Disney Resorts "It Gets Better" Video For Transgender People? NO ABC WORK IT!

"The Walt Disney Corporation has put out a video for the It Gets Better project.
George Kalogridis, president of the Disneyland Resort and a member of Out & Equal’s Board of Directors, opens the video with "This message is for ANYONE who has been bullied, harassed or teased for being different, it gets better"

Mr. Kalogridis a company owned by Disney is intentionally provoking, bullying and harassing transgender people and I am asking you to make it "get better!"

ABC has targeted transgender people specifically provoking outrage with its dehumanizing bathroom meme as they promote the Sitcom "Work It". But this has only served to create a backlash from worlds population.

People living in Czech Republic, Turkey, Israel, France, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Nova Scotia have signed objecting to Work It, AND THAT'S JUST THE FIRST PAGE of the Transgender petition ABC do Not Air the Sitcom "Work It" which currently has 4,389 signatures.

If you read more of the comments you will also see that those who are signing are mainly non transgender (Cisgender) people. This comes as no surprise to me since we are but 1% of the worlds population, being the most impoverished and decimated minority.

But our support is coming as a surprise to the president of ABC who had not counted on that when he green lighted the campaign and essentially said he didn't care what people thought of it or what harm it caused as long as it amused him.

He was wrong. And a notice. Those companies who choose to advertise on this show if it airs, will also become the target of the worlds indignation.

This is a major fail by ABC a Walt Disney Company. Mr. George Kalogridis, make this "get better".

Now I understand you are but a cog in the massive Disney Corporation but since the The Walt Disney Company's logo highlighted the "It gets better" project and Walt Disney owns ABC I feel it would be incumbent on you to advocate for human dignity and add your voice to worlds condemnation of "Work It".

The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521
(818) 560-1000

Just a after thought, why is there no mention of ABC's transtoxic "Work It" by Out and Equal?

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