Open invitation to Fort Worth Mayor Moncrief and Council Members to Attend Fort Worth TDOR 2009

Open letter to Mayor Moncrief, City Council Members and Police Chief Halstead.

Subject: Invitation to the Tarrant County/ Fort Worth Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR).

Location: Carr Chapel on TCU
Address: 2855 S. University Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76129
Date: November 20, 2009 Time: 7:30 pm

I am Kelli Busey, one of the three transgender people to speak during the comment section prior to the voting on M&C G-16757 proposal amending City code 17 to include transgender people in the anti discrimination ordinance.

During my comments I invited all members to attend the TDOR and noted that many members signifing by a nod, an understanding of the significance of the TDOR.

Mayor Moncrief prefaced the public comment section with a appeal that the comments be limited to amending Ordinance 17. Most of the Gay and Lesbian supporters who commented did so, making a distinction between sexual orientation and gender identity. Most of the opponents signified their ignorance, by not doing so.

Most of the opponents of a potential yes vote do not understand who transgender people are, have a misunderstanding of the Bible or have relied on others sadly to misinform them. The opponents of a yes vote more often than not prefaced there comments with statements that including transgender people in Fort Worth's anti discrimination policy as contrary to their biblical teachings, a potential threat to their freedom to practice religion, a threat to the freedom of speech, an added burden to local business because of legal costs defending employment decisions, as undesirable to family communities and and most erroneous and disingenuous of all, a threat to woman and children in public places.

All of these perceived threats have been shown to be untrue in Dallas since it's including in 2002 of transgender people in it's anti discrimination policies and across the country in hundreds of inclusive cities.

Why this invitation to you is so very important. I found disturbing the incorrect terminology used by both the council members and our opponents, to describe us as "Living a life Style Choice" and that our mysterious decision was contrary to all they had been taught during their upbringing. These statement would lead one to believe that the Council is, by no fault of it's own, ignorant about transgender people and that they believed we had a option as to our who we are. I assure you we do not.

Whether you voted yes or no I hope that by you attending the Tarrant County TDOR that an enlightenment process may begin. I am sure with the intensity that our opponents displayed every councilmember will be called to stand with informed conviction behind your stated desire to eliminate discrimination in your cities non discrimination policy of any minority in the past or present.

Most unsettling was the opponents comments that they wished to bring this manner up for a popular vote.

Never in history has a majority granted a minority equality by popular vote.

It is my hope that each and everyone invited and all the public will attend the the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Thank you,

Kelli Anne Busey
Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies

Press release Tarrant County Transgender Day of Remembrance 2009

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