HRC Maryland Coup d'état to depose The Maryland Transgender Alliance

HRC is officially running the show in Maryland, or so it thinks. The gay mouthpiece Washington Blade headline announced ".In shakeup, HRC poised to lead Md. marriage effort. "

The reality is HRC bought off Equality Maryland (for whatever that's worth, took over from from the fumbling Sheets and installed its own leadership.

Not surprising is the Blade article didn't mention the political group formed in April The Maryland Transgender Alliance. Not surprising is that HRC Maryland has not stopped censoring its Facebook page not allowing any dissident comments.

Not surprising ether is the announcement that HRC Equality Maryland had manufactured a transgender group. Pretty smart since that was the factor missing from last years debacle. They needed strong enough leadership, HRC, funding, HRC and a group of 'gender queers' and rich transgender quislings to form a group to 'lead' shove the gay agenda down the transgender communities throat.

Whats surprising is the audacity of HRC but no more denying they are financing and calling the shots. I feel vindicated.

HRC, you are all that is evil.

Transgender Marylanders, please meet the new smarter, leaner enemy.

HRC dd not deny they gave Equality Maryland "a large sum on money' only that the money did not directly affect whom Equality Maryland selected for its leader. HRC offered the fact Equality Maryland has a INTERIM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR as proof the money went elsewhere.

How stupid and do they think we are?

I see there is a month passed between HRC installing it's choice of interim dictator and Beyer as its chief trans quisling.

I see that the liars and low life's that has stomped on the heads of transgender Marylanders has entrenched itself. God have mercy on us.


genevieve said...

HRC is the bane of transgender people. They are what's wrong with
many mainstream LGBT organization. They are predominantly white, gale male middle and upper class.

I could delve a lot deeper into this but the mention of HRC makes my blood boil.

Cathy Brennan said...

Kelly, when are you moving to Maryland?