Utah Elementary School Bans Transgender Book "Call Me Max"

An elementary school student in Murray Utah didn't know the book they asked their teacher to read would cause such an uproar. 

*Planet trans is identifying the child with gender neutral pronouns until such a time when we know different.. 

Parents objected to the book the student brought from home “Call Me Max” resulting in an orwellian purging of racial and gender equality books from the district school libraries. The child probably just wanted to introduce themselves to their classmates and now they are scarred for life.

The Murry city school district has now "suspended a program aimed at introducing kids to more diverse and inclusive literature" according to the the Salt Lake Tribune

Their book “Call Me Max” is about a transgender child who wanted his teacher to call him Max. It involves people of color whom may be gender non binary, gross bugs, cisgender classmates and their journey together to an understanding that not everyone is just like them.


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