Equality Maryland supports Freedom of Association and Assembly Protection Act of 2009

Does that qualify Equality Maryland a threat to society?

The people who ordered the Maryland State Police to spy on Equality Maryland apparently think so. According to EQMD Executive Director Kate Runyon these activities include monitoring email lists, keeping files on currant and past members and posing as activists in order to gain access to ongoing activities.

The apparent spying began after Equality Maryland spoke out in favor of the Freedom of Association and Assembly Protection Act of 2009. These bills mandate that law enforcement use of covert techniques and compiling of criminal intelligence dossiers about Marylanders' political views and activities be based on reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.

From Equality Maryland
Every person in our state deserves an equal opportunity to make a life for his or herself free from discrimination and violence. Discrimination against transgender Marylanders is wrong, far too prevalent, and must be stopped.
Urge Committees to Support Transgender Anti-Discrimination Legislation

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