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ABC Work It is Axed! WE WIN!


We can't take all the credit for Work It's demise, it was just god awful. But we will bask in this victory. Work It's problematic transphobia inspired people internationally to consider our shared humanity and after reading our petition they signed by the thousands in solidarity.

People came from all corners of the globe to stand shoulder to shoulder with us making our planet just a little more friendly to everyone.

We couldn't have done this alone. We were stagnated around 200 signatures until a article written by Emerson Whitney was published on Huffington Post. That kick started our petition and coupled with the Dallas Transgender Advocate and Allies event and a Care2 guest post I was so graciously invited to write, our cause began to gain some legs.

Then HRC and GLAAD stepped in and added their support but sadly without mentioning the grass roots advocacy that had preceded their involvement.

But our victory highlights just exactly what transgender people can do when we take possession and responsibility for our condition. We can change the world!

Now I hope that the president of ABC Paul Lee is a little more understanding of what made Work It so very offensive. Paul Lee stated it's in his contract he's obligated to produce "cross Dressing" shows. If he attempts a show about gender diversity again lets hope he does it with intelligence, insight, compassion and reality.

The reality is Paul Lee, the world demands it.


ABC President Paul Lee: 1% er Chauvinistic Capitalistic pig or Hero?

Its become obvious that ABC is going forward with airing the problematic Work it despite the worlds overwhelming condemnation of it so I'm laying my cards on the table.

Paul Lee, you still have a chance at redemption. You could do as the General Mills did after receiving a petition with 69 signatures objecting to the far less problematic "Totino’s Pizza Stuffers Mom" segment.

Our petition ABC Do Not Air Work iT has nearly 10 times the signatures of the Totino’s Pizza Stuffers Mom petition! Why are you are remaining indifferent to our pleas?

Transgender and Transsexual's main issue with it is your conflating our identity using the Bathroom meme while attempting to defer criticism by declaring Work it" is not about transgender people. First cross dressers are under the trans umbrella. You are attacking all of us by mocking them.

That is not only offensive but deadly. In 2010, NCAVP documented 27 anti-LGBTQ murders nationwide, the second highest yearly total ever recorded by the Coalition. Transgender women made up 44% of the reported hate murders in 2010, while representing only 11% of total survivors and victims.

ABC's corporate media sock puppets have published articles seeking to discredit transgender objections to "Work it" by suggesting its only good ole boys haing fun at woman's expense. And after all, historically haven't men always belittled womankind. So why should today be any different. right Paul Lee?

Well its 2013 that's why. Transgender and cisgender womankind are no longer without media platforms. Although ours are not as mighty as ABC's, the world has read our petition and agreed on so many levels.

ABC Work it should not Air. Here are a few of the comments I will be emailing Mr. Lee along with the Petition Monday.

# 4,479 23:44, Dec 31, Randi Gault, IA:
"I'm not transgendered,and none of my friends happen to be,but I still believe in equality,and I'm not terribly fond of negative stereotypes. It's hard enough for transgendered people to be accepted without the media making a mockery of their lifestyle preferences. It's saying "it's not okay to live this way in real life,but it's just fine to laugh at it for entertainment." That's not okay.."

# 4,478 20:59, Dec 31, Ms. Cara Allen, IL:
I am a transsexual woman. Hardly a day goes by when someone makes a joke, insult or threatening remark to me. Do you think this travesty will make the lives of transgender people better? You will have our blood on your hands. One of us is murdered every 72 hours. You are going to contribute to our deaths. We are not silly. We are dying..

# 4,466 15:17, Dec 30, Lisa Harrington, CA:
"The time is ripe to end all stereotyping of gender, race and all types of discrimination. I am so tired of the junk on television - shame on you for supporting this biased and damaging programming.."

Pual Lee, we have been non confrontational but that time is drawing to a end. The choice is clear. We will educate those who buy time on "Work it" and make sure the world is aware that they support this travesty.

The choice is your's Paul Lee. Pig or Hero?


Disney Resorts "It Gets Better" Video For Transgender People? NO ABC WORK IT!

"The Walt Disney Corporation has put out a video for the It Gets Better project.
George Kalogridis, president of the Disneyland Resort and a member of Out & Equal’s Board of Directors, opens the video with "This message is for ANYONE who has been bullied, harassed or teased for being different, it gets better"

Mr. Kalogridis a company owned by Disney is intentionally provoking, bullying and harassing transgender people and I am asking you to make it "get better!"

ABC has targeted transgender people specifically provoking outrage with its dehumanizing bathroom meme as they promote the Sitcom "Work It". But this has only served to create a backlash from worlds population.

People living in Czech Republic, Turkey, Israel, France, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Nova Scotia have signed objecting to Work It, AND THAT'S JUST THE FIRST PAGE of the Transgender petition ABC do Not Air the Sitcom "Work It" which currently has 4,389 signatures.

If you read more of the comments you will also see that those who are signing are mainly non transgender (Cisgender) people. This comes as no surprise to me since we are but 1% of the worlds population, being the most impoverished and decimated minority.

But our support is coming as a surprise to the president of ABC who had not counted on that when he green lighted the campaign and essentially said he didn't care what people thought of it or what harm it caused as long as it amused him.

He was wrong. And a notice. Those companies who choose to advertise on this show if it airs, will also become the target of the worlds indignation.

This is a major fail by ABC a Walt Disney Company. Mr. George Kalogridis, make this "get better".

Now I understand you are but a cog in the massive Disney Corporation but since the The Walt Disney Company's logo highlighted the "It gets better" project and Walt Disney owns ABC I feel it would be incumbent on you to advocate for human dignity and add your voice to worlds condemnation of "Work It".

The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521
(818) 560-1000

Just a after thought, why is there no mention of ABC's transtoxic "Work It" by Out and Equal?


ABC Don't Tell me Your "Work It" Picture Isn't about Me. Its Killing Me.

Things are so desperate, I am wondering am I strong enough to keep my new job after only three months .My mind and soul hurt. I break down often when I get home. So much damage has been done.

Italic paragraphs from the New York Times For Transgender Detainees, a Jail Policy Offers Some Security “They are more likely to interact with police because they are more likely to be victims of violent crime, because they are more likely to be on the street due to homelessness and/or being unwelcome at home, because their circumstances often force them to work in the underground economy, and even because many face harassment and arrest simply because they are out in public while being transgender.”

Flip to my life in bold: Today as I exited a stall in the women's room the ten ladies waiting suddenly ceased their light hearted banter. As I washed my hands I could literally feel the hate boring into my back. Dead silence.

Seven percent of respondents reported being arrested or detained in jail due only to their gender identity.(myself being one of that 7% who responded we had been arrested simply for being transgender on the Task Force's survey.

The bathroom was so crowded because the shipping department meeting just ended. The one that the vice president of my company assured me the subject of sexual harassment (they do not have gender protections) would be raised. It was not, again.

Today the cumulative effect of the 3 months of harassment, ostracization, physical assaults and just evil vitriol gossip made me wonder, why am I working? My kitty stripy baby and my first apartment in 20 years?

If I went back to the streets what then? Nothing certain but one thing. I would rid myself of this hateful place and people once and for all. I would also lose all of my self respect and dignity. Why even breath then?

And it all started with a rumor on my very first day of employment. It spread like wildfire that I was using the men's room. That sort of hateful rumor is given visual conformation by this image published by ABC "Work It". So ABC don't tell me your picture isn't about me. Its killing me.


ABC Suburgatory Charity Case Episode Subjugates and Humiliates Transgender People

Watch the full episode of Charity Case
SUBURGATORY “Charity Case” Episode 6 airs Wednesday, November 2 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) on ABC.

Episode Synopsis: Irritated by all the cafeteria waste at school, Tessa motivates the student body to get involved with giving back. Unfortunately their charity of choice involves helping residents of Florida improve their complexions. When Tessa introduces a homeless transsexual to the student body as part of a lesson, they decide that Tessa is really the person in need. Meanwhile George receives a large dental bill from Noah, which puts a strain on their relationship, on “Suburgatory,” WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

The main character introduses the charity case "This is Gladys a man who lives on my street" introducing a transsexual woman. "One of her class mates asks "A Man?" Gladys says "Let me take it from here, I tuck it in."
This is the systemic misrepresentation of transgender people ABC is showing the world. After watching this clip please join with the thousands who have signed the petition asking ABC not to show another one of its transexpolitive shows "Work It"


Jamie Madison Shamelessly Promotes ABC Work IT

Jamie Madison claiming to be the newest cast member of the ABC Sitcom "Work It" Tweeted this picture. Madison says she feels no remorse at promoting "Work It" and for some reason thought it necessary to tell the world.

And so does the ABC president Paul Lee as he stated he wouldn't make any excuses for his decision to air Work It.

I am curious, why are the cast of Work It and the president of ABC are so defensive about their roles in "Work IT"?

Could they be aware of it's potentially damaging effects to the transgender community? Is it that they are aware Work It might cause a back lash against transgender people. Could it be that they know Work It dehumanizes cross dressers, drag queens and physically endangers those just beginning transition in the work place?

Could it be that they know the world of Cisgender (Woman born into the body congruent with their gender identity) are revolted by your patronizing the misogynists with the patriarchal concept of a "Mancession" when in truth we are paid less, promoted less and employed less?

Could it be they know Work It is just so wrong on so many levels?

Well, I'm here to confirm Paul Lee and Jamie Madison's suspicions. Just yesterday a Twitter account craftily created to appear as if it was the official "Work It" account tried to bait me into an angry response with this tweet:

But being a seasoned human rights advocate I didn't take the bait. I wasn't even aware that the origin of that tweet was not the verified ABC Work IT account (@ABC_WorkIt) until a friend alerted me.

So here's the proof Lee and Madison. And it's just the beginning of the added hate transgender people will be forced to endure by "Work IT". Lee You should be ashamed and Jamie Madison, this is the best part of your very nice anatomy and what Lee brought in to promote "Work It".

Lee brougt your cheap ass in to sell this obnoxious transtoxic piece of crap. Looks like he got a spokes model with the right body parts that speak to Work It..

You say you are a shameless woman Jamie Madison? So I am I. But I am shameless because I am a human rights advocate. Get some class will you? Stop promoting shamelessly the degradation of your own gender. And Madison? Work That.


In the days of Bosom Buddies I was called a Hippyfreak Commie, Faggot

I grew up during the 60' and 70's during and just after Vietnam. As a youth I was able to wear my hair long and wear women's clothing because I looked like the war protesters. People just assumed I was a hippy. And since my political views were in line with that, it was a fit. I was also able to be bi sexual because just as it is today, sexual orientation is not a attribute openly discernible unless one is comfortable putting it on display.

But those who were closest to me, those who delighted in my discomfort, some of my family members who knew better and foes alike used to call me hippy commie freak, fag. Yes faggot. because in those days that's what society viewed all gender variant people as. A fag, a poof. Of no worth.

Sorry for the Audio Lag.

And I was happy with that because as harmful as the word faggot is it meant they recognized my gender was somehow different from how they were. So I remained quietly acquiescent to the defamation. Because then the very ides of living and especially working authentically was absurd. So outrageously absurd a network capitalized on gender diversity by making a comedy series about it, Bosom Buddies.

The outrageous situational "comedy" of Bosom Buddies was indisputably accepted as representative of what would happen if anyone dared to present in a gender not congruent with the one on there birth certificate.

Back then transgender people were isolated by shear numbers being less than 1% of the population and with no Internet to connect. No social media to present our agenda. But times have changed thanks to society's awakening to diversity.

However there is one man of consequence who is still living in the days of Bosom Buddy . One man who unrepentantly laughs at our suffering. A man would be perfectly happy seeing those Bosom Buddies days return.

That man is Paul Lee, president of ABC.

In fact, without anything to suggest otherwise, Paul Lee hopes for a return to those days when in hopelessness we turned to alcohol and drugs for escape. Back to the days when our lives became so unlivable we had no option to go out clumsily dressed as the woman who we KNEW we were only to face ridicule, ostracisation, violence and even death.

Back to the days when finding work as our true selves was simply absurd but as demanded by our souls, our only choice.

Not any more MR Paul Lee. We are no longer silent victims. And as the Huffington Post article stated you will probably continue ignore our outcry. In fact, you are probably basking in the attention your pitiful mockery of gender diverse is receiving. But in the long run you will be remembered as a bully and bigot you truly are.

Please sign the Petition ABC Do Not Air Work It