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Chanel Larkin murderers hatred echoed by Sentinel Commentators

Murderous echoes.

These are first three comments found on the Milwaukee Wisconsin Sentinel story 'Transphobia and mean streets' by Forge Forward activists Michael Munson And Loree Cook-Daniels.

Our well being relies on our willingness to intelligently confront hatred. Please leave a comment on 'Transphobia and mean streets'

By "Aid to Idiots"
  • #1. Larkin was not a "she".
  • #2. Maybe the false advertising is what got him in trouble?
  • #3. When are we going to stop coddling these gender variant cretins?

"Gender variant"? HUH!!!? I love these new terms...
I just wonder how much tax money went to a study to figure out all these stats.

Here's a little hint....If you're a male, show up for a job interview looking like a male and not some kind of freak. Vice versa for the ladies.

By "third party advocate"

How does an article like this even get published? It is strongly empatheic towards the "commercial" aspect of this illegal and disgusting activity. Crime in general is the problem; there is no need for an "info-mercial" by the Journal Reporter.
Uncommon sense - Sep 12, 2010 12:06 PM» Report abuse

By "Uncommon Sense"

This may qualify as the most ridiculous editorial EVER published by this organization-and the candidates are plentiful.