ACLU of Maryland accessory to EQMD oppression of Transgender Community

After numerous unsuccessful attempts at contacting the ACLU of Maryland this facebook post and tweet mentioning their unconscionable support of inequality Maryland got a reaction. I think I finally struck a nerve.

My tweet:
@ACLU_MD supports #eqMD horrific #HB235 despite MD transgender groups opposition http://goo.gl/GKJCy and experience http://wp.me/plmvK-gu

My Facebook post:

ACLU of Maryland responds "Please contact our legislative team with your concerns: curtis@aclu-md.org"

I will Contact Curtis and ask him why the ACLU of Maryland is supporting EQMD despite their self admitted censorship of transgender objections to HB 235. This action by The ACLU of Maryland is contrary to their opinion on freedom of speech.

Statement to House subcommittee, May 2010

I will ask Curtis why the ACLU of Maryland is supporting a bill that the a minority clearly opposes. NOT being the oppressed ACLU of Maryland is not in a position ton dictate to transgender people what their concerns are.

The first paragraphs of the ACLU testimony at the House hearing.
"The ACLU of Maryland strongly supports HB 235 as providing long overdue protection to
Maryland’s transgendered residents. It should receive a favorable report from this committee."

"The state’s current antidiscrimination law prohibits discrimination based upon race, color,religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, genetic information, or disability, but provides no protection for transgendered individuals, leaving them vulnerable to discrimination in all areas of civic life. The bill closes this loophole."
NO it OPENS a 'loop hole'.

What HB235 does is places the onus on future legislative efforts to show exactly why transgender people should be treated as equal in societies public accommodations when they were clearly denied that right under previous legislation. This legislation is not better than than nothing it is worst than nothing.

EQMD tries to justify HB235 by suggesting the near future social climate in Maryland will be more conducive to passing public accommodations amendment. EQMD crafted the previous exclusionary amendment a decade ago. Why would we believe they would ever come back' for us now that the Marriage issues remains unsolved. This self serving lie only condemns generations of transgender people to generations of servitude and second class citizenship.

The last ditch defense offered by eqMD of this fail is debunked because HB235 does not protect transgender people in homeless shelters

ACLU, get out of bed with equality Maryland. Maryland Transgender people DO NOT want HB235!

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Cathy Brennan said...

You might start by knowing who you are talking to - it's Meredith Curtis:

Meredith Curtis is the Public Outreach Director. She coordinates our public outreach events and initiatives, as well as handling publications, media relations, and strategic communications.