Media blames Thai trans womans murder on her taking alleged killers word verbatim

A Transgender woman from Thailand was stabbed to death in a motel and according to the reporting media the man arrested for her murder said she was to blame.

Thoraphol Thonompholkrang was arrested for the murder and theft of personal belongings of a trans woman identified only as "Korn Sirinya" after police linked him to the crime through his facebook postings.

Thonompholkrang said that in the past he had been paid for sex and was enraged after Ms Kornsirinya refused to pay him.

And of course people caught red handed with the murder of trans woman always tells the truth.

More than likely this was a transpanic murder. There is no evidence left on facebook to substantiate this but many in the Thai Forum are questioning the reporting for these same reasons.

All of the other articles about her murder are parroting the original account and likewise are profiting from sensationalist victim blaming.

Her murder will not be blamed on her in this article.

R.I.P. Ms Kornsirinya.

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