InterSex & Transgender Australians Must Register as Sexual Deviants to get Testosterone Blocker Androcur

Criminalizing the Transgender and Intersex people down under.

InterSex and Transgender Australians must register as sexual deviants and risk being put on the sex offender registry to be prescribed the testosterone blocker Procur which is also sold under the generic names Cyprohexal and Androcur. From A.E. Brain and the oii Australia.

Clipped from from the Sex and gender diversity Report of initial consultation

However the lower cost spironolactone according to one comment on the The Dawn Chorus is available without ruining your life by registering as a sexual deviant and sex offender.

My question is why hasn't this gross injustice been remedied?

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Brittany and Angela said...

That is ridiculous and disgusting. I hope Australia sees the light soon.