ABC President Paul Lee: 1% er Chauvinistic Capitalistic pig or Hero?

Its become obvious that ABC is going forward with airing the problematic Work it despite the worlds overwhelming condemnation of it so I'm laying my cards on the table.

Paul Lee, you still have a chance at redemption. You could do as the General Mills did after receiving a petition with 69 signatures objecting to the far less problematic "Totino’s Pizza Stuffers Mom" segment.

Our petition ABC Do Not Air Work iT has nearly 10 times the signatures of the Totino’s Pizza Stuffers Mom petition! Why are you are remaining indifferent to our pleas?

Transgender and Transsexual's main issue with it is your conflating our identity using the Bathroom meme while attempting to defer criticism by declaring Work it" is not about transgender people. First cross dressers are under the trans umbrella. You are attacking all of us by mocking them.

That is not only offensive but deadly. In 2010, NCAVP documented 27 anti-LGBTQ murders nationwide, the second highest yearly total ever recorded by the Coalition. Transgender women made up 44% of the reported hate murders in 2010, while representing only 11% of total survivors and victims.

ABC's corporate media sock puppets have published articles seeking to discredit transgender objections to "Work it" by suggesting its only good ole boys haing fun at woman's expense. And after all, historically haven't men always belittled womankind. So why should today be any different. right Paul Lee?

Well its 2013 that's why. Transgender and cisgender womankind are no longer without media platforms. Although ours are not as mighty as ABC's, the world has read our petition and agreed on so many levels.

ABC Work it should not Air. Here are a few of the comments I will be emailing Mr. Lee along with the Petition Monday.

# 4,479 23:44, Dec 31, Randi Gault, IA:
"I'm not transgendered,and none of my friends happen to be,but I still believe in equality,and I'm not terribly fond of negative stereotypes. It's hard enough for transgendered people to be accepted without the media making a mockery of their lifestyle preferences. It's saying "it's not okay to live this way in real life,but it's just fine to laugh at it for entertainment." That's not okay.."

# 4,478 20:59, Dec 31, Ms. Cara Allen, IL:
I am a transsexual woman. Hardly a day goes by when someone makes a joke, insult or threatening remark to me. Do you think this travesty will make the lives of transgender people better? You will have our blood on your hands. One of us is murdered every 72 hours. You are going to contribute to our deaths. We are not silly. We are dying..

# 4,466 15:17, Dec 30, Lisa Harrington, CA:
"The time is ripe to end all stereotyping of gender, race and all types of discrimination. I am so tired of the junk on television - shame on you for supporting this biased and damaging programming.."

Pual Lee, we have been non confrontational but that time is drawing to a end. The choice is clear. We will educate those who buy time on "Work it" and make sure the world is aware that they support this travesty.

The choice is your's Paul Lee. Pig or Hero?

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