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Baltimore Democrat Proposes Law allowing Employers to determine Public Accommodation Access

The proposed amendment by Maryland Democratic Tom Quirk apparently supported by Gender Rights Maryland AKA Equality Maryland would empower employers to discriminate.

According to the Columbia Patch "the primary aim of the bill is to protect transgendered workers from discrimination and firing because of their sexual identity."

Really, sexual identity? The article references the Chrissy Pollis McDonald's attack as the motivation for the bill.

Chrissy was not covered under McDonald's non discrimination policy had she been a employee there. And theres still nothing in the McDonalds employees handbook educating people about transgender people despite 250,000 people signing a petition asking that McDonalds do so!

Clearly its up to the government to mandate equality.

Possibly as a bone to the opponents a provision would be added allowing employers to determine if transgender people could use a public facility.

"The bill will also contain language dealing with the use of public accommodations, including public restrooms. The language in the bill will allow employers the flexibility to set their own rules on the use of restrooms, Quirk said."

The proposal redefines public accommodations:

"Public accommodations means any place which holds itself out as inviting the public to utilize its goods and services, whether or not for profit. PUBLIC ACCOMMODATIONS DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCOMMODATIONS THAT ARE DISTINCTLY 8 PRIVATE OR PERSONAL. Click for the PDF of the bill

Presumably this is what would allow employers the option on whether of not to allow trans people into restrooms.

Even though the Maryland bill that was defeated last year DID NOT have public accommodations the article for SOME reason blames public accommodations for its defeat on the floor.

That's not what happened. Transgender people of Maryland rejected that bill.

Once again Equality Maryland AKA Gender Rights Maryland is seeking the easy way Out.


Cathey Brennan UN letter: Toxic Transphobia Death

Equality Marylands Radfem angel of death.

Equality Maryland's lead protagonist, propagandist and disruptor Cathey Brennan has once again stuck her head up from the cesspool of transphobia to lash out.

This time its on a global scale with a sickening letter to the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women . A transcript of the letter can be found here

For the uninitiated a quick recap. Maryland being my childhood home I could not stand by idly early this year as the indigent transgender population was blindsided by "Equality" Maryland (eqMD).

eqMD without informing or including the transgender community had sponsored a "equality" bill with a fatal flaw. This bill did not include public accommodations provisions which would give transgender people the legal right to be in public places such as buses and restaurants. Public accommodations provisions allows transgender people the legal right to be in restrooms that are congruent with there gender presentation.

When we responded on Equality Maryland facebook page Brennan banned us. Although Brennan denied any connection with emMD the posts hidden behind eqMD's logo commentary stunk of Brennan. When we wrote blog posts Brennan would attempt to discredit and belittle our efforts. Gay media never published a article fairly presenting our views extending eqMD's censorship by deleting trans peoples comments.

And when we tried to connect with the political sponsor of HB235 we were intimidated and threatened by her.

I banned Cathey Brennan early on after trying unsuccessfully to hold a public conversation about this issue in a facebook note after Maryland Delegate Pena-Melnyk CALLED ME AND SCREAMED IF >>YOU PEOPLE<< SHOW UP AT THE HEARING I'LL PULL MY SUPPORT!!!!!.

So I formed a now defunct "secret" group that would allow space for us to formulate a response. Now it seems that groups actions were not so secret as one of our members was promoted to editor of the local gay paper and has alowed Brennan space to spew her feminist brand of toxic transphobia .

Now Brennans disgusting motivations are revealed as she lashed out against Mercedes Allen in a unsigned post that reeks of Brennan intentionally misgendering her and pulling out of context one line of Mercedes post.

Brennan's letter to the UN seeks validates misogyny and undoubtedly will be referenced as the UN commission realigns its advocacy for womankind.

Brennan wrote:

"the proliferation of legislation designed to protect "gender identity" and "gender expression" undermines legal protections for females vis-à-vis sex segregated spaces, such... as female-only clubs, public restrooms, public showers, and other spaces designated as "female only."

and Brennan's letter suggests that transgender usage of restrooms endangers females because:

"... we recognize the legitimate needs of transgender and transsexual women to operate in the world free from irrational discrimination. However, we cannot deny the implications of this legislation - and the radical shift in priorities it represents for females. Female reproductive vulnerability has a long history of exploitation by males in the form of sexualized violence...."

And Mercedes wrote:
"In other words, they claim to recognize that we need basic human rights, but actually granting those rights harms women and constitutes sexualized violence by males."

Take action! Sign the petition


Equality Maryland its NOT all about MONEY! Its about the people YOU FORSAKE for it!

It is understandable that this organizations present primary fear is shutting down because of a lack of money.

It is unforgivable the circumstances that lead to this condition and its resulting alienation from the people of Maryland. The people who trusted you explicitly.

Equality Maryland can only blame it self. Equality Maryland sold a pie in the sky agenda to the Gill Foundation and HRC for a promise of marriage equality and a version of a transgender equality bill they thought they could sneak past the transgender community and would be a easy sell to the right extremists and religious 'moderate' democrats.

Equality Maryland got what they wanted, huge cash grants from these entities.

Now Equality Maryland is in a screaming crash dive pieces and parts flying off as it heads towards a inevitable end.

Equality Maryland's writer on the Metro Weekly, spinmeister Yusef Najafin last two articles, Maryland Money Woes and "Equality Maryland Board Explains Vote to "Remove" Executive Director"
has taken Equality Maryland's dirty laundry and hung it out.

But true to Equality Maryland's history of deception and obfuscation the articles make no mention of the core reasons Equality Maryland finds itself without a membership.


Its not just about money. Its about trust. Stop censoring your facebook page. Its about communication. Newspaper articles need to fairly present the issues from ALL peoples perspectives, the poor transgender peoples as well. I'm not talking about the rich board members and gender queers that populate your faux "transgender" group. Its about designing legislation with the input of all your constituents. Its about pursuing the agreed on agenda with full transparency. Its about not placing your wish for fame above the health and welfare of transgender and gay people.

Equality Maryland has fatally failed the LGBT people of Maryland on all those counts and more.

You have lost all credibility. We have zero faith in you.

In the best interest of the LGBT people of Maryland Equality Maryland needs shut its doors.


Executive Director of EQMD, Morgan Meneses-Sheets FIRED by Board of Directors

Washington Blade reports that the board of director fired executive director, Morgan Meneses-Sheets.

I have personally lobbied for Morgan Meneses-Sheets removal. She has personally rode herd on this organizations deceptions censorship and intimidation of the transgender community. Equality Maryland under Morgan Meneses-Sheets slandered trans and cisgender activists alike lowering themselves so far as to claim we made physical threats of harm against them and Maryland legislators, just to justify the campaign of censorship.

According to the Blade: “This past Sunday, the Board of Directors of Equality Maryland, in executive session, voted to remove her from her position, essentially telling the organization’s staff, volunteers, supporters, funders and general community that the organization will now move in a different direction,” Thorn said in his statement."

Of course the Washington Blade spun her departure to make her look like a blameless victim.

The Washington Blade goes on:
“In particular the past few months have been tough to bear,” she said. “Not because of the hard work which I welcome and felt honored to be part of, but because of the forces within the organization and external politics that created additional and unnecessary obstacles to our forward movement and success.”

She added, “As I move on, I will not focus on the negative or destructive forces that created this untenable situation; instead I will look back at the many proud moments along the way.”
I have been unable to post comments on the Washington Blade ever since I called them out for enabling Equality Maryland's horrendous tactics but that seems to be changing too.

My comment on the Blade which remains for now:

Kelli TrANNsAction Busey April 22, 2011 at 8:40 pm Submitted 7:38 PM CT 4/22/2011
Whats not addressed by this article is the real reason Sheets was fired. As a “Equality” organization’s leader you can not mistreat and ignore the people you say you represent. I believe firing her was the first and only thing Equality Maryland needed to do to get back in the communities good graces.
I seriously hope Equality Maryland now allows all of its members to comment. I hope they stop making false claims against there members.
And Washington Blade I hope you publish this comment by me. I am sure you are aware by now some key people are aware of your censorship and misrepresentation of the transgender community as well.

I was severely tempted to embed the 'wicked witch is dead' song from the Wiz but that would be too celebratory. Instead lets take a trip of hope over the rainbow together.


Equality Maryland Morgan Meneses Sheets "welcomes criticism" Oh no, you didn't say that!

OK, so this was too much to stomach. For prosperity I need to document the evil underhanded tyrannical being that is the executive director of Equality Maryland. !Please sign the petition against HB235

First lets take a trip with Metro Weekly into revisionist gay fantasyland which paints Morgan Meneses Sheets as a champion of transgender people who welcomes criticism.

I have documented the campaign of censorship led by Morgan Meneses Sheets. !Please sign the petition against HB235

On February eighth a Baltimore transgender woman journalist Danna LaRocca was banned from Equality Maryland's facebook page for questioning Equality Maryland's obvious lack of racial diversity.

Why does Equality Maryland not mention the racial minority transgender group Trans-United anymore since Sandy Rawls withdrew her support? Why does Equality Maryland blog not have any entries from Maryland advocate groups?

Numerous other transgender and cisgender advocates myself included are banned from commenting on the Equality Maryland facebook page. There are dozens of documented instances when rational respectful comments have been deleted by Equality Maryland.

Equality Maryland's note FAQ – Censorship, HB 235 and the EQMD Facebook page. stated that the censoring of opposition to HB235 on their facebook page was done because there were physical threats of violence made against her, the Equality Maryland Staff and the lead sponsor of HB235 Del. Pena-Melnyk.

That note which written in defence of EQMD's censorship was quickly disputed by those of who were not banned. Those who did comment had some of there comments deleted including the past president of the EQMD board.

!Please sign the petition against HB235
In fact Del. Pena-Melnyk has endeavoured to silence her critics by calling the Executive Director of TransMaryland, myself and others screaming threats that if "you people" show up at hearings she would pull all support for transgender people!

Equality Maryland held one unannounced 'transgender meeting' with its staff to get input from the Baltimore community. The next transgender meeting was attended by a local transgender advocate Robyn Webb who was shouted down by the Equality Maryland staff and gender queer shills.

Transmaryland held a protest after that meeting and the next day Equality Maryland cancelled all further meetings until the end of the legislative sessions with the transgender community claiming “scheduling conflicts” as the reason.

Sheets is to far into this lie to have any hope for redemption so in desperation fearing the inevitable membership upheaval she makes preemptive strikes hoping to cover her lies with so much regurgitated vomit most courageous journalistic crusaders would be repulsed by the stench alone. Not me Sheets.

Trickle Down Civil Rights? Not on my Life!Please sign the petition against HB235


Equality Maryland HB235 Transgender Killing BULLDOZER knocked down a Notch

Maryland Transgender community has become accustomed to staring at this bulldozer the past few months, as the riders grew in numbers so did our diminutive stature become more evident.

We are the poor. The disadvantaged. The blacks. The Italians. The Irish. The Jewish. The Hispanic. The transgender people from the city. In despair we began to doubt that we could ever stop HRC's funded federation member equality Maryland as they ran us over again and again.

But at the last minute a saviour appeared as if god sent. Bloodied but not beaten westare in amazement! A politician has stood up to the machinery of and announced our existence! Finally someone with power who would record our calls, our emails our pleas for help.

After these months of being afraid if we called your office again you would return our calls to SCREAM and THREATEN us again Del. Pena-Melnyk the shoe is on the other foot ain't it? Yeah.



Open Letter to Catherine Hyde, PFLAG Mother

Catherine Hyde, the Transgender Network Coordinator for PFLAG Howard County and a mom of a 17-year-old, is planning to testify at the House Committee hearing on HB 235, the Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act.

Catherine's support of this bill was recently announced by Equality Maryland which is persisting in championing this bill despite opposition by all Maryland transgender groups, local advocates and national outrage.

Dear Catherine,

Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought I would write a letter opposing a PFLAG mother intending to testify at a legislative hearing, but today I find I must.

Catherine, You have been mislead by the very people whom you have trusted with your daughters very future, Equality Maryland.

The message you are prepared to deliver to the House committee in support of HB235 could ensure insure your very own child never has the legal right to use any of the places listed here:
§ 20-301. 2010 Maryland Code,
Subtitle 3 - Discrimination in Places of Public Accommodation.

In this subtitle, "place of public accommodation" means:

(1) an inn, hotel, motel, or other establishment that provides lodging to transient guests;

(2) a restaurant, cafeteria, lunchroom, lunch counter, soda fountain, or other facility principally engaged in selling food or alcoholic beverages for consumption on or off the premises, including a facility located on the premises of a retail establishment or gasoline station;

(3) a motion picture house, theater, concert hall, sports arena, stadium, or other place of exhibition or entertainment;

(4) a retail establishment that:

(i) is operated by a public or private entity; and

(ii) offers goods, services, entertainment, recreation, or transportation; and

(5) an establishment:

(i) 1. that is physically located within the premises of any other establishment covered by this subtitle; or

2. within the premises of which any other establishment covered by this subtitle is physically located; and

(ii) that holds itself out as serving patrons of the covered establishment.

But your testimony will have far worst consequences than apparent at first glance.

Catherine, your testimony will tell your daughter and all transgender children they are not considered human enough to share the same world with the human race. Think of it! Why else would a law be written that purposefully does not entitle them to be in such places?

That same question will be pounded into the minds of politicians and the public when and if amendments are brought forward. Given the opposition in Montgomery county just to the west of your house what do you think the chances of such amendment being successful? How many times do you think it will be debated? It boggles the mind.

Think of the damage you will be doing to your child's self esteem. As you know, especially for transgender youth, damaged self perception is the main reason for suicide. And what hurts a child the most is being told over and over they that they are less than and not worthy. Ask me I know.

I pray you will reconsider supporting HB235 and listen to us transgender people who are so against this bill without public accommodations. TransMaryland, Trans-United, and every transgender blogger nationwide has expressed dismay at the lack of public provisions in this bill.

Please listen to us Catherine. You are speaking as a mother of a child still in school from her experiences. The transgender community is speaking the words of wisdom earned from decades of experience.

Kelli Anne Busey
TransAction ConVergence


Trans-United Joins TransMaryland opposing Maryland "Bathroom-Less" bill HB235

UPDATE 2.21.2011: Sandy Rawls Statement on TransGriot

Maryland Section 20-301 - "Place of public accommodation" defined.

Sandy Rawls the director of Trans-United announced on her facebook profile that her group has withdrawn its support of Equality Maryland's transgender 'equality' bill minus public accommodations.

Trans-United withdraws support from Trans-United for HB235

Morgan Meneses-Sheets executive director of Equality Maryland which was instrumental in getting HB235 written without public accommodations quickly commented on Trans-United withdrawal of support.

Being that Equality Marryland has invested extraordinary resources in promoting and representing HB235 as a trans supported effort I assume Meneses-Sheets was somehow hoping to invoke in a positive light reinvent memories of the cataclysmic Cambridge Maryland racial riots of the 1960's which were ignited because of similar incrementalism.

Whats more, these are strange words coming from someones who's group EQMD blocks Marylanders if they should question their commitment to racial diversity as happened on February 8th to Transgender journalist Danna LaRocca!

Equality Maryland contention that it pursues a goodwill transgender inclusive agenda is a lie.

Former transgender Equality Maryland board member Laura Hart who quit with Dana Beyer in protest of gay peoples non support of transgender issues had this to say when questioned why she left:

"I quit the board mainly because, with my 2 years of volunteering on the United ENDA Coalition, I was totally disgusted that ENDA was left to die while DADT repeal consumed all available political capital the gay community had. I simply do not believe in an LGBT movement. There is a gay movement and a trans movement. You could say that the gay movement is our best allie and I said that is very sadly true. The gay movement has always sold us out and always will. I think the only reason they want the T to be included is to control the message to further their own ends."
As to Equality Maryland contention all transgender people made well informed desisions regarding their initial support of HB234 Laura says:

"There was a statement I read early on in this controversy which stated that the trans community was consulted and agreed to dropping public accommodations. I was on that phonecon and I can tell you they took the phonecon out of context. The call took place within days of the end of the legislative session in 2009. We were told that if we did not remove public accommodations, the bill was dead. If we did, we had a fighting but only outside chance of getting it to move. We were told that if it died in 2009 then 2010 will be an election year, 2011 will be all about marriage equality and they would not come back for GI anti-discrimination until 2012, 2013, maybe even 2015. In the hope of getting something done in 2009, we agreed. I doubt the decision would be the same if we had any idea that accepting this, under short term duress, would result in a permanent ceiling on what we would ever fight to enact."
And what does the future hold if these misconceptions were held as truth? Luara explains:
So what compromises are we going have forced on us this year and will the result of these compromises result in a bill being passed? If I was a betting person I would be willing to bet that GI anti-discrimination has already been sold out in the Maryland State Senate for the sake of marriage equality. To the best of my knowledge, there isn't even a Senate bill yet. It will be New Hampshire 2.0. Even before session began, there was word that the marriage bill would not be filibustered. What was given up to get that deal?
Trans-United now joins with TransMaryLand in non support of this bill.

Transgender Marylanders are becoming aware of this potential tragedy and are speaking up. We NOT ONE STATE will not accept a bill that allows us legal protections in the work place but not public accommodations. This bill was in effect telling us we can work for you, but we can't use your bathroom.

Equality Maryland now stands alone to meet the public outrage without any Maryland transgender groups support for HB235 as written.


Not a Pot to Piss in: Maryland anti discrimination bill without Public Accommodations provision

Maryland gay rights group defends a transgender nondiscrimination bill striped of public accommodations provisions that uses our lives as leverage in furthering marriage agenda.

INEquality Maryland then parades out a employee quisling apologist who personally attempts to justify this injustice as necessary incrementalism.

The Maryland legislature non discrimination bill explicitly prohibits discrimination against trans people except in public accommodations! This is a concession to extremist neo-christian groups and generic transphobic so gay Marylanders may have a better chance for marriage equality this year:

HOUSE BILL 235 (pdf) introduced and read first time: January 28, 2011 prohibits workplace discrimination and ".... discrimination based on gender identity by certain licensed or regulated persons; prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity with regard to the leasing of property for commercial usage or in the provision of certain services or facilities; altering a certain exception for employers that relates to standards concerning dress and grooming; providing that certain provisions of law relating to discrimination in 10 employment do not apply to certain religious entities.."

Glaringly absent from this years years bill, unlike previous versions offered in the past years, are provisions to allow us access to public accommodations. This will mean if this bill passes transgender Marylanders will only be protected in the areas of employment and housing.

Dana LaRocca wrote in her column in the Baltimore Outloud
"During Thursday’s Kick-Off, Equality Maryland emphasized the importance of employment protection using the statistic that transgender people have an unemployment rate ten times the norm (their website says two times, however). I doubt the accuracy of any number. The places where transmen and transwomen are most often discriminated against are in public accommodations. A bill that leaves out public accommodations leaves transfolk, literally, “without a pot to piss in.”

Commenting on Pams House Blend post "Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination bill introduced in Maryland House" Danna was more explicit in her condemnation with a post tittled:
"Public accomodations were left out as appeasment to opponents."

"Unlike the bill offered for the past four years this bill excludes public accommodations, it includes only employment and housing. This is not equal treatment under the law. This is second class citizenship. It is the moral equivalent of what would have been if the Civil Right Act of 1964 had left restaurants, the restrooms, and the lunch counters segregated."

"I have seen no support for this bill within the transgender community. What I have seen is a lot of anger and a sense of betrayal."

"The die had been cast and the rights of the transgendered were sacrificed. Just as Neville Chamberlain had sacrificed the Sudetenland for a moment of peace the LGB lobby has sacrificed the transgendered. The result will not be the peace they expected. What the LGB lobbyists have shown is that they are willing to back down at fear of something like what they have called ""vicious" attacks on Montgomery County's transgender bill," which refers to a county struggle in 2007. I'm old enough to remember the Battle of Chicago in '68 and Stonewall in '69, when activists in my day said "vicious" they meant fire hoses, Billy clubs, and teargas. The name calling we suffered in Montgomery County was not "vicious."
Yet the majority of the commenter's on Pams House Blend just shrugged their virtual shoulders sending a disastrous potentially lethal message of "oh well its better than nothing".

Better than what? Its almost impossible to prove discrimination in housing or win any monetary compensation in employment discrimination cases

Reality Check.
You are on your way to work after a Starbucks and get delayed in one of the many MD traffic jams and you can't even use a bathroom for Christs sake!

Reality check.

This is worthless bill spotlighting's willingness to sacrifice transgender lives for its agenda. Transgender Marylanders, are you going to lay down for them and let the bus run you over?

EQUALITY MARYLAND people of good faith, I have always supported you, will you be silent?

Demand Equality Maryland treat us with dignity. Add a comment on their Facebook page post congratulating themselves on our exclusion.

TWEET THIS and make the call!!!! From « ENDAblog Maryland Mariage Equality Hearings today call the six undecided senators needed to pass #EQMD #transgender

Ask the six undecided Senators to vote against the Maryland Marriage Equality bill UNTILL there is a bill, PASS OR FAIL, that respects transgender people.


Maryland Postpones New Transgender Driver License Gender Marker Requirement

Equality Maryland has some good news. MVA has postponed a change to it's gender marker requirements for transender people. The previous change would have required that a transgender person produce a birth certificate in order to document the requested gender marker change on his/her driver licence.

That requirement, should I still be living in Maryland, would have denied me the opportunity to live my life in the pursuit of happiness as my birth state of Ohio is one of two states that will not amend or issue a new birth certificate regardless if sexual reassignment surgery had been performed or not.

Thank god for little mercies, but wait! They are not finished yet! They admit that the procedure that has been in place for a decade has been effective but they are still considering making statutory changes.

This leaves the door open so as EQMD states "this is a victory" for now insuring we don't slide backwards but it is only that, only a temporary stay.

Please support Equality Maryland's efforts across the board!

email from Equality Maryland:

Dear Friends,
As you know, the Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA) was looking at requiring an amended birth certificate in order for transgender individuals to update the gender marker on their driver's license. It was scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2010. This would have required going through the court system. Additionally, a birth certificate change can only be done if the sex of an individual has been changed by surgical procedure.

After literally hundreds of calls and e-mails into the offices of the Governor and the Attorney General, we just received wonderful news - the proposed policy has been halted.

The Attorney General's office shared the following statement from the MVA:

MVA believes that the current policy on gender designation which has been in practice for almost a decade is secure and the procedures we have adopted ensures reasonable accommodation for individuals who are making a gender transition change. At this time, MVA is not effecting a change to that policy. However, written legal advice received from the Office of Attorney General clearly states that MVA's current policy does not meet all statutory requirements and we are therefore continuing to work with the Office of Attorney General before making a final determination on whether a policy update is appropriate.

The MVA intends to stick with current procedures; however, they continue to assert that the policy may not meet all statutory requirements. Equality Maryland and our partners will work to convene relevant stakeholders to either secure a change in the statutory requirements or assess possible policy revisions. We have already scheduled a strategy meeting in the New Year.
Having a legal identity document that does not match a person's gender exposes them to potential risk not just of embarrassment, but of harassment as well. We are pleased that the MVA was willing to halt the implementation of this dangerous policy change in order to allow for constructive dialogue. There is still work to do, but for now let's take a moment to celebrate.

All the best to you and yours this holiday season,
Morgan Meneses-Sheets
Executive Director
Equality Maryland

Equality Maryland press release: MVA Delays Implementation of Harmful License Policy

P.S. Support our efforts to protect the rights of transgender Marylanders! We are on the front lines with you everyday working to update and enhance the protections that exist for transgender Marylanders and avoid rollbacks like the proposed policy. Help us keep up the fight by visiting Equality today and making a donation!


EQMD : Last Chance to Speak for Transgender Protections

Urge Your Senator to Support Transgender Anti-Discrimination Legislation


Legislators on the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee continue to stall a vote on SB 566. Twice legislators have found excuses to hold the bill over. Tuesday the bill will come up again in committee. Tell your state Senator to do everything in his or her power to support a full Senate floor vote on this basic human rights legislation. Click here to take action.


Take Action for Transgender Equality in Maryland

Countdown - Take Action NOW for Trans Rights
Gender Identity Legislation Still Alive - Take Action! Legislation that would ban discrimination against transgender people in housing and employment is poised for a vote this week in committee. Please take action now to urge your legislators to vote yes on House Bill 474 and Senate Bill 566. Click here to send an email today. We truly need your support to make this proposed civil rights legislation state law.

This action alert will send a email to your legislators if you live in Maryland.

kelli's note~Equality Maryland has distinguished it's self as a true advocate for transgender causes. Please support Equality Maryland!


Urge Maryland's Governor to Push for Transgender Anti-Discrimination Legislation

From Equality Maryland Take Action

Governor O'Malley's leadership can make the difference in the House and Senate Committees passing transgender anti-discrimination legislation this year. Transgender people experience bias far too often in employment, housing, healthcare, and public accommodations. When discrimination prevents or hinders a person from gaining or keeping employment, many other problems develop. Rent doesn't get paid, which leads to eviction. Data shows that 42% of transgender people in the DC Metro Area are unemployed and 19% do not have their own living space. Transgender individuals may also be denied access to social services like shelters or rape crisis centers; refused treatment, ridiculed, or denied recognition of their gender identity by health care professionals; or refused service at restaurants or stores.

Click for the Equality Maryland Action Alert


EQMD : Urge Committees to Support Transgender Anti-Discrimination Legislation

Urge Committees to Support Transgender Anti-Discrimination Legislation

Urge Committees to Support Transgender Anti-Discrimination Legislation
Transgender people experience bias far too often in employment, housing, healthcare, and public accommodations. When discrimination prevents or hinders a person from gaining or keeping employment, many other problems develop. Rent doesn't get paid, which leads to eviction. Data shows that 42% of transgender people in the DC Metro Area are unemployed and 19% do not have their own living space. Transgender individuals may also be denied access to social services like shelters or rape crisis centers; refused treatment, ridiculed, or denied recognition of their gender identity by health care professionals; or refused service at restaurants or stores.

Every person in our state deserves an equal opportunity to make a life for his or herself free from discrimination and violence. Discrimination against transgender Marylanders is wrong, far too prevalent, and must be stopped.

The lack of protections based on gender identity and expression has gone on long enough. Edit the below text to tell your state legislators to cosponsor this common-sense legislation.

Talking Points
The Washington Transgender Needs Assessment survey estimates that 42% of transgender people in the DC Metro Area are unemployed; 31% have incomes of less than $10,000/year; and 19% do not have their own living space. The most common barriers cited by those who lack housing are their economic situation (38%), housing staff insensitivity or hostility to transgender people (29%), estrangement from birth family (27%) and lack of employment (23%).
Similar bills in other states have been non-controversial. The New Jersey bill adding protections for transgender individuals was signed into law in December 2006, passed by a margin of 33-3 in the Senate and 69-5 in the Assembly. According to a Gonzales poll taken in August 2006, more than half of Maryland voters favor making it illegal in Maryland to discriminate against transgender people.
Discrimination in housing and public accommodations is a large problem for transgender people.
Many are evicted or forced to leave home.
Landlords may not want to rent to a transgender person.
Public facilities such as stores, restaurants and bars may ask transgender people to leave because of the perception that other customers may be upset.
Transsexual individuals often lose their jobs during or after their gender transitions.
Without protections from workplace discrimination many transgender Marylanders will continue to be pressured to hide their true gender identity to keep their jobs.

Urge Committees to Support Transgender Anti-Discrimination Legislation

Equality Maryland supports Freedom of Association and Assembly Protection Act of 2009

Does that qualify Equality Maryland a threat to society?

The people who ordered the Maryland State Police to spy on Equality Maryland apparently think so. According to EQMD Executive Director Kate Runyon these activities include monitoring email lists, keeping files on currant and past members and posing as activists in order to gain access to ongoing activities.

The apparent spying began after Equality Maryland spoke out in favor of the Freedom of Association and Assembly Protection Act of 2009. These bills mandate that law enforcement use of covert techniques and compiling of criminal intelligence dossiers about Marylanders' political views and activities be based on reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.

From Equality Maryland
Every person in our state deserves an equal opportunity to make a life for his or herself free from discrimination and violence. Discrimination against transgender Marylanders is wrong, far too prevalent, and must be stopped.
Urge Committees to Support Transgender Anti-Discrimination Legislation