Goldman Sachs Hoards H1N1 Vaccine Endangers Woman and Children

Wall Street Corporation Goldman and Sachs which received billions in bailout dollars are now receiving hundreds of H1N1 vaccine doses to inoculate employees while depleting supply available for hospitals and people at risk.

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"In particular, NBC reports that Goldman Sachs has received 200 doses of the vaccine -- the same amount as Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Wall Street banks, like many other companies, put in requests for the vaccine but seem to have had something of a leg up on securing doses."

"Dr. Nancy Schnyderman, NBC's chief medical editor, chimed in on this seeming disparity:

"I think they probably played by the rules, there are corporations all over the country who put in there dibs...But, what a sore eye for Wall Street. Wouldn't have been lovely if they had said, look we put it in our dibs, we played by the rules, but we're going to donate our 200 doses."
Some corporations seem to be getting the doses before doctors and hospitals. Here's more from Schnyderman:

"If we know that the distribution is the weak part of this entire thing, why not put doctor's offices and hospitals at the top of the line, and say to corporate America, no matter who you are, you're you're going to have to go through clinics and hospitals like everyone else." Source: Huffington Post
Credo petion Tell Goldman Sachs: Hands off the H1N1 vaccine.

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