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TDoR 2021 the deadliest of years: The US has become a slaughterhouse for trans people

The 2020-2021 Transgender Europe TDoR list can be seen here on PDF

Transgender Europe the source for our Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) list announced yesterday that there were more trans murders this year than ever before.

The TDoR occurs on November 20 yearly which is the day when our community comes together to remember our murdered.

The US is a slaughterhouse for transgender and gender diverse people with last year's total of 36 nearly doubling to 54 violent murders for the 2021 TDoR and a mind-boggling total of 70 wrongful deaths that include suicide, medical, incarceration, and unreported.

The hardest part is that 89% of those murdered in the US were transgender women of color. And most of those murders were committed by people they knew while in their homes or on the street.
  • 375 trans and gender-diverse people were murdered, 7% more than in the TMM update 2020;
  • Cases from Greece, Kazakhstan, and Malawi were reported for the first time;
  • 96% of those murdered globally were trans women or transfeminine people;
  • 58% of murdered trans people whose occupation is known were sex workers;
  • Murders of trans people in the United States have doubled from last year; people of colour make up 89% of the 53 trans people murdered;
  • 43% of the trans people murdered in Europe were migrants;
  • 70% of all the murders registered happened in Central and South America; 33% in Brazil;
  • 36% of the murders took place on the street and 24% in their own residence;
  • The average age of those murdered is 30 years old; the youngest being 13 years old and the oldest 68 years old.

Data indicate a worrying trend when it comes to the intersections of misogyny, racism, xenophobia, and hate towards sex workers, with the majority of victims being Black and migrant trans women of colour, and trans sex workers. These numbers are just a small glimpse of the reality on the ground. The majority of the data was collected from countries with an established network of trans and LGBTIQ organisations that conduct the monitoring. In most countries, data is not systematically collected. Most cases continue to go unreported and, when reported, receive very little attention.

The TransLivesProject Remebering our Dead reports that three of the names are duplicated which is comendable gevin the task at hand.


Arrest made for murder of transgender woman found by Seattle Jogger

Zoella "Zoey" Rose Martinez, 20
Zoella "Zoey" Rose Martinez, 20 / Picture Family

A deceased woman found by a jogger on September 1, 2021, in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle has been identified as a transgender woman by family.

The Diversity Alliance of the Puget Sound posted on Facebook  - "On September 1st Zoella "Zoey" Rose Martinez, 20, was found murdered in Seattle. Today the hunt for her killer ended in his arrest.".

 "Our community has lost a friend and loved one." 

"While no news reports revealed that she was a trans woman, we have been given permission by her family to reveal this. 

They proudly stood by their daughter through her transition and will continue to do so." . "Zoey was the 38th known trans or non binary individual lost to violence this year." .

"Picture used with permission by Sarita Martinez."

The original police report filed on September 1, while respectful didn't identify the victim as transgender - "At approximately 5 am, a jogger flagged down officers and said there was a person down in the alley near North 73rd Street and Greenwood Avenue North."
Jacaree Rashad Hardy / Seattle Police

Detectives with the SPD Homicide Unit, CRG Unit, and US Marshalls arrested Jacaree Hardy on September 6th, 2021 in the city of Renton without incident. Detectives are currently questioning him and will book him into King County Jail when they are done.

R.I.P Zoella "Zoey" Rose Martinez


Dallas Transgender woman murdered in Arlington Texas

Kier Lapice Solomon / Facebook

Arlington Texas - Kier Lapice Solomon, 21, was found unresponsive by police in a car in north Arlington at 9:30 pm Thursday evening.

UPDATE: A balloon release and vigil for Kier  Lapice Solomon will be held in Dallas on Sunday.
Where: 1500 St Augustine Rd Dallas, TX 75217
When:   Sunday, Oct. 3rd, 6:00 pm

Kier Lapice Solomon, a resident of Dallas, was taken to the Arlington Memorial Hospital where she died at 10:14 pm on September 30, 2021.

A resident reported finding an unresponsive person in a car that was parked at the complex, according to the Star Telegram.

 When they arrived, police found the victim with a gunshot wound. She was taken to a local hospital and was pronounced dead.

Detectives are canvassing the neighborhood seeking witnesses and surveillance video, and speaking to friends and family of the victim. Anyone with information should call Arlington police at 817-459-6466. Tipsters can also remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers of Tarrant County at 817-469-8477.

Reference Tarrant County ME Case Number 2119113
R.I.P. Kier Lapice Solomon


Transgender woman murdered in Honduras

Tatiana García
Tatiana García / 

Tatiana García, an active member of the LGBTQI community in Santa Rosa de Copán was stabbed to death in her home on Saturday, 25, 2021. 

She lived in the Díaz Valenzuela neighborhood of Santa Rosa de Copán in western Honduras.

On Sunday family members went to her home worried that she wasn't answering calls and found her dead. 

In social networks, many people expressed their regret and disgust at the atrocious death. “In this country, they kill people like nothing else and everything goes unpunished, they never solve it”, “Life is worth less and less in Honduras”, “May she rest in peace, I knew her, she was very helpful. God strengthen the soul of her mother”, were some comments. 

Trans lives Matter TDoR project reports that Tatiana García was the 5th transgender person murdered in Honduras and the 297th worldwide since November 20, 2020, the last TDoR.

The police authorities began the investigations, and are looking for the people with whom she last had contact with according to HCH TV

 R.I.P Tatiana García


Transgender woman of color Disaya Monaee Smith shot and killed in Chicago

Transgender woman of color Disaya Monaee Smith shot and killed in Chicago
Disaya Monaee Smith / Facebook 

At 4:00 am on Sept. 6 police responding to a report of gunfire at the Prestige Inn and Suites at 1335 E. Sibley Blvd found transgender woman Disaya Monaee Smith suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Smith was pronounced dead a little after 5 a.m. at Franciscan Health hospital in Hammond.
Detectives are investigating the incident, and no one was in custody as of Tuesday morning, Dolton Police Chief Robert Collins said.

“We mourn the loss of Disaya Monaee Smith,” National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) Deputy Executive Director Victoria Kirby York said in a statement. “2021 is on track to be the deadliest year on record for transgender and non-binary people – and in Chicago, Disaya Monaee Smith’s killing marks the fourth transgender person to be murdered in the Chicago region this year alone. Illinois, 

Dolton, and county police departments must do more to proactively prevent the continued loss of trans lives happening across their city,” said York.

It took a period of time to learn of her murder as the only news source to report on it, by no fault of their own, misgendered and deadnamed Smith.

The Remembering Our Dead project reports that Disaya Monaee Smith is the 6th person to be murdered in the Greater Chicago area and the 65th transgender person to have needlessly died in the US since Nov. 20, 2020, the last Transgender Day of Remembrance. 
Public visitation will be held on Monday, September 13, 2021, from 3pm to 7pm at the Higgins Funeral Home.

A balloon release and vigil was held on September 8.


Transgender bride Nuray Nuriyev murdered in Azerbaijan

Nuray Nuriyev
Nuray Nuriyev

Twenty-seven-year-old transgender woman Nuray Nuriyev was murdered on August 22 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The newlywed was found stabbed and burned Friday in the town of Puta, apparently just days after being married.

Ministry of Internal Affairs, Police Colonel Ehsan Zakhidov, said on Wednesday, August 25, that an arrest had been made. “A criminal case was immediately opened. In the course of the investigation, it was established that the killed is a resident of Aghdam region, 27-year-old Nuray Nuriyev, ”Ehsan Zakhidov told reporters.

Mirshahid Mehdiyev, a resident of the Agjabedi region, was detained as a suspect in the murder.

The speed with which the suspect was apprehended was at least partly due to a protest at the Ombudsman's office in which protesters demanded a meeting with the Ombudsman Sabina Aliyeva.

The LGBT+ community protested her murder bringing attention to the brutality of the act.


Transgender woman takes her life a year after her partner died

Jane mcqueen(L) /  Isabella Bellusci ("Bella") (R)

Nearly a year to the day of her partner passing a transgender woman from the UK took her own life, dealing a devastating blow to everyone who knew them.

I was notified about the passing of Jane Mcqueen yesterday. She and Isabelle Bellusci (Bella) were popular advocates who used the hashtag #TransTwitter

Isabella Bellusci (Bella) passed away on August 16, 2020. Her death was ruled a suicide by the police investigators before the corner or toxicity reports were published. Her partner, Jane was at home that night that Bella came home from a party and came to the conclusion that her death was due to a drug overdose. Jane suspected that her partner had been given ketamine, all of the signs were there.

Jane wrote about the night in detail and her disbelief at the brevity of the investigation that followed. She contested the police ruling but couldn't make public her conclusions until eleven months after Bella's death, a month before she took her own life.

Jane Mcqueen wrote on Medium:

At 4:54 am on that Sunday morning my phone rang and I was shocked to see it was Bella asking me to let her in as she always had some issues with the security gate. On the phone she sounded upset but once inside it was nothing I had ever seen her like before. I knew that I couldn’t leave her in that state as that would just be wrong. So I sat with her for two hours and did all I could to calm her down.

At the time I thought she had maybe had a bit too much to drink and as such she was saying things that were confusing and didn’t make any sees, the other thing that I noticed was the lack of eye contact she was making with me while we talked. Back then I didn’t know that these were significant indications that there was something wrong in a big way.

It is only now, after I experienced psychosis and from what I remember and from what I was told I was like by other people that what I was seeing that morning was some form of psychosis. If I had known that at the time my whole reaction to the situation would have been different.

Were as when I felt she had relaxed and calmed down enough to go back to bed at about 6:30. When I got up I knew Bella had slept in the spare room as not to disturb me when I was asleep. You have to pass the door to that room to go up the stairs and at 9 there was not a sound, so I assumed that she was fast asleep and didn’t want to disturb her.

Being that it was a Sunday and we had no plans I didn’t decide to go for a shower till near lunchtime. It was at that time that I heard that she had Netflix on so hearing that I thought she must be awake so opened the door and the first thing I saw is an image that is burnt into my brain.

The speed I went up and down the stairs to get my phone to dial 999 must have been the quickest I have ever done it. From that point, till the paramedics arrived I was instructed how to do CPR. From that point onwards the day is a total blur.

At that point I can only remember three things happening with some clarity the rest I have no memory of, I don’t even remember that my mum came over. I know I talked to the police that had arrived, but I have no idea what I said to them.

I was then given the worst options to do then, I could have two police officers that were local to her mum tell her what happened or I could make that phone call to her. The only option that I could deal with was making that call myself. It was the hardest phone call I have ever made, I was in floods of tears while doing it.

The next day my legal education kicked in, nothing made sense this was totally out of caricature. The day before we had been talking about our plans we had for the future. I needed to be able to explain this and what happened; I knew there had to be a logical explanation to it. There was no way it could have been an impulsive act, as Bella wasn’t the impulsive type.

The one bonus of such an education is that you generally have friends who are other professionals in different areas. Knowing two doctors and a nurse practitioner I asked for their opinion on what had happened told them everything I knew from when she got home.

All three said the same thing, independently to each other they all said it sounded like drug-induced psychosis. With a bit of investigating and thankfully, Bella had left her laptop accessible and not password protected. I was able to track down someone who was there and was ok talking to me.

They didn’t know much of what Bella was doing as they were in different rooms. Though I was told that the drug that was at the party to be used was Ketamine. A horrible drug one that no humans should ever take.

Taking this information back to the doctors I knew I was directed to a selection of scientific studies of the effects of ketamine on humans and the high risk of inducing psychosis in people with a healthy brain. Even small doses had been shown to induce psychosis.

This is when I went to the detective inspector who was investigating it and told him what I had found out and the scientific papers to show how it was possible. For the next two days, he listened to what I had to say on the theory, only to find out that he had come to his conclusion and had already closed the case.

I was furious at this point but I couldn’t direct it at him as that would just cause problems. He had based his decision on what he saw on the day, what I had said in a huge state of shock. He didn’t wait till the post-mortem had been done nor the toxicology results.

After this, there was a long wait, as because Bella had been dead for longer than a set point they couldn’t do a toxicology screen from her blood. They would need to do it via a tissue sample, but that takes ages. At the end of January or beginning of February, I got a phone call from our liaison officer who had just got the results of the toxicology screen back and knowing what I had done wanted to make sure I was ok to carry on.

She read the results out over the phone to me, and there were things I knew would show up as tissue samples can detect up to 90 days after use. But then there was the last one, ketamine the only thing I couldn’t account for why it was there. The only explanation was that it was taken at the party, I didn’t know if it was voluntary or not, and no one at the party at this point would say anything to me.

I still had the scientific papers on ketamine-induced psychosis on my computer so with the toxicology showing it to be present I submitted the papers to be considered as evidence that would explain what happened.

As someone who has experienced psychosis myself I can say that when someone is in a state like that, they are not really in control of their actions. Their worldview becomes distorted and irrational ideas are common to think about and then try to act on them.

As I sit and think about it, with the knowledge I know have and the evidence that the police got from the toxicology tests. What happened could have easily happened with just a small amount of it, be it taken voluntarily or not.

With the ability to look at what happened that day suicide just does not fit with what happened in my opinion. Drug-induced psychosis to me feels like a more logical explanation, a situation that was a tragic accident. All the evidence that is available substantiates this option too.

I have been holding this information private for 11 months, and now that I am allowed to put it out there it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from me", wrote Mcqueen.

Bella and @planetrans followed each other on Twitter but I hardly knew her. 

We should remember both Jane and Bella by what she wrote about her partner's passing on Medium.

"We should remember things like how she would selflessly help others who asked her for help about all sorts of things.
She was a shining light in the trans community, encouraging others to follow the path that they wanted to provide the reassurance that embracing who you are is something positive to do and will lead you to have a happy and positive life."

Rest in Peace Bella and Jane. 


Three Colombian Transgender women killed over the weekend

Three Columbian transgender womnn were killed last weekend, between August 14, to August 15, 2021. According to the Bogata-based human rights organization Red Comunitaria they are Antonella, who was assassinated in Cali, Dayana, who was murdered in Rozo, Valle del Cauca, and Camila Ardila, from Puerto Triunfo, Antioquia.  A popular pop star sung #NiUnaMás - #NotOneMore bringing tears of apperaction to those listening. Wholesale slaughter of transgender people in the western hemesphere According to, the cases have been registered in Valle del Cauca (7), Bogotá (5), Antioquia (3), Bolívar (2), Cesar (2), Tolima (1), Sincelejo (1), Quindío (1 ), Atlántico (1), Cundinamarca (1), Magdalena (1), Huila (1) and Caldas (1). However, it should be noted, organizations have warned that there is an underreporting and that the number of trans people killed for their gender identity is surely higher.

(In addition: Violence haunts trans women sex workers in Cali )

 In 2020, the organizations documented 32 murders during the year (31 women and 1 man), although the Ombudsman's Office only has information on 28 (27 women and 1 man ).

 The truth is it is expected that in 2021 that figure could be exceeded. As reported by this newspaper in its multimedia special ' The Trans Spring Storm' , with these records, Colombia is among the first places in the dishonorable list of countries where the lives of the trans population are most violated.

 The research project Transrespect versus Transphobia in the World (TvT) confirmed this in its last report, in which it documented 350 murders of trans and gender-diverse people between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020. (Read on: Hidden violence against trans men in the country )

The data showed that Central and South America, with 82% of the cases (287), is the most violent region.
There is the highest number of murders in a single country: Brazil, with 43% of the total deaths of that period (152 people).
And they are followed by Mexico, with 57;
The United States, with 28;
Colombia, with 21 ,
and Argentina, with 12.

This places this population as one of the most vulnerable, especially trans women. The causes are attributed to a phenomenon known as 'double discrimination', since they face the violation of their rights for being women and for being trans people. 


TransLatina woman Chyna Carrillo Murdered in Pennsylvania

Twenty-five-year-old Transgender woman Chyna Carrillo was beaten to death Thursday in western Pa

Officers Black and Long, Public information officers for the Butler State police barracks identified victim as a transgender woman in their first reports. 

Following that they tweeted a statement deadnaming her despite knowing that she is transgender.

Multiple messages left for Officer Black have not been returned.
We spoke with Dana Rasmussen, treasurer and board member for TransFamily of NWPS, a support group created to serve the transgender community of Northwestern PA.

Dana was horrified that her murder happened so close and equally upset that the state police knew that the victim was transgender yet choose to deadname her.

Knowing that the victim was originally from the Springfield Arkansas area Dana contacted Lisa Stewart President of the Local Transgender Equality Network. Stewart confirmed with 
Rasmussen that her name was Chyna Carrillo and that she was a transgender woman. 

Her aunt Mayra Carrillo asked if we could include her 21st birthday picture.
Her loving aunt asked that we tell everyone that "She was so full of love and light."

Chyna Carrillo identifies on Facebook bio as a "Proud Preop TransLatina! Outspoken, Unapologetic, Lethal Mind and Killer Looks

And gorgeous. Chyna Carrillo Instagram pictures clearly show a proud TransLatina woman.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Dana 
Rasmussen for her dedication and proficient detective work. Thank you Dana. We can now #SayHerName 

Chyna Carrillo.

Original Post From This Morning Continues Below

Police shot and killed a man who murdered a 24-year-old Hispanic transgender woman in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania on Thursday. The transgender woman was taken to St. Elizabeth hospital in Youngstown where she died state police confirmed.

Neither the transgender victims or officers name have been released at this time according to News 4.

 According to police they responded to a call at a home on South New Castle Street where they found the suspect beating a woman with a blunt instrument. Police said when officers told the suspect to stop the attack, the suspect refused. Officers then opened fire, killing the suspect.

Police said the victim, a transgender woman, died from her injuries at the hospital. This incident caused the New Wilmington Area School District to temporarily lockdown at the request of police.

Neighbors called this incident an “unfortunate situation.” Update: State Police know that the victim is transgender but Stae police have only given us her dead name.
R.I.P. Chyna Carrillo