With a “feeling of betrayal,” one family flees Texas in search of safe home for their transgender daughter

Watch: With a “feeling of betrayal,” one family flees Texas in search of safer climate for their transgender daughter

"Watch: With a “feeling of betrayal,” one family flees Texas in search of safer climate for their transgender daughter" was first published by The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization that informs Texans — and engages with them — about public policy, politics, government and statewide issues.

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Ess Welsh spent her entire life in Texas. It’s where she fell in love with marching band, where she found a community of fellow Dungeons and Dragons players, and where she faced the looming threat of her family being investigated for child abuse.

In February, Gov. Greg Abbott told the Texas Department of Family Protective and Services to investigate families providing their transgender children with gender-affirming care. The directive is still in legal limbo.

[What is gender-affirming medical care for transgender children? Here’s what you need to know.]

For the Welsh family, leaving Texas means facing huge financial risks, severing community ties, and breaking bonds with trusted therapists and care providers. However, staying carries the threat of investigations, family separation and a loss of the crucial gender-affirming medical care that leading medical organizations have deemed medically necessary.

The Welsh family was just one of many grappling with this difficult decision.

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This article originally appeared in The Texas Tribune at https://www.texastribune.org/2022/08/22/family-with-transgender-daughter-flees-texas/.

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Transgender woman fatally Shot in East Houston Friday

 Marisela Castro / Houston Chronicle

A Transgender woman was shot in the back of her head and left for dead on a street in East Houston Friday morning.

The Houston Chronicle has identified the victim as Marisela Castro, who recently moved to Houston from North Carolina to be closer to her Family.

Houston police detectives told ABC13 that the shooting happened very quickly, in just 10 seconds.

The victim was shot in the back in the middle of Wood Shadows Drive near the East Freeway around 1:45 a.m. Friday, police said.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Detectives said the victim was driving her car -- a four-door maroon Chrysler 200 -- with two other people also inside.

Police said the woman stopped the car on Centerwood Drive at Wood Shadows Drive, and she and a man got out.

That's when the suspect fired one shot from behind before getting back in the car and taking off, according to HPD.

"Our victim stepped out of the vehicle, was driving another person - it's hard to say - they were dressed in black, possibly a male," Det. Sgt. Thomas Simmons said. "They got out of the backseat. There was one gunshot fired. The victim fell. The suspect returned to the back of the vehicle. The vehicle left."

According to the TDoR TransLivesMatter website, Castro is the 55th trans person murdered in the USA since the 2019 TDoR.

Rest in Peace Marisela Castro.

Investigators are urging anyone with information about the incident to contact the HPD Homicide Division at (713) 308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-8477.


Transgender woman found shot to death in detroit

Trans woman murdered detroit
Corporal Dani Woods

The body of a transgender woman was found in the 13800 block of Fenkell avenue on Monday evening. She suffered multipule gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

"Another trans woman of color has lost their life, and so it’s devastating to the community that this occurred," said Corporal Dani Woods.

Police have not yet identified her and are searching for a motive. If you have any information they are asking that you call 313-596-2260 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-Speak-Up.


Comedy Venue First Avenue drops Dave Chappelle's show due to transphobia

Minneapolis' First Avenue on Wednesday canceled a Dave Chappelle show at the last minute after facing public backlash for booking the comedian, reports NBC

“To staff, artists, and our community, we hear you and we are sorry,” the venue said in a tweet, announcing that the evening’s show had been canceled.

(L) David Chappell  (R) Daphne Dorman 

David Chappelle earned a place in infamy for his part in the suicide of Daphne Dorman, the trans woman who killed herself after he humiliated her during the NetFlix special "The Closer".

First Avenue did the right thing by moving his show, as did Chappelle's alma mater when the students rose to protest and denied the school's renaming to Chappelle.

The venue has since been on the receiving end of much criticism and derogatory comments for doing so.

One person signed the Change.org petition calling on First Avenue not to host Chappelle just so they could denigrate those standing up to transphobia. That individual's comment mirrors the sentiments of the Fox News commentary below.

Trigger Warning: This outrageous and vile special is triggering to anyone who is woke.

The word "woke" has since been weaponized to dehumanize people of color and transgender people by the white oppressors. The outrageous premise that Gutfeld uses to validate his ridiculous premise that the oppressors are the liberators melts in the light of the day.

So where did the euphemism  "woke" start from? Some would say singer song writer Lead Belly who sang about 6 black teenagers who were falsely accused of raping two white women in Alabama.

To know history gives us an opportunity to benefit from others' experiences. I am proud to be a part of our tiny woke minority as it links my feeble efforts to those who have a historic and momentous past.


Florida to ban gender affirming medical care for all ages

Florida is attempting to do a back door ban of ALL gender affirming care by creating their own psuedo-scientific standards of care that will emphasize conversion therapy.

There will be a hearing on August 5 at 8am at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport Marriot. Be there.

related: DeSantis moves to ban transition care for transgender youths, Medicaid recipients


Duke Ellington School of Arts will not be named after David Chappelle

(L) David Chappell  (R) Daphne Dorman 

The Duke Ellington School of Arts, David Chappelle's alma mater will not be renamed after the transphobic comedian we learned on Monday.

Chappelle earned a place in infamy by launching into a transphobic tirade posthumously bashing transgender woman Daphne Dorman, his former prodigy who took her own life just days after NetFlix "Closer" aired.

Students protested the proposed name change and forced postponment of the renaming in November.

Chappelle, who self-identifies as a "TERF" in solidarity with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling said on Monday that he was "hurt" by the student's rejection.

Chappelle stated that he refused to allow his artistic freedom and expression to be a victim of "cancel culture," a catch phrase used by neo-nazies as a pejorative to denigrate transgender "woke" resistance.

The theater at the school was renamed the "Theater of Artistic Freedom & Expression" on Monday amid a kickoff of a million-dollar fundraising campaign championed by Chappelle.


Dallas Judge Removes TX AG Ken Paxton from Case Involving Trans Youth Healthcare

Ken Paxton
Ken Paxton

DALLAS, June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- A judge in Dallas County today removed Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton from a lawsuit involving Dallas' Children's Medical Center and physicians there providing gender-affirming care for transgender youth.

Judge Melissa Bellan in Dallas County Court at Law No. 2 ruled that Mr. Paxton and his office do not have the authority to act in the case and that no state law was implicated.

"The attorney general has no business being in this case and tried to push his way into it to satisfy a political interest, not a legal one," says Charla Aldous, who along with law partner Brent Walker and attorney Stephen Malouf represent the plaintiff, Dr. Ximena Lopez.

Attorney General Paxton intervened in the case claiming gender-affirming care constitutes child abuse. During a two-hour hearing in front of Judge Bellan, attorneys for the AG questioned whether Dr. Lopez was following the proper standard of care, but the court rejected those arguments.

"The attorney general intervened in this lawsuit with no purpose but intimidation only," Mr. Walker told the court.

Dr. Lopez filed suit in April against Children's Medical Center in Dallas in order to continue providing gender-affirming care – including hormone treatments and puberty blockers – for transgender youth after such care was suspended last fall. She and others believe that action happened after the attorney general and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pressured Children's and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center to stop providing such treatment at the GENECIS clinic.

During the hearing in front of Judge Bellan, Mr. Malouf pointed out that use of puberty blockers for gender dysphoria is on an approved list of treatments written by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

Through the lawsuit, and a temporary injunction that is now in place, Dr. Lopez and other physicians at Children's are once again allowed to provide gender-affirming care.


16-year-old Tenn. trans girl denied an education live streams cops taking her in for truancy

A 16-year-old Tennesse transgender girl wanted to go to school but was denied the use of the correct bathroom so she couldn't. Eventually the state decided Vio Wynn was truant and took her from her family. So while while playing minecraft, cops busted her bedroom door down and before dragging her into foster care asked "are you winning".

As reported by The Gamer.com as can be seen in the last moments of Wynn’s live broadcast, the young woman does her best to ignore the presence of the officers when they break into her room. She was only able to transmit for 17 minutes before she was taken away, but she anticipated their arrival.

“This will probably be the last broadcast because they’re trying to get me to kill myself or go into foster care or something. Instead of just giving me an education,” Wynn opens on her broadcast. “Honestly, I just want to go to school. But they don’t want me to go to school because I’m trans. I’m so stressed.”

Wynn continues to talk about her situation as she begins to play. “I love streaming. Honestly, it’s one of the only things in life that I really enjoy. And they’re trying to put me in foster care where I can’t even do that. I’ve already been adopted once, I don’t need to be adopted again.” I just need to be able to go to school I just worry about being abused."

“I don’t understand why the state of Tennessee would rather ruin a girl’s life than just let her go to school.”[…]I wish I had a future instead of having whatever chance I had to be happy in life taken away from me… I don’t know why they want to condemn me", said Wynn.

Keffals has asked legal professionals to contact her at inquiries@keffals.info if they can help Wynn. TheGamer has reached out to the streamer and will update this report if we hear anything more about Wynn’s situation.


How Junk Science is Being Used Against Trans Kids

This short Scientific American video explores how Junk Science is being used against transgender Kids.


Courageous TX Mother of Trans Son Amber Briggle appears on MSNBC

Amber Briggle, a TX mom of a transgender child has "no more words" to say to AG Ken Paxton, who’s labeled gender-affirming care for kids as child abuse. "He broke bread with my family and now he says that families like mine should not exist."

Mrs. Briggle was afraid for the safety of her children if she left them with loving relatives while she went to the GLAAD media awards. Her main concerns weren't about whether her kids would get enough to eat or make it to school on time. But about the Texas official state criminals should they steal them while she was away.

'I am angry every single day because of the way the world treats my son' — Mom Amber Briggle delivered a tearful speech at the GLAAD Media Awards after being investigated for providing gender-affirming care for her trans son in Texas.

Amber's powerful testimony against anti-trans legislation in 2021:

"I’m terrified because I’m the parent of a trans child. And I’m afraid that by speaking here today, my words will be used against me should #SB1646 or #SB1311 pass, & my sweet son whom I love more than life itself, will be taken from me."

"But here I am."


Digital Artist displays trans inclusive messages on billboards across the nation

Have a gay Day

Over 200 billboards in nearly every state displayed a transgender-inclusive message on the Transgender Day of Visibility. The artwork is courtesy of non-binary artist Rae Senarighi and is made possible with funding by the group Have a Gay Day.

The digital "blips" display for 10 seconds rotate with other paid messages. They are a powerfull way of reminding us and the general public that our lives truly do matter.

Rae wrote on Facebook "🏳️‍⚧ 205 billboard locations across the United States! 🏳️‍⚧ A huge thank you to Have A Gay Day for fundraising and spearheading this enormous billboard effort. They will be announcing all of the locations shortly! Just in time for Trans Week of Action (happening now) and Trans Day of Visibility on March 31st. ❤"

Some of the locations:

Alabama Brighton, Double sided billboard, south and north facing, I-59 350ft N/O 18th Ave ES, N/F near 18th Ave Bessemer, Double Sided Billboard, Southbound and northbound on I-459 to Bessemer Anniston, Highway 21 at Cedarbrook Lane, N/S facing

Alaska no signs available at this time

Arizona Deer Valley I-17 North and South Facing

Arkansas Bentonville, Double sided billboard at Walton Blvd at Rainbow Curve Texarcana, double sided billboard, located on a 1-way feeder road for I30E. Excellent visibility from the Stateline overpass and I30. Beside El Chico’s Mexican Restaurant. Across I30

California San Jose -Highway 101-North Bound Facing Near 4th Street

Colorado North Washington, Double Sided Billboard on 224 with visibility also on I-76 traffic as well as the I-76 westbound entrance ramp from I-270. Monument, Double sided billboard (I-25) heading inbound into the Colorado Springs area. Near Woodmore

Connecticut West Haven, I-95 South Near Exit 43 in West Haven. Just south of downtown New Haven.

Delaware Not available at this time

Florida Orlando, on Colonial Drive West Facing Fort Lauderdale, Double Sided North and South facing, located at Florida Turn Pike (Highway 91) @ Highway 441 Intersection F/S Gulf Breeze, Gulf Breeze Parkway by marble court facing east bound. Navarre, Just before the light and before McDonalds and Walmart Supercenter, highway 98 east bound traffic. Freeport, highway 331 by black creek road. South Bound Facing Panama City Beach, Highway 30 just off of 98 by Promenade Shopping Mall

Georgia Atlanta I-75 North and South Facing Near Fulton Street Americus, West bound facing highway 280 and Mayo street Thomasville, highway 319 and 35 north bound facing Valdosta, On 4 lane divided highway directly off I-75 exit

Hawaii Not available at this time

Idaho Nampa, Highway 84 and east times square east bound facing, left side of the road when driving Illinois Chicago – near 55 and South Archer Chicago -near Stevenson and S. Wabash Chicago – on west 55th near 25th

Indiana Lake Station, Double sided billboard near I-80 / 94 near east 18th ave. Clarksville, Right-hand read for southbound traffic on I-65 at MM 1.10. Above Tom Stinnett RV. Iowa Dubuque, Located on HWY 20 at a major intersection, HWY 20 and Old HWY Rd, at the west end of town. Very close to the County fairgrounds

Kansas Wichita: Left Facing Right Next to Us 81 – North Bound Newton, along the I-135 between 24th and 36th Streets in Newton, KS. This billboard is a left hand read Wichita, Right read sign right next to the Road on US – 82 Wichita, Located just East Kellogg Dr just East of Rock Road. Motorist Traveling West on Kellogg to most Major businesses and Shopping areas in Wichita. Around the corner from Towne East shopping Mall.

Louisiana Lafayette I-10 Near I-49 West Facing Bossier City, Located at a 4 way stop on Pines Road @ Financial Plaza immediately off I20 E. exit. Gonzales, off highway 61 South Bound

Maine Not available at this time Maryland Not available at this time Massachusetts Not available at this time

Michigan I-75 at Waterman Ave South Facing Romulus, I-275 traveling south to Western Wayne County, and Monroe toward Toledo, Ohio. It also reaches people exiting to Detroit Metro Airport’s west entrance by being the last billboard before the exit. Allen Park, South Bound 75 near goddard Ave. Lincoln Park, South South 75 East facing Detroit: northbound I-75 Also visible to I-96, I-94, or just continuing on Northbound I-75. This digital billboard has additional bonus viewing from Fort St. and Waterman Ave, in the heart of SW Detroit, directly across from produce terminal. Bonus view: Fort St. at a traffic light. Rochester Hills, Can be seen traveling east on M-59 towards Warren, Sterling Hgts, Shelby Twp., Utica, and Madison Hgts and from I-75, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Southfield, Troy, Pontiac, Clarkston, Waterford . Auburn Hills, north bound I-75

Minnesota Grand Rapids, Located between Grand Rapids and Cohassset on US HWY 2. Blaine, double sided billboard 9002 Baltimore Street NE,Blaine Fridley, double sided S/S I-694 .6 miles E/O Hwy. 252 F/W Hastings, highway 61 and 55 east bound traffic visibility Grand Rapids, Located between Grand Rapids and Cohassset on US HWY 2. Double sided billboard Grand Rapids, Located on US 169 as entering Grand Rapids.

Mississippi Pearl Near I-20 and I-49 East Facing Magee, double sided billboard located on Hwy 49 in Magee, MS. It is located right at the intersection as you turn into Walmart, across the road from Berry’s Seafood.

Columbia, located on busy Highway 98. Located along the primary retail corridor near the entrance to the Walmart Supercenter. Florence, located on the left side of Highway 49 when traveling North. It is within clear view of Berry Seafood Restaurant and Spinners of Florence on the right. Columbus, double sided, north and south bound located on the left side of Highway 82 when driving east towards the Columbus exit, Collinsville, south bound highway 19

Missouri St. Charles, This billboard reaches eastbound traffic just east of Cave Springs. off I-70 east facing Springfield- East Side Campbell south of Battlefield, South Face

Montana Billings West bound Traffic Near I90- and 87

Nebraska Kearney, Highway 30 and North Ave East Bound facing

Nevada Las Vegas 7165 Rafael Ridge Way, Clark County, South Bound and North Bound

New Hampshire No billboards available at this location

New Jersey Pleasantville, This Atlantic City BEACH bound digital billboard is located at the very busy intersection of the Black Horse Pike and Route 9 the Garden State Parkway, Route 9 and Northfield.

New Mexico Clovis. 3018 N Prince st in Clovis, NM. Just north of the Mall and upper end restaurants

New York

North Carolina Charlotte, highway 77 South Bound and 277 interchange Fayetteville, Highway 59, @ Highway 162, WS, N/F Greensboro, I-40 Unit Eastbound .5 Miles before HWY 68 and the Piedmont Traid Regional Airport Jacksonville, 1476 Piney Green Rd. Jacksonville just W/O Old 30 Rd. SS.

North Dakota Bismark, I-277 949 Brookshire Frwy, West Facing

Ohio Cincinnati I-75 South Facing Near Ludlow Ave Cincinnati via I-71. This display is immediately adjacent to the southbound ramp from I-71 to Martin Luther King Boulevard Cincinnati via I-71 North Bound near delway street Cincinnati I-71 N Bound Facing and Edwards Road Dayton, I-75 North Facing Near Highway 35 Lorain, N Leavitt Rd. in Lorain. This north facing digital is visible as you travel south on N Leavitt Rd.

Oklahoma Oklahoma City I-40 Facing West Near S. Macarthur Blvd Woodward, Near highway 270 and 34

Oregon Klamath Falls, Washburn Way WestLine 85′ S of S 6th St North bound traffic Hillsboro, West and East Bound Double Sided, By road 8 and Aloha Milwaukee, Double sided billboard on SE Mcloughlin Blvd and SE Moores street

Pennsylvania Wind Gap, Route 33 in Wind Gap. It sits between two booming areas, the Lehigh Valley and the Pocono Mountains. Sciota, highway 209 South facing in Sciota

Rhode Island not available in this location

South Carolina Little River, Hwy 17 Byp, Little River – next to Jimmy G’s Cash & Dash and the Little River Village Shopping Center, just 2.2 miles from the NC line Conway, Conway – intersection / overpass near Christ Community Church Lexington Oak Grove, Hwy 1 at Ermine Rd, East Facing North Charleston, double sided on 642 by Patriot Blvd.

South Dakota

Tennessee La Vergne, TN I-24 East and West Facing Near New Paul Road Memphis- double sided billboard located along I-40 right next to Wolf River at the I-40 and I-240 Flyover Kingsport, Viewed from Stop Light at E. Stone Drive and Eastman Road. Located in the Longhorn Steakhouse Parking Lot Johnson City, Digital Board near Winged Deer Park. Near Johnson City Motor Mile. Target Piney Flats, Bluff City and Bristol State of Franklin Rd @ Walnut St. Target ETSU, Ballad Hospital, Chick-fil-a, Fresh Market and Publix Hickory, Board located in Hickory north bound facing

Texas San Antonio Texas 303 W Loop West Facing and East Facing Near Castle Hills Jarrell I-35 North Facing Near Jarrell San Benito- 802 Scott Brown Hwy 77 (69 E Access Road) Amarillo, Located across from Westgate Regional Mall Wharton, US Hwy 59 820′ N/O FM 102 West Side Carizzo Springs, Hwy 83 @ Hwy 277 Del Rio – US 277 @ US 90 Odessa- Right-hand read billboard in the center of Odessa on I-20 Burleson – Wilshire Blvd right side of the road Missouri City, Double Sided Billboard South Sam Houston Pkwy W/ W/O Fondren Alvin – Hwy 35 S/O FM 528 South Bound Facing Frisco- Double Sided Billboard Frisco & Little Elm on FM 423 n/o Lubbock, near highway 62 west bound facing

Utah South Salt Lake Along I-80 East Bound Facing


Virginia Chesapeake, VA near highway 58 and Snowden street East Facing

Washington Everett, located in North Seattle near the intersection of two major freeways: I-5 and I-405. It is in close proximity to the Alderwood Mall Tacoma, Visible on 72nd St E at Canyon Rd E intersection.

West Virginia None available at this time

Wisconsin Lake Hallie, located on I-53 north facing and south facing Rothschild, Hwy 29 at Business 51, 1/2 mile East of 39/51 – Wausau Waunakee, double sided billboard De, Pere, on highway 41 heading into Green Bay and Lambeau Field Oshkosh, I-41 north of HWY 21 – Oshkosh Oshkosh I-41, 1/4 mile north of HWY 26 – Oshkosh Fond du Lac, I-41, N of Johnson St. – Fond du Lac



MS Republican Calls For the execution of Transgender "groomers"

Robert Foster
Rober Foster /Twitter screengrab

Robert Foster a former GOP state representative and gubernatorial candidate from Missippi has called for the execution of thousands of trans affirming parents, doctors, politicians, lawyers, and advocates.

Why shoot thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of innocent people?

Foster explained in a later tweet that it would be more cost-effective to shoot 'enablers' as opposed to gassing or pushing people out of airborne aircraft. Foster is an expert on murder as he is the author of Missippi's current death penalty law.

Source Mississippi Free Press:

Foster, who runs Cedar Hill Farm, an agritourism business in DeSoto County, Miss., served as a state representative from 2016 until 2020, where he authored the state’s current death penalty law in 2017, allowing for executions by gas chamber, electrocution and firing squad. He placed third in the 2019 Republican primary for governor after making national headlines for refusing to allow women journalists to ride along in his truck on the campaign trail despite allowing male journalists to do so.

Despite winning less than 18% of the GOP primary vote, Foster’s farm venue has become a prime destination for Republicans since 2019, with GOP officials like U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, U.S. House Rep. Trent Kelly and House Speaker Philip Gunn attending fundraisers and other events on the property.

Foster can't explain further because Twitter removed his tweets calling for the execution of parents, doctors, transgender advocates, and allies.

Update 4/4/2022

Twitter has found Foster was in violation of rules against abuse and harassment and has deleted his account


Denton Texas Passes a Trans Inclusive Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Paxton enjoyed breaking bread with the Briggle family in 2016. The Briggle family hoped that in spending time with them he would come to appreciate true Texas family values.

The hometown of a transgender family that is being attacked by the state just passed a trans-inclusive LGBTQI Non-Discrimination Ordinance. 

On Tuesday the Denton City Council voted 5-2 to pass the NDO which prohibits discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations based on a person's race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Denton now joins with Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, and San Antonio in protecting all LGBTQI citizens. The state has tried in the past laws to invalidate local Ordinances but it remains to be seen if the Republican dominated legislature will be successful.

Violations of the NDO can be prosecuted as a Class C misdemeanor, which carries a maximum $500 fine per violation.

The city council approved the measure in a 5-to-2 vote, with Mayor Gerard Hudspeth and councilmember Jesse Davis being the only dissenting votes. KERA reports that Hudspeth is facing Denton Mayor Pro Tem Paul Meltzer in the May election for mayor,  Meltzer who currently holds Council seat 6 voted to pass the NDO, and is highly favored by all Denton progressives.

"It took YEARS to get this done, but it couldn't have come at a better time", wrote Amber Briggle, whose son Max is transgender. 

Previously, Gov. Gregg Abbott had illegally directed the Texas Child Protective Services to investigate parents of transgender children with the endgame of charging them with Child Abuse. Ambers's family was one of nine families CPS visited before a judge ruled against the visits temporarily stopping Abbott.

The following rulings which were challenged by Attorney General Ken Paxton affirmed that state persecution of trans families due to a child being transgender is unconstitutional.

Ken Paxton has asked the state Supreme Court to intervene to allow child abuse investigations into parents of transgender children. His request comes just days after a Texas appeals court reinstated a temporary injunction blocking the state's child welfare agency from investigating parents solely because they provide gender-affirming care to their children.

"Denton, Texas FINALLY passed a comprehensive LGBTQ non-discrimination ordinance last night." Amber Briggle wrote in a Facebook post. "Literally every person who spoke last night was in favor of the new law, because despite what the rest of the country thinks about Texas, there truly are big-hearted, kind people down here who love their neighbors. Even their queer ones."

"I've advocated for this publicly for years and for a long time, it seemed like this day would never come -- but thanks to the outstanding work of Pridenton and OUTreach Denton, the motion passed 5-2 and we can really say that "y'all means all" in Denton. They SHOWED UP and organized and rallied and spoke out, and they should be very very proud of themselves. (I know I am.)"

"Two thumbs down to Councilmember Davis who proposed an amendment (that failed) because he had "valid, non-bigoted reasons" to keep trans people (including my son, whom he knows personally) out of the bathroom. But HUGE LOVE to everyone who showed the hell up for LGBTQ folx last night because we needed that win, now more than ever," wrote Briggle.


Chicago Transgender woman Tatiana Labelle found dead in a trash bin


Tatiana Labelle.
Tatiana Labelle / Facebook

Tatiana ("Tee Tee") Labelle, 33, was found dead five days after being reported missing in a trash can Friday afternoon in Chatham on the South Side of Chicago.

The police say that she was beaten to death. An autopsy ruled her death a homicide.

Trigger warning deadnaming

"It is heartbreaking for someone to beat her to death and throw her in the trash like she was garbage," said her sister Shameika Thomas.

The TDoR Trans Lives Matters project reports that Tatiana Labelle is the 30th trans person to be murdered since the 2021 TDoR and the second transgender homicide to take place in the Chicago area during March.

R.I.P. Tatiana ("Tee Tee") Labelle


Father kills his transgender daughter, then shoots himself

Kathryn Newhouse
Kathryn Newhouse / Facebook

Around 5:45 p.m. on Saturday, Cherokee County Police responded to a Canton, Ga. home where officials confirmed Howard Newhouse, 57, shot and killed his 19-year-old daughter, Kathryn Newhouse, before killing himself, cbs46 reports

Her brother, Cris, was awoken Saturday evening with a voice mail and texts telling him about the tragic news. He told cbs46 that he wanted to add some context to the story. He said his sister, a transgender woman, had suffered from years of mental health issues.

He said that Kathryn had just been released from a mental health facility before her father shot and killed her.

Rest In Peace Kathryn Newhouse.


Trans student Max Briggle Wins State Gymnastics Competition

Amber Briggle from Denton Texas wrote about her transgender son's achievement in a Facebook post-

"Max competed at State today, which means I am proud to officially introduce the NUMBER ONE boys' gymnastics vault champion in the *entire* state of Texas! Y'all!!! 🀯"

It humbles me to think that Max achieved this the same week that a district judge ordered a temporary state-wide injunction requiring that Texas halt investigating his mother and eight others of child abuse simply because a family member is transgender.

A Texas judge on Friday issued an injunction against enforcement of the governor’s order to investigate gender-affirming care as child abuse, handing opponents of the policy a temporary victory, reported NBC News and the AP.

District Judge Amy Clark Meachum wrote that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Feb. 22 directive to the Department of Family and Protective Services was beyond the scope of his authority and unconstitutional.

The directive was given the effect of a new law or rule but without any law being passed, and the actions “violate separation of powers by impermissibly encroaching into the legislative domain,” Meachum wrote.

Texas legislation criminalizing transgender healthcare failed to pass in 2021. Amber Briggle was one of many parents who testified against it.

Having failed to pass this legislation Don Huffines a radical right car salesman who was challenging Abbott in the Governor's primary race criticized Abbott resulting in the state taking down an LGBTQI resource page.

This ultimately prompted Abbott to issue the directive to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) on February 22, requiring it to conduct “prompt and thorough investigation[s] ” into parents of transgender children who have received gender-affirming treatment.

The court case will resume this spring meanwhile Paxton (seen here breaking bread with Max and family at Amber's invitation) is sueing the Biden administration over potentially losing a billion dollars federal funds denying that Paxton or Abbott ever targeted children or families becuse of transgender healthcare.

Meanwhile trans kids, their parents and transgender adults will continue to exist and some of us like Max, will excel! Congradulations Max, you are seen and apperciated.


Anti-trans TEXAS GOP candidate Jeff Younger protested at UNT

Anti-transgender TEXAS GOP candidate Jeff Younger protested at UNT

Virulently anti-transgender TEXAS GOP candidate Jeff Younger was protested at the University of North Texas Wednesday.

Students egged on by Younger who declared that trans people don't exist shouted him down with chants of "Fuck these fascists".

Younger is campaigning to be elected to the Texas House of Representatives to represent District 63 for Flower Mound, Lewisville, and portions of Denton County on an anti-transgender platform.

Younger’s family first made headlines in 2019 when a Dallas County judge granted ex-wife Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician from Coppell, joint custody of the twins.

Judge Kim Cooks defied a jury’s earlier 11-1 verdict that awarded sole custody to Georgulas, declining to intervene in any parental decision over gender identity.

Judge Cooks was heavily critical of Younger at the time, stating he “finds comfort in public controversy and attention.”

 The judge accused Younger of being “motivated by financial gain” after the father raised $139,000 in crowdfunding proceeds.

However, Judge Cooks said she set aside the jury’s findings because the state “has no compelling interest to justify such interference” in requiring Younger to “affirm the child and honor the child’s choices.”

 The case dragged on for two more years until four months ago, when Dallas County District Judge Mary Brown granted most parental rights to Georgulas.

She granted supervised visits to Younger and barred the mother from beginning “hormonal suppression therapy, puberty blocks, and/or transgender reassignment surgery” without the father’s consent.

This comes as the state of Texas illegally began charging parents of transgender youth with child abuse. The facist govenor and his indicted State Attorny has shut down two of the state's gender afirmimg clinics for purly political reasons.

32,000 people have signed a petition calling on the state to cease terrorizing transgender families for political gain.


Transgender woman Murdered in Houston

Police say her boyfriend arrived and found the door was unlocked, and there was no sign of a break-in.

A transgender woman was found shot to death in her southwest Houston Apartment on Dunlap and Clarewood streets Saturday evening.

According to ABC 13, the yet unnamed woman lived alone and was found by her boyfriend about 8pm on Saturday evening.

Neighbors reportedly told investigators that they didn't hear gunshots so police are assuming that she was murdered earlier in the day when fewer people were at home.

The latest murder is the seventh transgender murder to occur in the greater Houston area and the 13th to occur in Texas since January 1, 2020, according to the TDoR Translivesmatters website.


Commemorating the Life of Vanesa Campos a fierce Trans sex worker

Vanesa Campos

Transgender activist and sex worker Vanesa Campos, came to Paris from Peru in 2016 seeking a better life. But because of her undocumented status and her refusal to bow to thugs, she was brutally murdered in 2018.

Vanesa Campos
Vanesa Campos, leaving from Lima to Paris

Vanesa Campos and other sex workers had been forced in the deepest recess of Bois de Boulogne, a park in Paris due to a law that criminalized their clients. Per the 2016 law, clients face up to €1,500 ($A2393)($1,700US) in fines for a first-time offense, as well as a €3,750 fine ($A5982)($4,253.7USD) for a repeat offense. They did this to give clients a sense of security. But one August night the law that was intended to make her life safer became instrumental in her death.

Vanesa Campos
On Thursday following her murder, sex workers organized a vigil in tribute to Vanesa Campos in the Bois de Boulogne. (Photo Cyril Zannettacci)

Vanesa Campos Vasquez was the type to raise her head high and puff out her chest when she was insulted "travelo" in the middle of the street, noted Liberation France shortly after her murder. Of the type also to draw her best smile when she was assigned an outrageous "Sir" by a stranger. In short, a trans and proud prostitute who despised insults and threats. “She was always the first to come and defend a girl when she was pissed off by shady men during her working hours, sums up her friend Nicky. She was a hell of a big mouth who wasn't afraid of anything."Vanesa Campos Vasquez, 36, originally from Peru and living in France for two years, was a pillar of the community of trans and Peruvian sex workers in the Bois de Boulogne. She died at her place of work, on the night of August 16 to 17, killed by a bullet in the chest.

Prostitute, trans and undocumented, Vanesa Campos died in almost general indifference, regretted the associations. The day after the murder, the Sex Work Union (Strass) deplored it in a press release: “We have this strange impression in us that our deaths do not arouse any emotion. For us, there is never any national mourning. There is never an official commemoration. […] Murders of trans women sex workers are not uncommon. […] Our deaths are normalized. A whore who dies is a bit like killing a video game character, it doesn't matter. It's a bit like a sexist joke, we laugh about it, then we move on.

¡Chicas todas!

The murder of Vanesa Campos happened in a context of increasing criminality in the Bois de Boulogne. Throughout the summer of 2018, a gang of Egyptians were racketeering prostitutes and their clients, their attacks were daily. Vanesa Campos tried to alert the police during one of their patrols, however, due to a lack of proof the officers did not respond to her complaints: “It is always the same. They would ask for their identities, but we didn’t know them. Even though we were very precise in our descriptions, they just wouldn’t listen. After all, we were just a bunch of hookers. Who cares about us?

Testimonies show, indeed, that police officers would mock and humiliate trans prostitutes and undocumented immigrants instead of helping them. Those who were both undocumented and working as prostitutes never dared file official complaints at the police station for fear that they would get deported.

Vanesa Campos then implemented the use of an alert signal for dangerous situations and handed out tear gas canisters to her fellow prostitutes. She hired a bodyguard, himself an undocumented worker, who on August 14, 2018, managed to scare off one of the gangers; the latter, on the same night, broke into a police vehicle and stole a gun (other sources place the theft on August 9). On August 16, 2018, at about 11pm, the Egyptians came back in numbers and attacked the bodyguard.

Vanesa Campos was then left alone to face them and screamed for help: “¡Chicas todas!” One of the assailants then shot her in the chest before shooting several times into the air. They went at her fiercely and unrelentingly using utility knives, sticks, and a handgun, they then fled the scene in a car. At 11.30pm, Vanesa Campos's colleagues found her lying in a pool of her own blood. Paramedics, who arrived 30 minutes later, were unable to resuscitate her.

The Paris court found Mahmoud Kadri, 24, and Karim Ibrahim, 29, guilty of “gang murder”, charges they have repeatedly denied, instead both blaming each other.

The prosecution had recommended on Thursday that Kadri be sentenced to 20 years in jail. He has denied claims from his fellow accused that he shot and killed Ms Campos on the night of August 16, into August 17, 2018.

The prosecution recommended 15 years in prison for Ibrahim, accusing him of complicity to murder.

One of them was handed six years in jail for violence that led to an unintended death.

Four more received varying sentences of up to six years in prison for taking part in the assault.

The sixth was to be jailed for five years for stealing the pistol from the police officers car that was used to kill Vanesa.

Her body was repatriated to CayaltΓ­. Although her civil status had not been changed, upon a request of her mother, her tombstone does bear the name Vanesa. A small memorial was set in the Bois de Boulogne to pay tribute to her memory.

Vanesa Campos

Rest In Power Vanesa Campos


South Dakota State Chief of Staff Mark Miller calls trans athletes Terrorists

On Thursday SD Governor Kristi Noem defended her Chief of staff after he told committee members debating Noem's anti-transgender bill that transgender-inclusive policies are akin to terrorism. 

South Dakota currently has a transgender-inclusive High School policy that allows gender diverse people to compete in sports. 

Senate Bill 46, a bill that would prevent transgender girls and women from competing on the sports teams that match their gender, passed the GOP-controlled House State Affairs Committee Wednesday morning.

But it didn't pass without arguments from Gov. Kristi Noem's top staffer, who said transgender peoples' participation in sports is akin to terrorism.

Governor Noem, a trump wannabe with a pathetic history of failed legislation is seeking to end those transgender-inclusive policies and institute strict policies of exclusion and segregation.

During the committee hearing held on Wednesday, a lawmaker asked Dr.Wade Pogany, Executive Director of the Associated School Boards of South Dakota, whether all school boards are in favor of the current transgender athlete policy by the SDHSAA (South Dakota High School Athlete Association)

Dr. Pogany answered that representatives from every school board are invited to Pierre and resolutions are debated and voted on. The school boards voted in favor of using the current SDHSAA policy. It was an overwhelming majority, Pogany says.

A lawmaker then asks, are there any medical reasons to deny transgender women from playing sports. A doctor says no, there is no merit to the claim that transgender athletes have an advantage.

A lawmaker asked what’s wrong with the current transgender-inclusive SDHSAA policy. Gov. Noem’s Chief of Staff, Mark Miller, answered by saying that they believe it is better to have a law in place, not a private policy. Representatives then ask whether Miller has seen this policy fail.

Miller told the committee that with other states allowing transgender girls to compete, this legislation would be like addressing terrorism, by “not letting it get over here.”

Gov. Noem told reporters “that’s not Mark’s heart” on Thursday morning.

When asked if she would sign the bill if it makes it through the House Thursday, Noem said “absolutely.”

I call bullshit -

It is exactly what Noem and her chief of staff meant to say. Time after time humanities history is littered with fascist regimes who first segregate then annihilate those that are different from them. This is just history repeating itself.