better and there is no reason for concern but given the gravity of situation and my personal investment in equality I wanted to find this out for myself.

I wondered , had the CineMark CEO made personal reparations to the LGBT community? What interactions had Stock had with our community to show he had a change of heart? At this time I have not found evidence of that. Then I wondered if CineMark has made changes in its employment policy to include equality for transgender people and partner benefits? Now that could be a game changer!

So I followed up on that meeting that took place in Plano with numerous Gay and Lesbian leaders and CineMark following Prop 8. I was assured by this source as was the Dallas Voice that CineMark would include partner benefits, sometime in the future meaning now. Curiously when I called those people who were in attendance none of them would go on record confirming they had even attended the meeting, let alone comment on CineMarks Partner Benefit policy. Why not?

Is it all about a dollar?

Well it turns out that the Vice President of the CCGLA is Jeanne Rubin who responded initially on Facebook and the man whom she represented only as a 'friend' at CineMark is now president of the CCGLA Bob Shimmin and also a Vice President of CineMark!

Still, I wanted to write a up beat positive article and I'd rather hear it from a Texas horse's mouth so I continued asking my contacts this time reaching further out about the state.

I called Equality Texas (EQTX) who would not comment on the CineMark event or its employment policy. The only thing they would offer was the showing was not an official Equality Texas event even though it appears on there web site, they promote it other places and they are the ones to benefit financially from ticket proceeds.

And like all the others I talked to EQTX directed me back to the event sponsor Jeanne Rubin.

So back to Jeanne Rubin I go.

After repeated requests to Rubin to provide me with the documentation that was promised to her and the CCGLA at the 2009 meeting between Gays, Lesbians and CineMark she relented, but only after I told her I will be publish regardless. Rubin offered this on the record about there partner benefit policy "You can say I understand that they do. However I am sorry this is the article you are choosing to write."

No Jeanne, I don't choose to write this. The Texas Gay and Lesbian Community rocks behind transgender causes every time we need you. The last thing I want to do was write this incriminating negitive article, but I have been left with no choice.

And since CineMark has not returned any of my phone calls from this mighty blogger, how about the USA's riche$t gay advocacy group, HRC?

As it turns out CineMark also refused to return there inquires according to Liz Cooper, Coordinator for the HRC Workplace Project which compiles the Corporate Index. She told me because CineMark has not responded to there inquires they based the employer information shown here on publicly available information, which she emailed to me.

This is nice, but a employment application does not confirms the company's employment policy toward transgender people and it says nothing at all about partner benefits. And it is not a employee handbook that the HRC website says it uses as confirmation.

Then I asked Cooper how they knew that CineMark was offering partner benefits since 2010 as she had stated since HRC's inquires were ignored? That report she said was based on word of mouth because "someone had heard" they had. Really, like someone named Jeanne or Bob perhaps?

Really? HRC could not verify any of those policies and there assurances reek of cronyism. And really, Jeanne, given your 'friendship' with CineMark's VP don't you think you could have another 'meeting' with him and confirm that CineMark does indeed have partner benefits like you 'heard'? Like they promised to do in 2009?

Or is it just to convenient to ignore it?

There was much debate if CineMark corporation should be held accountable for the private actions of it CEO in 2008 and I am sure there will be again given these revelations.

I didn't attend the 2008 protests of CineMark because I felt they were inappropriate at the time however I'm not so sure the time isn't right for protest now.

Jeanne Rubin, I do appreciate your invitation to come to the InLaw OutLaw showing and I will bring a friend if I do. And Signs. Cronyism sucks. Corporate money mongering on our graves sucks. Or something like that.

***Update! The following comments were posted on my Facebook after I posted a link to this article.

This person has not friended me so I do not have access to her facebook profile but since she identified as a employee of CineMark I presume this is her on Linked In Lynn Wolfe, Executive Assistant at Cinemark

No honestly I do not know why she thinks there is anger involved or that as a transgender woman I am not aware of what it means to live in this red Lone Star.

I'll be looking forward to receiving the conformation of CineMarks employment policy that Lynn Wolfe has promised though for the life of me, I can't understand why would take more than a day to send me a PDF file or link to it.


Prague PRIDE under attack by…the Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

The Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, the leader of the ultra conservative Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church has attacked the Prague Pride with a open letter to the people of the Czech republic.

From Prague PRIDE – "you’d think it would be a “piece of cake” but all sorts of underlying stories are emerging and according to Czeslaw Prague PRIDE’s director, the evidence is that attitudes to LGBT people are getting worse in the Czech Republic. And with the office of the Czech President joining in, Petr Hajek used language such as “homsexuals are deviants”and when asked to distance himself the right-wing Czech Presdient Vaclav Klaus chose to endorse them."

Something you CAN do: write a blank email to the patriarchate and FILL their inbox

Suggested Title: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34

Russian: “Отец, прости их ибо не ведают, что творят” Лука­­23:34 (if you think they might not speak English)
Ukrainian (assuming you didnt want to offend them!) Отче, відпусти їм, бо не знають, що чинять вони Лука­­23:34


The letter using Google translate


Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP), 3 Hemlock Wed, Lviv, Bryukhovychi, 79491, Ukraine

tel / fax: +38 (032) 234-63-41,

www.community.org.ua, www.uogcc.org.ua;

Public call the Czech nation

Passed through the press report that the Vice Chancellor Peter Hajek termed the forthcoming Prague-pride. “Coercive means deviants”. This boldly expresses the truth. Mayor Svoboda and certain CSSD party members and VV pressured the President to distance himself from his true statement of his Vice-Chancellor. Even require a public apology. Everyone knows that gay pride is a coercive means, and in all countries of the world. Moreover, everyone knows that during these marches is a very undignified expressions perversion (deviance).

Statistics concerning homosexualism (sic) are shocking:

- Homosexuals are more than 50% of known AIDS cases in the United States. (Ed: but overwhelmingly heterosexual around the world, including in Ukraine and Russia)

- Homosexuals are involved in the disproportionate number of hepatitis cases: 70-80% in San

Francisco, 66% in New York, 56% in Toronto, 42% in Montreal. (Editor Sources? Incidences in other populations?)

- 39-59% of homosexuals are infected with intestinal parasites like worms, flukes and amoebae (Editor and the figure for heterosexuals would be?)


- Approximately 67-80% of homosexuals or licks its tongue inserted into the rectum of its partners (the

“Rimming”, anilingus, fecal sex, etc.) and biologically swallows a significant amount of feces, which is between homosexuals main cause of hepatitis infections and parasites. (Editor: Which homosexuals does this include female homosexuals? Reputable source?)

- 17% of homosexuals eating or rubs the feces of their partners. (Editor: Reputable source? Does this include Female homosexuals?)

- Urinating on himself (“golden showers”) and mutual torture of gay men from the 40th of the 20century. doubled and increased fisting astronomical degree. (Editor: Reputable source? Does this include Female homosexuals?)

- By 1992, gay bondage known as a disease and only under duresswas removed from the WHO list of diseases.

(Editor: FANTASY the accurate description is that the World Health Organisation (WHO) removed “homosexuality” from the list of mental disorders, the wording is very specific and it definitely was NOT “gay bondage” that assertion is pure fantasy)

- 43% said they had a life of 500 or more partners, 28% admitted for Life 1000 or more

(Editors: Reputable source? Male Homosexuals? Female homosexuals? Which survey, where?)

- A number of gay sexual contacts occur when they are drunk, stoned, or on venues orgy. Editor: a number certainly do but a number are also tender and cherishing and outside the influence of any alcohol and within the context of a loving relationship) Lack of a reputrable source in fact any source at all.)

- John Martaugh, Chief Police Judge Criminal Court of New York, said,

(Editor: we’ll contact him and see what he really said)

“Homosexuals in large cities contribute to half of all murders.” (Editor: Reputable link?)

- Homosexuals is attributed to 50% of suicides. (Editor: Reputable link?)

- 37% of gay sado-masochism runs, resulting in many deaths. (Editor: a full description of the statistic?)

- The homosexual is 100 times more likely to be murdered (usually by another homosexual) than the average person. (Editor: Reputable source?)

- To murder, suicide or traffic accident dies 534 times more lesbians than normal women. (Editor: Reputable source?)

- About 50% of women on death row in the U.S. are lesbians. (Editor: Reputable source?)

- 33% of homosexuals are pedophiles. Their motto is “sex before eight years THAN LATE. ”

(Editor: men who prey on children below the age of 16 are overwhelmingly heterosexual and include a significant number of Catholic priests)

The fact that Mr. Hajek called this perverse “lifestyle” only “deviation” is not an insult or exaggeration. Czech parents do not want their children to school and przněny převychovávány on homosexuals to get AIDS and die as suicides. Mr. Hajek and not with the President apologizing for what! Conversely, the citizens of Prague and the whole nation is obliged to apologize to the Mayor Liberty and those members of political parties and VV CSSD, who betrayed the truth and democracy and demoralize nation. Protecting the nation from homosexualismem is good not only for society but also for themselves homosexuals. It is a known fact that homosexuals are oppressed minority.

Practice proves that a small handful of whole society discriminates against homosexuals, changing laws and raises homodiktaturu. Brandishing the phrases about freedom of speech and democracy, but both exploits and destroys! Gender-gay ideology introduces new thinking, based on irealitě and loss of reason and discernment. Woman which asserts that man must be under the new laws in the Republic considered a man. This ideology Czech state makes Gotham. Shame on the church hierarchy in the CR, nor to defend the laws of God or human rights! This hierarchy proved zrádnická structure of God and the nation. The Word of God calls homosexuality a heavy sin and an abomination. An example, the annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire. Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate calls on all religious leaders, especially Catholics, that even with his faithful have taken a clear and biblical position on homosexualismu. Invites them to at least additionally oppose Prague-pride and support the President and his Vice-Chancellor in their position of defending the moral and spiritual values ​​of the nation.

(Editor: For an alternative look at the Bible’s attitude to “homosexuality” please read Reluctant Journey by a heterosexual Methodist priest who is also a Biblical expert.)

For Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Elijah


+ + Methodius OSBMr Timothy OSBMr


Lviv, Ukraine, 08.06.2011


- Parties CSSD and VV

- Parliament of the Republic

- President and Vice-Chancellor

- Representatives of the Church

- Mass media


Dallas response Rick Perry's "Response" a Political Capitol Catastrophe

Rick Perry's Day of Prayer with the AFA was seen as most as effort by the Texan ultra right govoner to kickstart the donations for a presedental bid. Undoubtly conseritive fundies watched carefully for polititians willing to take the stage with Perry.



Dallas Voice


Cathey Brennan UN letter: Toxic Transphobia Death

Equality Marylands Radfem angel of death.

Equality Maryland's lead protagonist, propagandist and disruptor Cathey Brennan has once again stuck her head up from the cesspool of transphobia to lash out.

This time its on a global scale with a sickening letter to the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women . A transcript of the letter can be found here

For the uninitiated a quick recap. Maryland being my childhood home I could not stand by idly early this year as the indigent transgender population was blindsided by "Equality" Maryland (eqMD).

eqMD without informing or including the transgender community had sponsored a "equality" bill with a fatal flaw. This bill did not include public accommodations provisions which would give transgender people the legal right to be in public places such as buses and restaurants. Public accommodations provisions allows transgender people the legal right to be in restrooms that are congruent with there gender presentation.

When we responded on Equality Maryland facebook page Brennan banned us. Although Brennan denied any connection with emMD the posts hidden behind eqMD's logo commentary stunk of Brennan. When we wrote blog posts Brennan would attempt to discredit and belittle our efforts. Gay media never published a article fairly presenting our views extending eqMD's censorship by deleting trans peoples comments.

And when we tried to connect with the political sponsor of HB235 we were intimidated and threatened by her.

I banned Cathey Brennan early on after trying unsuccessfully to hold a public conversation about this issue in a facebook note after Maryland Delegate Pena-Melnyk CALLED ME AND SCREAMED IF >>YOU PEOPLE<< SHOW UP AT THE HEARING I'LL PULL MY SUPPORT!!!!!.

So I formed a now defunct "secret" group that would allow space for us to formulate a response. Now it seems that groups actions were not so secret as one of our members was promoted to editor of the local gay paper and has alowed Brennan space to spew her feminist brand of toxic transphobia .

Now Brennans disgusting motivations are revealed as she lashed out against Mercedes Allen in a unsigned post that reeks of Brennan intentionally misgendering her and pulling out of context one line of Mercedes post.

Brennan's letter to the UN seeks validates misogyny and undoubtedly will be referenced as the UN commission realigns its advocacy for womankind.

Brennan wrote:

"the proliferation of legislation designed to protect "gender identity" and "gender expression" undermines legal protections for females vis-à-vis sex segregated spaces, such... as female-only clubs, public restrooms, public showers, and other spaces designated as "female only."

and Brennan's letter suggests that transgender usage of restrooms endangers females because:

"... we recognize the legitimate needs of transgender and transsexual women to operate in the world free from irrational discrimination. However, we cannot deny the implications of this legislation - and the radical shift in priorities it represents for females. Female reproductive vulnerability has a long history of exploitation by males in the form of sexualized violence...."

And Mercedes wrote:
"In other words, they claim to recognize that we need basic human rights, but actually granting those rights harms women and constitutes sexualized violence by males."

Take action! Sign the petition


Video of Texas Gov Rick Perry presentation at the AFA Response Day of Prayer

“I’m so humbled to be in the midst of men and women who have answered the call to prayer and fast for our nation. I want to especially thank brother C.L. Jackson who’s standing here with me and a great man of God, and Alice Patterson. They both have been with me and praying with me and supported me through the years. And pastor, we stood in your church one day and we got on our knees in a moment of powerful prayer and I just thank you both for being here with me.

“Like all of you, I love this country deeply, thank you all for being here. Indeed the only thing that you love more is the living Christ. But our hearts do break for those who suffer, those afflicted by the loss of loved ones, the pain of addiction, the strife that they may find at home, those who have lost jobs, who have lost their homes, people who have lost hope. Those that cannot see the light in the midst of all the darkness. Because we know a loving God, we know the greatest darkness comes just before the morning. We know, we know a loving God and we know the darkness that he takes care of and wipes away. We know that there is hope for those who trust in him who fills our hearts with joy and gives us life. This God who knows our imperfections, he didn’t leave us to live a life in our sins, but paid the price for them. He who knew no sin, he gave his life in ransom for me. This loving, this loving and perfect God is also a personal God. He desires not a show of religion, but a deep connection with our innermost being.

“His agenda is not a political agenda, his agenda is a salvation agenda. Brother C.L., you and I have had this conversation. He’s a wise, wise God, and he’s wise enough to not be affiliated with any political party, or for that matter, he’s wise enough to not be affiliated with any man-made institutions. He’s calling all Americans, of all walks of life, to seek him, to return to him, to experience his love and his grace and his acceptance, experience a fulfilled life regardless of the circumstances. I want you to join with me as I share his word with you:”

(Perry then read from three Bible passages: Joel 2:12-17; Isaiah 40: 28-31; Ephesians 3:14-21.)

“As I finish I want to ask each of you to bow your head in prayer, or go to that position of prayer, and pray with us. Lord, you are the source of every good thing, you are our only hope. And we stand before you today in awe of your power, and in gratitude for your blessings, in humility for our sins. Father our heart breaks for America. We see discord at home. We see fear in the marketplace. We see angers in the halls of government. And as a nation we have forgotten who made us, who protects us, who blesses us, and for that we cry out for your forgiveness. We pray for our nation’s leaders, Lord, for parents, for pastors, for the generals, for governors, that you would inspire them in these difficult times. Father we pray for our president, that you would impart your wisdom upon him, that you would guard his family. We pray for our military and the families who love them. Father especially, for those special operators who lost their life yesterday in defending our freedoms. You call us to repent, Lord, and this day is our response. We give it all to you. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever. Amen. And amen.”

And,….Dear God: thank you for large megapixel cameras to capture my 3/4 pose in soft Rembrandt lighting so that it may be splashed across newspapers and websites all around the voting United States of America. If it is your will that I organize a phony self-centered and self-righteous event for the purpose of furthering my political ambitions, then I am but a servant of your will. And.., God, if I think I heard you right …you also want me to promote and protect all of my wealthy white benefactors. Right? If I’m wrong, just give me sign. No sign? OK, I guess I’m cool. Drinks for everyone at the country club! Only the “more equals” allowed.

By Patricia

Perry address to his AFA sponsored and began with him praying for the United Staes and those who have not seen the light and remain in darkness. By that I assume he refered to anyone not Christian or politicaly affilated with the right. Christians supporters


Dallas Protest of Rick Perry's Prayer Event. ALL are Welcome!

Protest Gov. Rick Perry's Inappropriate and Hateful Prayer Rally

Dallas, Texas, August 6, 2011 — This is a peaceful demonstration in front of Dallas City Hall, from 10:00am - 5:00pm, to protest "The Response: A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis," an event initiated, endorsed, and promoted by Texas Governor Rick Perry and the American Family Association.

For those who are not yet aware of the AFA's attitude on gays, please experience this:

Anyone who values the separation of Church and State is welcome to join-- non-theists, non-Christians, Christians. Please be aware that we are NOT trying to convert or mock anybody's religion. We are also not trying to prevent the prayer event from happening. If it doesn't happen, we will have no picket. This is about a picket, not an effort to stop an event from happening.

Four reasons to protest:

1. The event itself is being promoted by Gov. Perry in his official capacity as an elected official.

2. Gov. Perry has repeatedly and proudly violated church/state separation on several issues, all throughout his time as our governor.

3. The prayer event is being endorsed by the American Family Association, which is considered to be a hate group. Lately, the AFA has thrown out so much hate speech against gays, Muslims and state/church separationists.

4. I don't believe that any of the other 49 states' governors, whom Perry invited to his rally, are as devoted to flaunting their disregard for the diversity in their respective states' populations. This is while our state budget is in a mess, public education is underfunded, and our most popular politicians are riding on a wave of popularity, such that they can easily avoid any responsibility for explaining themselves and their actions to the public.

For more information about this demonstration, please contact Jessica Chong (817) 495–3993 or

MarySue Foster (972) 741–1592 or e-mail us at fedupwithperry@yahoo.com.

Also, visit our : Facebook event page

Thomas Beatie Opens Stockholm Pride Talks of His Child Bearing, Family and Love

In Sweden transsexuals must be sterilized before a sex change operation. American Transman Thomas Beatie has carried three children. His three lovely babies and family are testament to the inhumanity of that draconian gender cleansing law.

NY Marriage Equality, now What? Empire State Pride Agenda Wants You to tell Them

Get involved.

I know there's a lot of anger after being left behind so long but we have a ally and New Yorker Transgender peeps its up to you to light the fire.

Empire State Pride Agenda proved they can get it done with marriage equality and now they are asking for your story. Your guidance.

Email there transgender rights organizer, Christopher Argyros, at cargyros@prideagenda.org.

Are they honestly going to push as hard for trans rights as they have for gay issues? There's only one way to find out. Get involved.

Pride Agenda.org Transgender Civil Rights


Rick Perry Lone Ride out of Politics on the Third Rail to the AFA Day of Hate

The Third rail of Hate.

As noted by the Times Record News of Wichita Falls Texas Governor Rick Perry political gamble that others would embrace hate disguised as Christianity has failed.

No one disputed Mr. Perry's right to pray, it is the company that he chooses to keep that offends. At least that's the sentiment of most Americans and the overwhelming majority of politicians.

The "response' event has only confirmed 10% of the seating available at Reliant Stadium.

Only Kansas Governor Brownback and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana of the 49 governors invited have agreed to ride with Perry on this Third Rail. This is in despite of Perry's invitation and political muscle having been the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association in 2009.

Even Perry has downplayed and backpedaled his involvement a fact not unnoticed by the AFA. Obviously becoming aware of the political suicide by association with the AFA Perry has distanced himself saying he may not speak and may only usher at the event. How humble. How ridiculous! Christs love is not political expediency or populism.

There are many third rails, and the lord knows as a Christian transgender woman I am a rider on many, I pray I will never buy a ticket on the rail to hate.

Years ago I joined with Soulforce to visit one of the "response" pastors John Hagee, trying to bring Christs message of radicaly inclusive love to his Cornerstone Church.

Even though we have made a substantial impact its not time for Texans to rest on our laurels. We must take to the streets in Houston on the 6th. Lets make sure other would be political hate mongers know where riding that third rail will take them.


Transgender Cleansing on Social Media Facebook and Google+ You may be next

Are you on Facebook or Google+ and using a pseudonym instead of your legal name. Most transgender and transsexual people do and have very valid reasons none of which include malicious intent.

Most of us free to do so online and remain blissfully unaware of any ramifications.

Until now.

Katie Glover the transgender editor of Frock magazine was deleted Facebook for allegedly using a "Fake" profile. Many ask 'why is we have never heard of this happening before?'

Well, you are hearing about it now! I am outspoken advocate (loudmouth) and have never had a close personal friend who also happens to be my editor deleted before! Maybe as suggested by other transgender people, this has happened before, but the victims just disappeared.

So I asked my friends as a birthday wish to tag me in a facebook with pictures like the one to the right.

Why can't we pretend its not happening? After all I'm still on facebook asks Ima Anione?

Just like cisgender womankind, transgender woman can be some of the hardest to convince of our vulnerability and the requirement of action.

A timely example of this is TransDIYer's (left) Youtube slamming me for my simple birthday wish while embracing ignorance pandering to those who would embrace her faux brand of populist activism. Just for the record TransDIYer followers, by her own admission, she repeatedly commented' trolled on my profile and that is why I banned her.

"I have a hard time believing that this is a a real issue. I hate frivilous BS"- TransDIYer-Youtube rant.

But TransDIYer's screed does beg a valid question, if this is real and not some "friviolious BS" from some attention starved peep why haven't we already heard about it?

No one wants to acknowledge it's happening.

The sad fact is woman both cisgender and transsexuals are equally capable of being dismissively misogynistic and even cruelly inhumane to there own gender.

"Transgender cleansing" is a new social construct and the idea that Transgender cleansing could or is happening is naturally further buried in media's patriarchal hierarchy.

But in truth on a devastating level it is happening now in Sweden where it is law transgender people must me sterilized prior to sexual organ alignment surgery.

Defining "transgender cleansing". Lets further our understanding of ethnic and sexual cleansing to include the ongoing social media cleansing of the gender diverse.

Now on to Facebook and Google Plus.

Google plus TOS requires all to requires you "use your full first and last name in a single language." Failure to do so makes you subject to deletion.

Facebook TOS 1.You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.

Nowhere do ether TOS state or imply Transgender people may self identify or are exempt from these rules.

Jillian York's excellent article A Case for Pseudonyms explores our marginalization and potential for apparent arbitrary deletion as she writes: "Nevertheless, policies requiring "real" names are nearly impossible to enforce at scale, and as several examples have demonstrated, enforcement tends to be skewed against individuals who are well-known or have enemies, a result of community reporting mechanisms."

So why was Katie Glover's profile deleted at that moment?

Perhaps it happened because she choose to make a social statement and stand up for us?

Just prior to her deletion Katie published an in depth interview with Peter Tatchell in FROCK about the injustices being done to the LGBT Moscow Pride participants.

Perhaps my "Grass Roots" interview of Russian gender queer Anno Komarov about his trials as a leader of that same Russian Pride upset the Russian government so much they used their political muscle to push Katie off facebook!

I know the morning Katie sent me the email about her deletion my profile had been suspended for a couple of hours. Maybe facebook was checking me out, however I being a minority among us I enjoy the benefit of using my legal name.

Kelli Anne Busey. Gender: Female. You can look it up.

Fantasy? No, its not. That same thing has happened to me a few years ago. planetransgender was deleted by google after I exposed the correlation between the public revelation of Congressman Barney Franks 10 year rent boy relationship and his first utterance of the transphobic phrase describing transgender people as "men with penis's in the ladies room". It was obvious to me he was using our lives to deflect interest and condemnation of his young prostitute/boyfriend.

And I did piss him and his ilk off!

The only thing that saved planetransgender was a fellow blogger called NG. He asked why enough and one day a few weeks later my blog mysteriously appeared although sans the article about Franks.

So it happens. You are asking what can I do about it. You are saying to yourself if I remain silent and invisible no one will notice. Maybe like TransDIYer pointed out there are drag queens and nothing has happened to them. Well nothing against drag queens but how many do you know that are making a public statement other than to say hey look at me I got ladies undies on? I know of one or two. They too, like you will be overlooked until the time when "there is no one else for them to come for."

So, Facebook and Google are not transgender inclusive. What can we do?

For one you can talk about it. Whether you agree or not our conversation elevates our concerns to cisgender ears. And you can be proactive:

There is a reason 40,000 people have joined the NCTE cause Tell Facebook to recognize transgender people. Many of those who joined that cause are aware of the consequences should if we continue not being allowed to self identify.

You can sign and share the Change.org petition Tell Facebook You are NOT a Transgender FAKER!

Working on Facebook is not a answer to this problem, They just ignore you.

I started a facebook event eventually leading to the creation of TransAction ConVergence calling on Facebook to Include Transgender in Profile Options". We eventually had over 20,000 participants and I was sure we would be considered in the changes they were initiating at that time. They ignored us and as you can tell by clicking the plancast link the event is no longer available for viewing. I did not cancel it and unlike all the other previous TransAction ConVergence events, it was not archived.

Believe this! Gender cleansing on social media is real, its happening and we must stop it.

Gun Hill Road Papi Esai Morales on CBS "The Talk"

CBS The Talk hosted Esai Morales who's latest film “Gun Hill Road”, directed by Rashaad Ernesto Green will premier Aug 5th in LA and NYC. “Gun Hill Road” is a drama based on a true story, which explores the dynamic in a Puerto Rican family in the Bronx when its father, played by Esai, returns home from prison after a 3-year absence and discoverer's that his child who he thought of as his son when he left, is now his daughter.