NH House rejects transgender rights bill

The hopes of transgender people for inclusion in New Hampshire's laws was flushed down the loo today. The N.H. House with 52 Democrats absent from roll call voted 157 to 172 not to move HB415 to the Senate.

Flush. Sometimes it's impossible to tell what party affiliation the arms are that are dragging us down.
HB415 Roll Call

01/08/2009 H Introduced and Referred to Judiciary; HJ 12, PG.227
01/22/2009 H Public Hearing: 2/5/2009 2:00 PM LOB 208
03/09/2009 H Subcommittee Work Session: 3/12/2009 9:00 AM LOB 208
03/10/2009 H Executive Session: 3/17/2009 11:00 AM LOB 208 (Contined 3/18&19/09 11:00 AM LOB 208 If Needed)
03/18/2009 H Committee Report: Without Recommendation for Mar 24 RC
03/25/2009 H Special Ordered to Mar 25 Without Objection
03/26/2009 H Special Ordered to Mar 26 Without Objection
03/26/2009 H Motion for Ought to Pass (Rep Butler)
03/26/2009 H Floor Amendment #1070h (New Title) (Rep Wendelboe) Failed, RC 79-251
03/26/2009 H Ought to Pass: MF RC 157-172
03/26/2009 H Motion for Inexpedient to Legislate (Rep Packard): MA DIV 181-149

New Hampshire General Court - Bill Status System HB415

AP on Fox 44 NH House rejects transgender rights bill


Vanessa E. Foster said...

Thanks for sending this along, Kelli. We may have the right to marry in yet another state ... and still not have the right to work or be protected from hate violence.

This is what's called equality ....

planet trans said...

With the absence of a majority or minority report and a 10-10 vote in committee both bills proceeded per NH custom to the House floor for a vote. The next test for marriage equality is the Senate after being given a green light by the narrowest of margins.
This was predicted. That the Transgender inclusion should fail because of all things, the bathroom is a crying shame.
I will continue to do all I can for marriage equality and remain grateful for the effort of of our allies.

Anonymous said...

"That the Transgender inclusion should fail because of all things, the bathroom is a crying shame."

Thank yu Barney Frank - chief architect of the 'bathroom boogie-tran'

Queers United said...

It is so sad that on a wonderful day when they pass marriage they have to institute some continued discrimination. Why can't they just be like equality for all. Ugh. We will prevail!

Queers United said...

what a shame that they pass marriage but continue to discriminate against trans folks. we will prevail in our fight for equality for all.