Equality Maryland its NOT all about MONEY! Its about the people YOU FORSAKE for it!

It is understandable that this organizations present primary fear is shutting down because of a lack of money.

It is unforgivable the circumstances that lead to this condition and its resulting alienation from the people of Maryland. The people who trusted you explicitly.

Equality Maryland can only blame it self. Equality Maryland sold a pie in the sky agenda to the Gill Foundation and HRC for a promise of marriage equality and a version of a transgender equality bill they thought they could sneak past the transgender community and would be a easy sell to the right extremists and religious 'moderate' democrats.

Equality Maryland got what they wanted, huge cash grants from these entities.

Now Equality Maryland is in a screaming crash dive pieces and parts flying off as it heads towards a inevitable end.

Equality Maryland's writer on the Metro Weekly, spinmeister Yusef Najafin last two articles, Maryland Money Woes and "Equality Maryland Board Explains Vote to "Remove" Executive Director"
has taken Equality Maryland's dirty laundry and hung it out.

But true to Equality Maryland's history of deception and obfuscation the articles make no mention of the core reasons Equality Maryland finds itself without a membership.


Its not just about money. Its about trust. Stop censoring your facebook page. Its about communication. Newspaper articles need to fairly present the issues from ALL peoples perspectives, the poor transgender peoples as well. I'm not talking about the rich board members and gender queers that populate your faux "transgender" group. Its about designing legislation with the input of all your constituents. Its about pursuing the agreed on agenda with full transparency. Its about not placing your wish for fame above the health and welfare of transgender and gay people.

Equality Maryland has fatally failed the LGBT people of Maryland on all those counts and more.

You have lost all credibility. We have zero faith in you.

In the best interest of the LGBT people of Maryland Equality Maryland needs shut its doors.

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