Anatomy of the Transgender Inclusive Bills in Massachusetts

From Ethan Jacobs associate editor, Bay Windows a brilliant look inside the body of politics as Massachusetts strives to become the only state in the union to offer both Marriage equality and transgender inclusive legislation.

From Ethan;

"LGBT advocates have already persuaded a majority of the legislature to back the transgender rights bill, but that doesn’t mean that passage of the bill is a done deal. In fact, the bill’s fate will ultimately be determined by a handful of legislative "gate-keepers" who must decide both to support it and to make it a legislative priority. Without their support and commitment to expend political capital on the measure, the bill is dead in the water this session."

Ever wonder how one bill passes both houses in one session and another languishes to die never to have been introduced for consideration? Read all about it at "I’m just a (trans rights) bill"

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