Gainesville proponents of Amendment 1 Deception in Desperation

The proponents of Amendment 1 are trying to influence innocently ignorant uncommitted voters with misinformation and deception. Their effort to amend the Gainesville City Charter and force fellow Floridians to live without human rights has been debunked by the voters themselves in this Gainesville Sun compilation of letters to the Sun "Voice of the Voters: Amendment 1"

"Michele Gifford: Scare tactics cover up real agenda"

"Recently I received my sample ballot in preparation for the March 24th city election. I gathered up and reread the growing collection I'd saved of past letters and op-eds thus far submitted to The Gainesville Sun on the Amendment 1 debate. Oh my goodness, those supporters, they are ever so vicious, hateful and sarcastic."

"But you know what? If Charter 1 proponents were really just concerned about protecting women and girls in public restrooms, as they all keep loudly trumpeting, why pray tell do we not see the words PUBLIC RESTROOM or BATHROOM or GIRL or WOMEN in the wording of the Charter 1 Amendment?"

"Well, of course we know why, even if they can't or won't admit it to themselves or to us. They have to cover up the ugly, real reason for this discriminatory vote they’ve forced upon us. They have to distract with scare tactics hoping to thus attract naïve voters who can be misled and fooled."

Michele Gifford,


Read more atVoice of the Voters: Amendment 1

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