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Utah Elementary School Bans Transgender Book "Call Me Max"

An elementary school student in Murray Utah didn't know the book they asked their teacher to read would cause such an uproar. 

*Planet trans is identifying the child with gender neutral pronouns until such a time when we know different.. 

Parents objected to the book the student brought from home “Call Me Max” resulting in an orwellian purging of racial and gender equality books from the district school libraries. The child probably just wanted to introduce themselves to their classmates and now they are scarred for life.

The Murry city school district has now "suspended a program aimed at introducing kids to more diverse and inclusive literature" according to the the Salt Lake Tribune

Their book “Call Me Max” is about a transgender child who wanted his teacher to call him Max. It involves people of color whom may be gender non binary, gross bugs, cisgender classmates and their journey together to an understanding that not everyone is just like them.



Missouri School District Blocks LGBT Positive sites as Sexually explicit

The same web filtering service employed by the district allowed sites to be viewed by students that portray LGBT people negatively categorizing them as religious!

Source "Judge orders district to stop filtering LGBT sites".
"Camdenton schools use to categorize web addresses. The company, Laughrey wrote, assigns categories to websites. Ones that express a positive view toward LGBT individuals are put into its "sexuality" category, which Camdenton blocks. Ones expressing a negative view toward LGBT individuals fall into the "religion" category, which Camdenton does not block."
The district has 30 days to comply. Not "oh whoops, our bad". Heads should roll.


Equality Maryland Morgan Meneses Sheets "welcomes criticism" Oh no, you didn't say that!

OK, so this was too much to stomach. For prosperity I need to document the evil underhanded tyrannical being that is the executive director of Equality Maryland. !Please sign the petition against HB235

First lets take a trip with Metro Weekly into revisionist gay fantasyland which paints Morgan Meneses Sheets as a champion of transgender people who welcomes criticism.

I have documented the campaign of censorship led by Morgan Meneses Sheets. !Please sign the petition against HB235

On February eighth a Baltimore transgender woman journalist Danna LaRocca was banned from Equality Maryland's facebook page for questioning Equality Maryland's obvious lack of racial diversity.

Why does Equality Maryland not mention the racial minority transgender group Trans-United anymore since Sandy Rawls withdrew her support? Why does Equality Maryland blog not have any entries from Maryland advocate groups?

Numerous other transgender and cisgender advocates myself included are banned from commenting on the Equality Maryland facebook page. There are dozens of documented instances when rational respectful comments have been deleted by Equality Maryland.

Equality Maryland's note FAQ – Censorship, HB 235 and the EQMD Facebook page. stated that the censoring of opposition to HB235 on their facebook page was done because there were physical threats of violence made against her, the Equality Maryland Staff and the lead sponsor of HB235 Del. Pena-Melnyk.

That note which written in defence of EQMD's censorship was quickly disputed by those of who were not banned. Those who did comment had some of there comments deleted including the past president of the EQMD board.

!Please sign the petition against HB235
In fact Del. Pena-Melnyk has endeavoured to silence her critics by calling the Executive Director of TransMaryland, myself and others screaming threats that if "you people" show up at hearings she would pull all support for transgender people!

Equality Maryland held one unannounced 'transgender meeting' with its staff to get input from the Baltimore community. The next transgender meeting was attended by a local transgender advocate Robyn Webb who was shouted down by the Equality Maryland staff and gender queer shills.

Transmaryland held a protest after that meeting and the next day Equality Maryland cancelled all further meetings until the end of the legislative sessions with the transgender community claiming “scheduling conflicts” as the reason.

Sheets is to far into this lie to have any hope for redemption so in desperation fearing the inevitable membership upheaval she makes preemptive strikes hoping to cover her lies with so much regurgitated vomit most courageous journalistic crusaders would be repulsed by the stench alone. Not me Sheets.

Trickle Down Civil Rights? Not on my Life!Please sign the petition against HB235