In the days of Bosom Buddies I was called a Hippyfreak Commie, Faggot

I grew up during the 60' and 70's during and just after Vietnam. As a youth I was able to wear my hair long and wear women's clothing because I looked like the war protesters. People just assumed I was a hippy. And since my political views were in line with that, it was a fit. I was also able to be bi sexual because just as it is today, sexual orientation is not a attribute openly discernible unless one is comfortable putting it on display.

But those who were closest to me, those who delighted in my discomfort, some of my family members who knew better and foes alike used to call me hippy commie freak, fag. Yes faggot. because in those days that's what society viewed all gender variant people as. A fag, a poof. Of no worth.

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And I was happy with that because as harmful as the word faggot is it meant they recognized my gender was somehow different from how they were. So I remained quietly acquiescent to the defamation. Because then the very ides of living and especially working authentically was absurd. So outrageously absurd a network capitalized on gender diversity by making a comedy series about it, Bosom Buddies.

The outrageous situational "comedy" of Bosom Buddies was indisputably accepted as representative of what would happen if anyone dared to present in a gender not congruent with the one on there birth certificate.

Back then transgender people were isolated by shear numbers being less than 1% of the population and with no Internet to connect. No social media to present our agenda. But times have changed thanks to society's awakening to diversity.

However there is one man of consequence who is still living in the days of Bosom Buddy . One man who unrepentantly laughs at our suffering. A man would be perfectly happy seeing those Bosom Buddies days return.

That man is Paul Lee, president of ABC.

In fact, without anything to suggest otherwise, Paul Lee hopes for a return to those days when in hopelessness we turned to alcohol and drugs for escape. Back to the days when our lives became so unlivable we had no option to go out clumsily dressed as the woman who we KNEW we were only to face ridicule, ostracisation, violence and even death.

Back to the days when finding work as our true selves was simply absurd but as demanded by our souls, our only choice.

Not any more MR Paul Lee. We are no longer silent victims. And as the Huffington Post article stated you will probably continue ignore our outcry. In fact, you are probably basking in the attention your pitiful mockery of gender diverse is receiving. But in the long run you will be remembered as a bully and bigot you truly are.

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