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Zellers 4 Year Old boy's T-shirt: Egg Those Tra##ies, throw a Brick at a Car thats fun Shit!

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UPDATE! ESPN publicly apologizes and takes action to remove the offensive tee shirt. Click Here to read all about it.

This trendy shirt targeting adolescent males encouraging violence against transgender people was pulled from the Canadian retailers shelf after this boys mother returned the shirt and alerted an outraged Transgender community reports that Zellers has removed the tee shirt after first trying to avoid the issue. Zellers claim they have responded adequately claiming they are "working with the vendor". This is news to the boy's mother Ashley Simpson, pictured right, who has said she has not yet received a response from Zellers.

One of the first comments on the Free Press article questioned, "what's the fuss all about? Why they emailed them and they pulled the t shirt".

Answer that question by action! Deluge parent company ESPN with emails and demand they make a example of this vendor who shipped this obscene hate inspiring tee shirt.

My email, feel free to use any or all,

Subject: Demand ESPN offer public apology for Zeller transphobic t shirt

To: Chris Brush
Vice President, Brand Extension and Development

Zeller department store offered to adolescent youths a X Game t shirt that specifically targets transgender people for violence.

I can not beleive it was coincidental or accidental that the lettering was so small as to escape parental notice. It is my belief that this vendor intentionally lettered this t shirt in this way to instill hatred of transgender people in the minds of innocents.

I demand you offer a public apology and remove this vendor from Zeller.

Kelli Anne Busey
Dallas, Texas

Chris Brush, is the vice-president of branding for parent company ESPN and can be reached at