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16-year-old Tenn. trans girl denied an education live streams cops taking her in for truancy

A 16-year-old Tennesse transgender girl wanted to go to school but was denied the use of the correct bathroom so she couldn't. Eventually the state decided Vio Wynn was truant and took her from her family. So while while playing minecraft, cops busted her bedroom door down and before dragging her into foster care asked "are you winning".

As reported by The as can be seen in the last moments of Wynn’s live broadcast, the young woman does her best to ignore the presence of the officers when they break into her room. She was only able to transmit for 17 minutes before she was taken away, but she anticipated their arrival.

“This will probably be the last broadcast because they’re trying to get me to kill myself or go into foster care or something. Instead of just giving me an education,” Wynn opens on her broadcast. “Honestly, I just want to go to school. But they don’t want me to go to school because I’m trans. I’m so stressed.”

Wynn continues to talk about her situation as she begins to play. “I love streaming. Honestly, it’s one of the only things in life that I really enjoy. And they’re trying to put me in foster care where I can’t even do that. I’ve already been adopted once, I don’t need to be adopted again.” I just need to be able to go to school I just worry about being abused."

“I don’t understand why the state of Tennessee would rather ruin a girl’s life than just let her go to school.”[…]I wish I had a future instead of having whatever chance I had to be happy in life taken away from me… I don’t know why they want to condemn me", said Wynn.

Keffals has asked legal professionals to contact her at if they can help Wynn. TheGamer has reached out to the streamer and will update this report if we hear anything more about Wynn’s situation.


Kasey Caron PA transgender student fighting for the right to run for Homecoming King

After being invited by a school councilor to run for homecoming king transgender student Kasey Caron was devastated after being told by the school Principal he had to run for prom queen or withdraw his name. Kasey was told the reason being was that his drivers license incorrectly indicated his gender as female.

Even more disempowering was the school board meeting he attended were he displayed his new driver license with the gender marker correctly indicating male, confidently expecting to be allowed to run for prom king. Kasey eloquently and succinctly stated his case, only to be misgendered and humiliated by the schools attorney. He told him Pennsylvania law requires him to present a birth certificate aligned his gender expression which requires body modification and sterilization before Kasey would be allowed to run for prom king.

In his words on XoJane: "The first person, and really the only person on the board to speak was the solicitor Timothy Leventry. He basically said that regardless of my license, regardless of my gender expression and identity, I was a girl and I was going to be treated as such. He said that because I have “female genitalia, things of this nature,” then I am legally female.

My question is: Since when did my genitalia come into conversation? In a public meeting, too!

Did they question the other court members about their genitals?"

Even after being corrected, Leventry also continued to constantly use the incorrect pronouns to refer to me. I had never felt so disrespected, so singled out and so humiliated in my life.

Kasey isn't giving up. If this isn't resolved before the next school board meeting he will be registering to speak. You have our support Kasey. Remember, you are a pioneer in the Keystone and as such the way may be very difficult.

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