South Dakota State Chief of Staff Mark Miller calls trans athletes Terrorists

On Thursday SD Governor Kristi Noem defended her Chief of staff after he told committee members debating Noem's anti-transgender bill that transgender-inclusive policies are akin to terrorism. 

South Dakota currently has a transgender-inclusive High School policy that allows gender diverse people to compete in sports. 

Senate Bill 46, a bill that would prevent transgender girls and women from competing on the sports teams that match their gender, passed the GOP-controlled House State Affairs Committee Wednesday morning.

But it didn't pass without arguments from Gov. Kristi Noem's top staffer, who said transgender peoples' participation in sports is akin to terrorism.

Governor Noem, a trump wannabe with a pathetic history of failed legislation is seeking to end those transgender-inclusive policies and institute strict policies of exclusion and segregation.

During the committee hearing held on Wednesday, a lawmaker asked Dr.Wade Pogany, Executive Director of the Associated School Boards of South Dakota, whether all school boards are in favor of the current transgender athlete policy by the SDHSAA (South Dakota High School Athlete Association)

Dr. Pogany answered that representatives from every school board are invited to Pierre and resolutions are debated and voted on. The school boards voted in favor of using the current SDHSAA policy. It was an overwhelming majority, Pogany says.

A lawmaker then asks, are there any medical reasons to deny transgender women from playing sports. A doctor says no, there is no merit to the claim that transgender athletes have an advantage.

A lawmaker asked what’s wrong with the current transgender-inclusive SDHSAA policy. Gov. Noem’s Chief of Staff, Mark Miller, answered by saying that they believe it is better to have a law in place, not a private policy. Representatives then ask whether Miller has seen this policy fail.

Miller told the committee that with other states allowing transgender girls to compete, this legislation would be like addressing terrorism, by “not letting it get over here.”

Gov. Noem told reporters “that’s not Mark’s heart” on Thursday morning.

When asked if she would sign the bill if it makes it through the House Thursday, Noem said “absolutely.”

I call bullshit -

It is exactly what Noem and her chief of staff meant to say. Time after time humanities history is littered with fascist regimes who first segregate then annihilate those that are different from them. This is just history repeating itself.

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