Petition CartoonStock To Remove Vile "Tranny" Cartoons

Recently I was alerted to a petition started by Janice McCauley on Twitter and quickly added my name knowing nothing more about it than what the overview letter said.

Googling "Tranny CartoonStock" brought up the image on the left and a slew of other egregious "cartoons gifts"...

Then I went to the updates to see what progress had been made, this was posted 7/24/12...

As much as I applaud Cartoon Stock for their quick response I think we should keep up the heat and McCauley agrees especially since days later the adverts remain on their website and subsequent communication with Cartoonstock indicates they are still deciding whether any of their "Tranny Gift" cartoons are in fact offensive.

I hope you will support McCauley's extraordinary advocacy by signing her petition
Cartoonstock: Stop using cartoons to ridicule Transgender people. It is not acceptable and join with us on the
Dallas Transgender Advocates and Allies Action

Hopefully soon I can post thanking CartoonStock but until then heat, heat and more heat please.

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Unknown said...

To those who have expressed concern about CartoonStock's treatment of transgender issues:

Please note that we have now completed the promised review of our cartoons relating to these issues and have removed many cartoons from CartoonStock that could be considered controversial. For instance a cartoon that was included in a recent submission to the ASA and labelled as the "worst offender" had already been removed from our site prior to that submission.

We want to be sympathetic to your cause and to only leave cartoons on CartoonStock that make a valid point about equality, prejudice and gender topics generally.

We are striving to tread a careful line between preserving free speech and not offending members of your community. We do not feel that obliterating all references to transgender issues from our collection would help your cause or free speech either, but where they have been retained, we have tried to catalogue those cartoons in a sensitive manner.

Whilst we may disagree on a few interpretations of what is a reasonable viewpoint, as will always happen in an open society, we do feel that since these issues were raised, we have been receptive, clear on the action we intended to take and have done what we said we would do.

We are trying to do the right thing but wish to uphold the reputation of our company and its employees. Any implication in a public forum that I or CartoonStock have not been good to our word, acted in good faith or hold anti-transsexual views is untrue an we're disappointed when our acts of good faith are not being received as such.

Kind regards,

Ed Beardwell