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Ethics Board rules for Dana Beyer: Complainant "Maryland Citizens for responsible government" Unethical

The Montgomery ethics panel dismissed charges brought against transgender woman Dana Beyer then a policy advisor to Councilwoman Duchy Trachtenberg (D-At large).

The discredited group which brought the charges, "Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government" (CRG) also produced the Not in My Shower campaign and was of the same ilk as those who perpetrated the ridiculous discredited Rio Sport and Health Club shower man in the shower hoax.

This manufactured event in lieu of any actual occurrences was reported by ABC 7 which abdicated its integrity by reporting it as factual news of a man invading womens privacy with "Controversial Law on Gender Identity Tested"

Those same type of people that produced the country club video produced this egregious video preying on the worst fears a mother could have. Who could forget the Gainesville pervert bathroom video?

"CRG" had alleged Dana Beyer had used her position to intimidate opponents collecting petition signatures to overturn the county's transgender non discrimination law at a supermarket.

"The ethics commission ruled that there was no persuasive evidence that Beyer used her position for personal gain or to stop people from collecting the signatures, according to the 17-page finding issued Friday."

"The commission also found that those making the claims against Beyer showed "palpable and unapologetic disdain for transgendered individuals," which made the testimony not credible."

We will continue to Teach the facts debunking one lieing cowardly hate mongering transphobic extremist at a time.


Transgender Woman Dana Beyer attacked with 'KGB-type tactics'

Dana Beyer's employer, Montgomery Maryland County Councilwoman Duchy Trachtenberg is furious about the secretive 'KGB-type' investigation being conducted by the state's ethics committee.

The ethics committee, apparently motivated by the anti transgender group "Citizens for a Responsible Government" has secretively been conducting after hours searches of the official offices and computers of her top advisor. " Citizens for a Responsible Government" were the sponsors of the failed petition drive to bring the recently passed transgender inclusive anti discrimination ordinances in Montgomery Maryland to a popular vote.

Source: "A County Councilwoman's senior policy adviser who helped draft the county's antidiscrimination law to protect transgendered people now is using the law in filing a complaint against the Montgomery County Ethics Commission."

"I helped craft the bill, and I'm the first to use it," said Dana Beyer, a transgendered woman who serves as senior aide to Councilwoman Duchy Trachtenberg (D-At large). "That's a delicious irony."

"Beyer filed a complaint Tuesday with the Montgomery County Human Rights Commission against the county, claiming its Ethics Commission has investigated her for the past eight months because of her "gender identity." read full story at


Dana Beyer Poised to become First Trans Legislator

In a historic announcement Doctor Dana Beyer has put herself in contention for Maryland's 18th District seat.

"Dr. Dana Beyer wants to shake up Maryland’s leadership."

“People should vote for me because they want someone looking out for them, not just taking orders from the antiquated leadership,” she said. “We need a new approach to very serious economic difficulties if we are to reset our economy and move forward, building a better world for all.”

As transgender people we should also recognize and appreciate how successful Dr. Beyers has been in shaping and defining democracy in Montgomery County Maryland and beyond.

"On that note, Dana’s experience in fighting for LGBT equality is extensive. She serves on the Board of Directors of the National Center for Transgender Equality, the Human Rights Campaign’s Board of Governors, and Equality Maryland. She also helped found Basic Rights Montgomery, which successfully fought against an attempt to overturn Montgomery County’s transgender anti-discrimination law."

"With her local political, governmental and advocacy experience, Dana has walked the walk. Furthermore, as a physician Dana brings a special skill set, analytical approach and compassion to politics rarely seen."

"When she wins her election, Dana will become the first openly transgender individual to ever win election to any state legislature in the country – an enormous milestone. Help Dana break this barrier and serve the residents of her district by contributing to her campaign today."

Victory Fund

Dr Beyer put a Doctor in the House