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Photo shopped Picture slamming the Salvation Army does no good

Update 12/9/2013. TRV has since changed the original image to a obviously staged picture.
You can still see the original cached image from the site here.
This change in imagery only serves to highlight the ill intent of the article as the content remained the same. 
There is a story circulating the Internet and facebook with a very disturbing picture featured. It shows two happy young woman fund raising for the Salvation Army but the disturbing sign between them says "Gays Not Allowed". The story is presented as current news and combined with the visual has elicited strong angry reaction from the LGBT community.

The picture to the right published by June 13 by  The Gay Voice News (TGV) in a article titled "Salvation Army says Gays Need to Be Put to Death” was originally publicised by the Pegasus news Dec 22, 2009.

The accompanying story that TGV calls "recent" was from 2012. The Salvation Army has already apologized for the Australian official who made that anti LGBT statement in June of 2012. The TGV did publish the Salvation Army's apology without dating it, but left out this part of the apology:
“The Salvation Army sincerely apologises to all members of the GLBT community and to all our clients, employees, volunteers and those who are part of our faith communities for the offence caused by this miscommunication.”
The problem being is the photo has been photo shopped without any disclaimer and the story is old.

I use pictures freely (fair use) on the planetransgender so it would be fair to say I'm the pot calling the calling the kettle black. But In my humble opinion, as a blogger this "News" story does LGBT people no good. It should be edited if it is to be presented as news. OK so the Salvation army isn't the most inclusive of organizations but this story is at best just muckraking. At worst its blatant hate mongering by a news source.