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Cambridge News reporter Raymond Browns Trans monsigny on full display in "Tea and a bit of spanking"

Raymond Brown, 'journalist' for the Cambridge News, just earned the dubious distinction of becoming a poster boy for transphobic writers worldwide.

Raymond Brown authored 'Tea and a bit of spanking, so what?' says transgender Cambridge councillor after Trumpington Village Hall bondage saga" about Cambridge Counsolor Sarah Brown.   Cllr Brown had the fortitude to speak up against the canceling of a public informational B and D event.

Raymond Brown vigorously defended his article on twitter claiming he wrote it with no ill intent.

But for Brown it was all about linking fetishism with transsexualism making mention of Cllr Browns trans status three times.

His tweets (nudge, nudge pointing to the trans counselor) reveal his desire to demean a Cambridge counselor because of her gender expression and link that with children's welfare.

Another councilor tweeted:

When confronted with his article and tweets Sarah Brown tweeting her personal account as @auntysarah

Sarah Brown is a serious politician, driven to help others. She should be treated with the same respect cisgender people are.

For the record I have no issues with B&D. Usually the people who point fingers are the ones who secretly indulge themselves in the same fetish.