Equality Maryland HB235 Transgender Killing BULLDOZER knocked down a Notch

Maryland Transgender community has become accustomed to staring at this bulldozer the past few months, as the riders grew in numbers so did our diminutive stature become more evident.

We are the poor. The disadvantaged. The blacks. The Italians. The Irish. The Jewish. The Hispanic. The transgender people from the city. In despair we began to doubt that we could ever stop HRC's funded federation member equality Maryland as they ran us over again and again.

But at the last minute a saviour appeared as if god sent. Bloodied but not beaten westare in amazement! A politician has stood up to the machinery of gay.com and announced our existence! Finally someone with power who would record our calls, our emails our pleas for help.

After these months of being afraid if we called your office again you would return our calls to SCREAM and THREATEN us again Del. Pena-Melnyk the shoe is on the other foot ain't it? Yeah.



Cathy Brennan said...

Best of luck passing a comprehensive bill next year.

planet trans said...

Its not just a 'Comprehensive' bill Cathy, it's our humanity our dignity and the morality of our allies that are at stake.

This has not been about the chances of our passing a comprehensive bill.

We all recognize that will not happen in the near future as will not any amendments to a nonexclusive bill.

Morality. Humanity. Dignity.

We are only asking for what all other minorities have demanded and received, full equality under the law.

Dana LaRocca said...

HB235 was just a very bad law. It would have been better to have had nothing this year. Sadly we had to ally with traditional enemies of equality to keep this bill from seeing the light of day.

Now we have the additional work of building new alliances or salvaging old ones at the State House. This could have been prevented had Equality Maryland not crafted a crummy bill for the sole purpose of political expediency.

Marti said...

Kelli, I don't think this kind of post is helpful. While I am relieved that this bill has (at least for the time being) been defeated. Demonizing those who we disagree with isn't helpful. Calling them out? Yes. Making them into a killing machine is one step from calling them Nazis.

Instead of making enemies, we need to ask these folks to stand with us instead of stand up for us.

The biggest problem in our community right now is that we are not in control of it. We aren't coming to G&L as equals, but as beggars asking to be given crumbs.

As much as I disagree with Cathy Brennan/Maryland Equality/ProHB235 Trans supporters attitude/comments/positions, I don't see them as an enemy. I see them as someone I disagree with. When they come to my POV they're allies. This kind of demonization does nothing but push them farther away. That isn't helpful.