Transgender Child Asks Media Not to Hurt Her With "Tranny"

When this ten year old transgender girl Livvy James asks the world "please don't let anyone else die of this" she's pleading for people to stop using defamation such as "Tranny".
Sadly this abuse began when she went to the store on break before transitioning at school and suffered "adults" abuse when they called her a

This loving ten year old girl is only asking for a chance at life since those episodes have brought severe depression even suicidal thoughts. How COULD anyone live with themselves knowing their words contributed to her killing herself?

Please sign the Change.org petition her family started: Stop the Press using Transphobic terms and deliberately mixing pronouns. Transphobia Kills, help those like this little girl live the life they deserve.

How could we do any less? We love you child. You are our shining star and we need you to grow strong and proud.

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