Utah Log Cabin Republicans support bills that would kill transgender youth


Utah Log cabin Republican president Ryan Woods told kutv that HB 92, a bill to deprive trans youth of gender-affirming healthcare, wasn't about LGBT people at all.

Woods continued to say that the reason that HB 92 hasn't been introduced in committee was for fear of potential push back. That may be true as then Lt. Governor Spencer Cox earned the respect of Utah's LGBTQ community during a vigil (full video below) asking for forgiveness shortly after the Orlando massacre.

If this is any indication of the Governor's current position, HB 92 doesn't stand a chance.

HB 92 would require a state medical association committee to levy fines against doctors who prescribe puberty blockers to minors. 

Puberty blockers are a safe and time-proven procedure that has been shown to significantly improve the quality of life and lower suicidal ideation for transgender youth,. (ref. American Pediatrics Association Vol. 141, Issue 5 1 May 2018 )

The American Medical Association issued this statement clarifying their position on gender-affirming care.
Improving access to gender-affirming care is an important means of improving health outcomes for the transgender population. Receipt of gender-affirming care has been linked to dramatically reduced rates of suicide attempts, decreased rates of depression and anxiety, decreased substance use, improved HIV medication adherence and reduced rates of harmful self-prescribed hormone use.
The AMA does not approve of surgical operations until the patient has reached the age of consent.
I have had the privilege to observe the Provo City Shcool District as they strove to write their Non-Discrimination procedures worthy of the transgender affirming agenda that the district adopted unanimously in December 2020.

It is no easy task given that individuals like woods who pretend to represent the LGBT community while acting to subvert their efforts at every opportunity.

Utah Log cabin Republican president Ryan Woods offered images of a recent pride event to validate his standing.

Woods represents a far-right cult of radical >trump sycophant extremists known as "Log Cabin Republicans". They may be gay, but they are not one of us.

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