Transgender Woman Dana Beyer attacked with 'KGB-type tactics'

Dana Beyer's employer, Montgomery Maryland County Councilwoman Duchy Trachtenberg is furious about the secretive 'KGB-type' investigation being conducted by the state's ethics committee.

The ethics committee, apparently motivated by the anti transgender group "Citizens for a Responsible Government" has secretively been conducting after hours searches of the official offices and computers of her top advisor. " Citizens for a Responsible Government" were the sponsors of the failed petition drive to bring the recently passed transgender inclusive anti discrimination ordinances in Montgomery Maryland to a popular vote.

Source: Gazette.com "A County Councilwoman's senior policy adviser who helped draft the county's antidiscrimination law to protect transgendered people now is using the law in filing a complaint against the Montgomery County Ethics Commission."

"I helped craft the bill, and I'm the first to use it," said Dana Beyer, a transgendered woman who serves as senior aide to Councilwoman Duchy Trachtenberg (D-At large). "That's a delicious irony."

"Beyer filed a complaint Tuesday with the Montgomery County Human Rights Commission against the county, claiming its Ethics Commission has investigated her for the past eight months because of her "gender identity." read full story at Gazette.com

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