The Episcopal Church(TEC) Walking In The Path Of Christ

I am witnessing an event that has taken me emotionally and spiritually far past my ability to comprehend or even to communicate . I am in need of your help in understanding, you the ones who live this, who's spiritual wholeness is challenged and enriched.

I'll explain so you can educate me. When our The Episcopal Church invited everyone to live Jesus's life, here on this planet in our own bodies, many, many people found the path to fearsome, the deaths to many and the reward unfathomable.

But then, some people fully embraced Jesus's way of life. Giving up comfort, forsaking wealth, enduring social alienation, and all the deaths that Jesus foretold are necessary in order to put our lives in order so we may forever worship. All of this is being lived by people right here, right now in my city.

Grand cathedrals, sheltering stone walls of praise and once home to TEC, now sing in the houses of the hearts and souls of our saints in FT. Worth's TEC. Personal belongings were gathered as they were cast out of beautiful Church's and made to travel dusty roads to humble places. Willingly forsaken are the comfort and physical grandiose of the earthly reminders of our covenant, instead faith, love and welcoming for all is the alter and a hug the nearly unbearable hugeness of Christ's love.

I do not know how to tell you about this. I do not know how to show my gradatude. I am witnessing people walk in the path of Jesus's life now, right here in Fort Worth Texas.

I need to share with you, but am so challenged. Help me to understand. Help me to fully live the death's of rebirth. Spend some time with us. Please, offer the comfort of your spirituality, because you of the RMN, who among others, are the ones who by coming before and embracing the radical inclusion of Jesus's life, are making all of his miracle of the rebirth of hope and possibility, a reality. In our lifetime. In Fort Worth Texas.

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