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You are Transgender Cathey Brennan. Live with it and stop the Hate!

Who we are today is a sum of what we were and whom we have envisioned ourselves to be yesterday. Be proud of that addition/subtraction. You are art in progress.

Sadly, that philosophy is not appreciated by the Westboro Baptist Church, any number of right wing hate groups or a person named Cathey Brennan. Recently Brennan blindsided the transgender community with a letter to the UN seeking to dis empower and disfranchise transgender people purportedly to protect the fringe group Womyn-born womyn from everyone else under the transgender umbrella.

So what are Womyn-born womyn? Essentially its a group of people who have formed a exclusionary club and will stop at nothing to point out exactly how different they are from us, even from people that they share a common past with.

Wait a minute, what? Brennan is transgender or why would she identify as Womyn-born womyn? Cathy Brennan is transgender but transphobia knows no bounds.

It has occurred to me I have never seen the AFA's Bryan Fischer and Cathey Brennan in the same room at the same time. Their hateful memes use the exact same tactics.

Deconstruction of the transgender identity, establish that transgender woman are men and vilify the new identity as a perverted criminal who only desire is finding a way to rape your daughter in the bathroom. Time after time we face that same lie. Brennan is just one more hater to use it.

I have had personal knowledge of Brennan's transphobia. During a Facebook discussion about a Maryland 'equality' bill that would have legalized our exclusion from the proper restroom Brennan became so disruptive I warned her she would be baned if she didn't stop. Her answer was to call me a weirdo. At the time her antagonism was explained away by some in our community but no more.

Brennan seriously needs therapy for her transphobia before she hurts herself and other transgender people.

As have marched towards equality it has become more and more apparent to cisgender woman just how much we have in common. They are some of our most adamant supporters as it become undeniably apparent we are all woman fighting for the same thing, equality and respect and in that sense we are all transgender.

And Brennan, I don't want to exclude anyone from the opening paragraph. Take it to heart. Give up the anger. Grow past your hate and into the sunshine.


Cathey Brennan UN letter: Toxic Transphobia Death

Equality Marylands Radfem angel of death.

Equality Maryland's lead protagonist, propagandist and disruptor Cathey Brennan has once again stuck her head up from the cesspool of transphobia to lash out.

This time its on a global scale with a sickening letter to the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women . A transcript of the letter can be found here

For the uninitiated a quick recap. Maryland being my childhood home I could not stand by idly early this year as the indigent transgender population was blindsided by "Equality" Maryland (eqMD).

eqMD without informing or including the transgender community had sponsored a "equality" bill with a fatal flaw. This bill did not include public accommodations provisions which would give transgender people the legal right to be in public places such as buses and restaurants. Public accommodations provisions allows transgender people the legal right to be in restrooms that are congruent with there gender presentation.

When we responded on Equality Maryland facebook page Brennan banned us. Although Brennan denied any connection with emMD the posts hidden behind eqMD's logo commentary stunk of Brennan. When we wrote blog posts Brennan would attempt to discredit and belittle our efforts. Gay media never published a article fairly presenting our views extending eqMD's censorship by deleting trans peoples comments.

And when we tried to connect with the political sponsor of HB235 we were intimidated and threatened by her.

I banned Cathey Brennan early on after trying unsuccessfully to hold a public conversation about this issue in a facebook note after Maryland Delegate Pena-Melnyk CALLED ME AND SCREAMED IF >>YOU PEOPLE<< SHOW UP AT THE HEARING I'LL PULL MY SUPPORT!!!!!.

So I formed a now defunct "secret" group that would allow space for us to formulate a response. Now it seems that groups actions were not so secret as one of our members was promoted to editor of the local gay paper and has alowed Brennan space to spew her feminist brand of toxic transphobia .

Now Brennans disgusting motivations are revealed as she lashed out against Mercedes Allen in a unsigned post that reeks of Brennan intentionally misgendering her and pulling out of context one line of Mercedes post.

Brennan's letter to the UN seeks validates misogyny and undoubtedly will be referenced as the UN commission realigns its advocacy for womankind.

Brennan wrote:

"the proliferation of legislation designed to protect "gender identity" and "gender expression" undermines legal protections for females vis-à-vis sex segregated spaces, such... as female-only clubs, public restrooms, public showers, and other spaces designated as "female only."

and Brennan's letter suggests that transgender usage of restrooms endangers females because:

"... we recognize the legitimate needs of transgender and transsexual women to operate in the world free from irrational discrimination. However, we cannot deny the implications of this legislation - and the radical shift in priorities it represents for females. Female reproductive vulnerability has a long history of exploitation by males in the form of sexualized violence...."

And Mercedes wrote:
"In other words, they claim to recognize that we need basic human rights, but actually granting those rights harms women and constitutes sexualized violence by males."

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