Radio hack Alex Jones calling Michelle Obama a 'tranny' is a compliment.

“Well, Joan Rivers talked about it the other day, and now it’s an international news story,” Jones said on-air. “The question is, ‘Who is Michelle Obama? Is she really a woman? Is she a man?

Jones went on to say...

“[E]specially,” Jones added, “when every time I look at ‘Michelle’ or ‘Michael’ Obama — the first lady, or first tranny — something doesn’t look right.”

Michelle Obama “doesn’t look like any black woman I’ve ever known” and criticized her for having “shoulders that are wider than a man’s, which physiologically doesn’t happen.” - Alex Jones

Being transgender I don't see comparing us to cis-people like Michelle as a bad thing, but intentionally misgendering her to invalidate her racial heritage is beyond belief. I know. You're asking, saying she's a tranny is a good thing now? I and most all of the transgender communities have fought gay people's efforts for years as the strove to belittle us with defamation like 'tranny. And now I'm saying calling the First Lady a Tranny is a compliment? It is when it comes from Alex Jones and his ilk.

If we felt it was derogatory we'd be handing Jones a victory by default.

So let's own this. Let's acknowledge that calling the First Lady a Tranny is empowering not only for us but by Michelle Obama as well, being the intelligent enlightened woman whom she is I'm sure she understands.

There's no need to call for an apology from Alex Jones or Joan Rivers

When Jones an overweight white bigot attempts to throw trans people and the entire black race into his hate-filled stew pot and stir discord by pointing out our shared humanity, there can only be one outcome. Inadvertently, Jones screed increases our empathy for one another drawing us closer.

And Jones is scared of all powerful fit women, not just Michelle. Yes, she appears healthy, most likely from time weight lifting and running. I too have muscular arms and that unique buff-ness that comes from physical exercise. There's no shame in caring for the body that was gifted to you.

And yes I run like a girl. You'd never be able to keep up 'heart attack' Jones.

Alex Jones calling Michelle Obama a 'tranny' is a compliment.

First broke by Raw Story

What Jones belives......

Alex Jones researching his Obama story. 

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