GLAAD To Honor Kim Cattrall SIN Star for Racial Profiling Transgender Defaming Elitist Classism

GLAAD is going to honor Sex in the City star Kim Cattrall at the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco on May 14.
GLAAD's announcement makes no mention of the "Half Man Half Woman tranny hooker" "Chicks with Dicks" Sex in the city episode. Cattrall's racial stereotyping of transgender woman working to survive was bad enough but when she threw the bucket of water down on them knocking one persons wig off stripping that woman of her humanity, that was too much. Add physical assault to the list.

But does GLAAD give a flip as long as she has a lesbian GF and supports SSM?

Plotsummary: Samantha has another cocky problem: gross transsexual whores in front of her window.

I am calling on GLAAD Media director Rich Ferraro to treat transgender people with respect and not give this award to Cattrall.

In a exchange recently with Rich Ferraro sparked by a recent Washington Blade post defaming transgender people he responded emailing me:

"We do a lot of work with mainstream media regarding transgender issues –because it’s an area where so many have a lot to learn. One of the key goals of our team is to also push out positive stories about LGBT people – and I hope that more will continue to run. Perhaps this can happen in LGBT media as well – it seems like whenever we do an action speaking out against transgender discrimination/offensive media images, we (GLAAD) get hit very hard by the gay and lesbian people on our list. There needs to be more work done to reach those people with images that move them to support the trans community."

"I do have some relationships with LGBT media/reporters so I do hope that you can continue to send items like this to me or if articles run that misrepresent the trans community. I’m happy to put you in touch to relay concerns. I recommend that happensbefore public blog posts go up on your site though."
I emailed back pointing out to him that when you kick the hornets nest of transphobia you are going to get stung regardless if the hornets are straight of gay! To be honest I didn't really know how to react to that last line. It almost seemed threatening but I emailed him back agreeing maybe we should work together.

Rich, just a observation. You just kicked the transgender hornets nest. Do not award Cattrall for her transphobic hatred.

Email Rich Ferraro ar Ferraro@glaad.org

Live in San Fran? Get protesting! Info on the Facebook event


Krystine said...

Thanks for the article about the honoring of Kim Cattral by glad. I mad some comments about it at my blog and encouraged my very small readership to pass it on.



planet trans said...

Email just received from Rich Ferraro, Director of Communications, GLAAD

"Every day we work to promote positive media images and stories of LGBT people that build acceptance and understanding, and we share in the anger over an episode of Sex & The City from 2000 that grossly misrepresented transgender women. Kim Cattrall is being honored at the 2011 GLAAD Media Awards for her work as an actress and advocate, not at all for this episode." - Rich Ferraro, Director of Communications, GLAAD

No Mr Rich Ferraro, your web site says you are honoring Cattrall for her playing a part time lesbian in Sex in the city and her support of same sex marriage.

You choose to ignore that Sex in the city episode. Please do not insult me by saying you are offended by it.

GLAAD can not have our support if you choose to promote the gay agenda with media that defames us.

I say PROTEST May 14th GLAAD awards. This is the only way GLAAD will be made accountable.

Nancy-Jo said...

Let's look at this logically:

Would the Jewish Anti-Deformation League give an award to someone who played the part of a ruthless Neo-Nazi but never countered that role later in their career with one that clearly surpassed the first with a character who hugely championed the dignity and interests of its constituents?

Would the NAACP give someone an award who was once seen enthusiastically spreading hateful rhetoric about African-Americans BUT on the contrary, was never witnessed engaging in clear and specific efforts to undo the damage they had done to that Community?

And yet, GLAAD (so far) insists on looking the other way, when it comes to rewarding Kim Cattral, who has never attempted to heal or even acknowledge the gaping wound her dismissive stab of a "Trans-inclusive" episode in "Sex & The City certainly has left in the minds and hearts of many in our Community who endured watching it?

Should Transgender people once again be expected to consider this as mere "colateral damage", cower in coerced silence like bullied schoolyard kids, or just kick up our heels and ignorantly party with GLAAD?

I don't think so...

The portrayals, the actions, the remarks, the attitudes AND the tacit condoning of all of the above are CLEARLY anti-Trans, racist, reprehensible and inexcusible.

Therefore, it is at best utterly irresponsible of GLAAD (the self-proclaimed ...media "watchdog" for us all), to celebrate, laud and reward anyone associated with the episode in question.

With "friends" like that - who needs enemies??

And do not assume that politicians and police officers don't watch or get influenced by these shows. We as a combined Community MUST NOT EVER get into the habit of rewarding bad behavior!

IMO, there NEEDS to be a protest by the Transgender Community - and a HUGE one - over this mess!

Nancy-Jo Morris
Colorado Springs