A traditional family's three year olds transition from Manuel to Manuela

At age one Manuel wanted a pink stroller. Patricia and Eduardo figured what's the harm and bought him one, but it became the only toy he would play with. His mother worried perhaps he identified too much with her so she took the stroller away and had his father become more involved him hoping this would masculine his behaviour.

But Manuel still only wanted to play with his Barbies. Patricia was devastated even admitting she felt humiliated. This is the critical juncture all trans people experience when we are embraced or estranged by our families.

Patricia and Eduardo decided to learn more and went to the Yes Institute in Miami were they learned some children are just born that way. They started calling her Manuela and let her embrace her femininity at age four.

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This is a great article by Lynn Martinezand can be read at VSVN 7News Miami Florida.

YES Institute:
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